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Monday, June 14, 2021

A Real 'Magic Garden' in Kentucky

A woman relates her experience in a 'magic garden' located in the Daniel Boone National Forest. She explains her encounters with fairies and other magical beings.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"Many years ago, I was dating a guy that was really into camping and hiking (as am I). We spent a lot of time camping in primitive sites, which I prefer to car camping.

He wanted to take me to visit his dear friends that lived in Kentucky. They have 150 acres in the Daniel Boone National Forest. The couple, I'll call them Dan and Gina, had an off-grid cabin that Dan had built. There was a cleared out space for the home site, and Gina grew all of their veggies and fruit. The main property was bordered/divided by a very clear creek that flowed down from a cave further up the property. It was so clear you could safely drink from it.

Gina's gardens were magical. (I'm including the only pic I have from that time.) After a very long drive to get there, my boyfriend and I got out, I met Dan and Gina, and she gave me a tour of the gardens.

Everything was lush, there were bees and butterflies and hummingbirds everywhere, and the place just felt 'sacred.' They were true stewards of this land.

As Gina was showing me a line of crops right near the tree line, I was distracted by a huge insect flying around me on my right side. I kept seeing it in my peripheral view, darting toward me and then away. I'm not afraid of bees, but this one was really persistent and seemed large.

I turned to look and my mouth fell open in shock. There, hovering at my shoulder, was a tiny little man. He had inky black hair, pointed ears, and his clothing looked almost like it was made of deep green leaves. His wings went really fast, and sounded like a hummingbird's.

I had to blink a few times, because I was sure it was drive fatigue. And then, he put his hands up near his ears, wiggled his fingers, and blew a raspberry at me, flying off.

I turned to look at Gina. I had just met her and didn't want her to think that I was a nut. She saw my face and she giggled. Then she said, in the sweetest Kentucky accent:

"Did you see one of our fairies? They must like you. You'll get to see the fairy lights tonight, and the rings tomorrow morning."

I was still kind of in a state of disbelief. Despite all the weird stuff I'd seen in my life, I had never seen fairies or gnomes or any other similar magical folk.

That night, we sat on the front porch, surrounded by trellises full of perfumed flowers, listening to the sounds of the forest. I remember Gina tapping my arm and pointing out to the far end of the cleared yard. There were tiny lights in the grass. Not like fireflies. These held a steady glow and moved up into the air, then down. Then up, and repeated. This went on for at least an hour. We watched in silence. It felt like we were in a magic bubble.

That night, my boyfriend and I camped outside in a tent. I slept deeply and woke early, before anyone else. I tiptoed outside, walking barefoot in the grass. I remember the feeling of dew on my feet. And as I walked around, I saw three different circles in the grass. Perfect imprints, where the grass was flattened down in a circle.

The rest of my visit included a lot of incredible experiences, including getting to know Dan and Gina and enjoying being in an off-grid paradise. We hiked up to the cave, and wandered toward its deep back, where there were many petroglyphs left by tribes a long time ago. Dan told us that if you went at night, you could hear drumming and chanting in the caves, but we didn't go back. I felt like it was almost trespassing, as though hundreds of eyes were on us. I just had such a feeling of reverence while on that land.

Many years later, I think about them and wonder if they still live there, tending the land, protecting the magical folk." M


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