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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Chilling Cryptid Encounters in Louisiana, Virginia & Wisconsin

3 separate shocking eyewitness cryptid encounter accounts in Louisiana, Virginia and Wisconsin. Bigfoot? Dogman? Or something completely different and unknown?

The following account were recently forwarded to me:

"I was driving home in the early 1990s at about 2:30 AM on a back road in Greensburg, Louisiana. I saw, what I thought was, a calf laying in the road. Dark in color and motionless. I thought it had been hit by a gravel truck or something. It was laying in the on coming traffic lane, no traffic to be see. I slowed to a stop in my pickup and rolled the window down to take a look.

As soon as my truck stopped I was peering at the animal, window down fully. All of a sudden it jolted to life! In a flash it looked up at me with the loudest growl I've ever heard. It had a snout like a dog with huge white canine eyes. I almost pissed myself! I Stomped it to the floor so hard I broke a motor mount.

I am a Believer. For sure! Growing up in Southern Louisiana I am familiar with the wildlife, but this was something different. An abomination of nature without a doubt. When I arrived home I called a couple friends. We got locked & loaded and returned to the location in the street, but it was gone.

I'm afraid of nothing. But THAT night? God Bless in Jesus' name." GM


"I live in Virginia and I travel to Harrisonburg every week from Arlington. On my way back home I usually like to drive at night, easy of traffic, etc. One particular night, I stopped at Tom Brooks on I-81, very late, close to midnight.

On my way back to incorporate at I-81 north, I quickly stop at the merging area to take a look at the sky. Then, suddenly, I got the feeling that something wasn't just right. I had the feeling that something was staring at me. I grabbed my flashlight, LED, very bright, pointed to the wood, and there were this pair of bright circles straight at me! I was probably about 20 meters away from it. I initially thought it was light reflection, but when I moved the light, the [at this point I believe eyes] starting to get closer, moved up and down slowly and became much bigger. I'd say double the size of a quarter.

A truck passed by with intense lights. That's when I spotted a dark, huge figure. That's when I realized the fear I started to feel. My legs almost get paralyzed. I started to move around the pick up truck, the eyes were following me and getting closer to the fence. I could barely get to enter the truck. My heart was pumping hard and rapidly. when inside, the eyes lift up in the air at least 4 meter high. Oh my God! I had never felt fear like this before. Everything happened quickly.

I left, totally disturbed. I will never stop again on the roadside. I'm lucky to tell this scary real life story. It was foolish of me. Be careful when driving at night anywhere." EG


"I live in central Wisconsin. Back in either 2014 or 2015, I was sitting by a campfire on the shore of a small lake, enjoying a beer with a lady, when we heard a growling thing approaching in the snow. It became more ferocious, louder, and seemingly angrier as it got closer. Its wrath seemed to be directed at us. And it sounded evil, and was deafeningly loud. We could not see it, as it was in the dark; but it could definitely see us, as we were in the light of the fire.

It was on the freshly frozen thin-iced lake, and seemed to be VERY close to us. Then suddenly there was a sound of ice cracking and breaking, then the loud plunge, and sound of splashing, struggling, slushy ice and water, then silence (except for a few gurgles of bubbles). I said to my lady friend, "We've got to help it! The poor thing fell through the ice!" As I got up from my lawn chair she grabbed my arm and yelled, "No!! Better it than us!"

Over the years, prior to and since then, I occasionally have found very large paw prints in the snow on that property. Five to seven inches in diameter. They appear in the middle of the yard, then stop. Very strange. I do not care who believes or disbelieves my story; I know it to be true. I just don't know what the creature, or creatures are. I thought maybe a bear, but wouldn't figure a bear would approach a campfire. The growling was so intense, that it almost sounded demonic." JS


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