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Monday, June 28, 2021

Bigfoot 'Telepathically' Communicates With Logger in Humboldt County, California

A Yurok man and his cousin were on a month and a half long timber job in northern California. During that time, the experiencer describes a remarkable encounter with a group of Bigfoot.

I recently received the following account:

“A family of Bigfoot came and visited me while I was camped out for work about 30 miles from the nearest town in Northern California. It was about 8 years ago.

My older cousin and I fall timber for a living and are both from the Yurok tribe. We had been given a job in Maple Creek, California which is a ways out in the sticks. There is a 17,000 acre ranch that’s behind a locked gate that we were given access to. The job was about a month and half. It was around 900,000 board feet of logs.

Anyway, my cousin had brought his camper and I was tenting it a little ways from his camper around 40 foot away. So, throughout the week, he would go home; come to work Monday, stay the night until Tuesday, then go home and come back Wednesday and stay until Thursday, come to work Friday and drive back. I did that for a little while, but I had been going through a horrible break up with my ex-baby mom so I decided to just stay out there through the week.

One night I had got done cooking dinner on the fire and had washed up. I then laid down in my tent reading. I dosed off for a while and awoke late (I don’t know the exact time but it was pitch black). As I looked out my tent, I could see outlines. You know the kind of dark that comes in the middle of nowhere; no street lights, no nothing, just some stars.

Anyways, I had to relieve myself, so I got up, unzipped my tent and took several steps from the entrance of my tent. While I'm standing there scanning all around me and I look over toward his trailer and crouched down behind the two propane tanks in front of the trailer there are to huge shoulders and a head with no neck. The eyes glowed greenish. Now, at this point I was frozen with fear. I had heard stories and knew that Bigfoot where relatively nice around these parts. But considering what I was doing out there I didn’t know if they would be so kind to me. I turned around, climbed back In my tent and laid down.

At this point it got weird. Small rocks and sticks were being thrown at the side of my tent. I was absolutely sh*tting myself. It was intense and I didn’t know what would happen. So I’m shaking and not moving. Totally petrified. Then the small trickling creek that we had set a water line in a week before started to get louder and louder almost to the point of a giant waterfall. Then the strangest most gentle voice came into my mind and told me everything was fine and I wouldn’t be harmed. They were just passing through and I would calm down in a minute. Then I heard a huge smack from a limb off a tree down towards where I had been working about a thousand foot away. The voice continued to tell me everything was fine and to go back to sleep, which I did.

In my opinion, I believe it was a family and the little one was messing with me by throwing stuff. Maybe just interested, you know? And then the parents or other family members sent through the telepathy and created the loud creek noise so everyone could get by without my hearing. So they proved to be genuinely nice loving creatures that were just passing by. Of course my cousin didn’t believe a word I said but he’s also terrified of anything even close to cryptid, so too bad for him. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed my encounter. It definitely changed how I perceived the world for the better.” B

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