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Friday, June 04, 2021

411: Violent Attack by 'Shadow Being' in Frozen Head State Park, TN

A Tennessee man was physically and mentally attacked by a shadow being at Frozen Head State Park. It drained him so badly that he feared that it was going to die before he could escape.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I encountered a 'shadow being' in the Judge Branch Campsite in the Frozen Head State Park of Tennessee. It was summer 2017. I was camping alone and, in broad daylight, it seemed to just jump right up in front of me as I was shaking out my small tent. It was six foot tall and completely black. It was like looking into a hole in reality rather than being just black in color. It was there for a few seconds. That was enough for me to stumble back and reach for my bear spray. It disappeared in seconds. Then, I was literally so stunned that it took me time to figure out what I had seen. It seemed to drain me emotionally, intellectually and physically. I was rendered "stupid" for a good hour. I was unable to think clearly or, in any way, mentally process the black humanoid figure that I had seen.

I survived a terrible case of Lymes Disease 20 years prior. Somehow, I believe that this experience saved me. I had learned to push through exhaustion and confusion back then. So, I dimly resolved that I was leaving while I could. Still, it took me three tries to pack my gear. I would force things into my backpack and drop to the ground drained of life. Again and again, I stood up and did the impossible. Finally, with my pack on and darkness approaching, I literally had to crawl up a slight incline to the trail that would lead me back to my car.

With the clear sense that I was being followed, I stumbled for almost two miles down the trail. Just as I saw the parking lot, 100 yards ahead, something hit my backpack so hard that I nearly fell. I whirled around and there was nothing there. I felt like I was being drained of strength. I am 6' 2", fit and I'm solid muscle. Still, this was a grim battle for my life in just walking. I could tell that very soon, even walking was going to be impossible. Fear. Whatever these things are, they take your strength and they trigger fear like no bear or wolf encounter ever could. It uses every human weakness against you.

I kept going on with just a desire to survive. Somehow, I knew that, if I stopped and the sun set, I would be dead. This sounds crazy, but I could sense that this thing would get stronger at nightfall. I crossed a short bridge over a stream. Crossing the steam seemed to give me a sense of crossing a border. I felt like it was not able to pursue me further. It was just a feeling. 

Fifty yards later, I was at my car. Again, being beyond exhausted, it took everything that I had to throw my pack into the car and get in. It took two minutes to catch my breath and start the car. Drained as I was, I managed to get fast food on the way home as I could barely find the strength to sit up straight in the driver's seat.\

I couldn't explain it to my wife that evening, so I didn't try to until later. I stumbled into the house and dropped on the couch. I'm alive because I fought for my life with everything that I had. I have researched this since and I believe that this was a 411 experience. I fit the profile. Strong, experienced outdoorsman and mentally capable. Such people are found dead and crazy distances from where they were last seen, if they are found at all. These people all end up dead, either way. I now understand what happened to these people. It's hard to explain how something can drain your life away while being insubstantial or maybe outside of our perceived reality, but it can happen. I survived. I'm not aware of another adult 411 case that did. No one can really believe me, but I know how close I came to being written off as another open and unsolved 411 case.

Try it! Reserve the Judge Branch Campsite at the Tennessee Frozen Head State Park. Stay the night. By the way, I researched the site online and I found that hikers, years before, found the same campsite deserted. Expensive equipment was left strewn around the site and there was a trail of camping gear littered down the trail. It looks like I was not the first person to have to run from that campsite. I hope that they made it out, as I did. Again, I don't know of anyone else surviving a 411 short of one or two kids that were too young to explain how they covered crazy distances from where they were lost. I may be the only one who can explain this from an adult's perspective.

I have the records to prove that I was there. I even returned a month later with friends. I had to confront this force that almost destroyed me. It was a day trip and nothing happened. I will say that I found melted candles on a few of the huge granite boulders there. It seemed to be evidence of Wiccan activity. That's only a guess. Using candles while camping is both dangerous and inefficient. It did make me wonder if someone was trying odd rituals there, knowing that something was there. I know that it's there and someday, I will return and settle accounts. I don't like to run from a fight." BC


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