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Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Colorado Rancher Witnesses Horrifying UFO Cattle Abduction & Mutilation

A Colorado rancher is shocked after witnessing a cattle abduction and mutilation one night. It disturbed him so much that he decided to sell the ranch and move to Arizona.

I recently received the following account:

"I knew a former Colorado rancher who owned a ranch near Del Norte and one near Mesa, Arizona. The sight of strange harsh glaring lights on the mountains to the southeast near Alamosa, Colorado was a common sight. Odd aircraft with extremely strong searchlights would meander through the peaks. Strange and odd animal mutilations would occur here. These sights bothered him and his wife...a lot.

One night spelled the end of his continued life in this weird area. His wife had died a few years prior and he now lived alone. He told me that he had gone to bed early because he had to get up early to take care of livestock and chores. His bedroom window looked out on an adjoining east corral which was fenced in, with the house nearly a couple of feet to the fence line. Here were several cattle he looked after which had been divided from the herd for several reasons.

Around 1:00 am, he was awakened by a bright, intense white light blasting through the window momentarily. He got up to see what was going on. As he peered over the window sill, he couldn't believe his eyes. A large saucer-shaped object about 50 feet in diameter was hovering above one of his cows, not but 100 feet away from the house. A cow was surrounded by light. The vehicle utilized the light to power up a beam to lift the animal into the base of the craft hovering above. This sight put the fear of God into the rancher. He told me that he rushed away from the window. Snuggled down between the floor and wall. Didn't sleep the remainder of the entire night utterly petrified. No sounds were heard except for the animal's cries and then silence.

At dawn, the rancher dressed, rushed out to the corral area and found, less than 30 feet away from his bedroom window, the mutilated carcass of the same cow he had seen levitated by the craft. Calling the sheriff, he contacted authorities who listened to his story and basically told him he couldn't do anything about these incidents. The authorities were helpless.

I talked to him about this and he told me that Robert Stack's television program, "Unsolved Mysteries," had contacted him about the event, arranged an interview and he talked to them on camera. The rancher said he would do it under the condition that his face not be shown nor any identifying information be divulged. The harrowing incident put such fear into him that he decided all of the weird events he had witnessed over the many years he had owned the ranch (and he was raised there as a youngster) would keep him there no longer. He had decided to sell the property and move to his other land in Arizona.

I know this individual personally as I was also a horseman and accompanied him in the Arizona mountains on pack trips. He was a very dependable, conservative veteran, with many contracts to do work for electric utilities, as well as a solid work and community trustworthiness. Knowing his sincere story and knowing his background leaves no doubt in my mind. The story is true and, I believe, quite reliable because it came from him. This bizarre narrative is not something he would "make up." He received no money for this. Publicity was not welcome because of his work with Arizona utilities and he could not believe what he had seen. But had to accept the fact this had actually occurred. "This was so frightening," he said to me, "I simply couldn't stay here any longer." True story and I vouch for him." KV



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