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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part V


The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part V

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

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Did you ever get the feeling that you don’t belong to this Earth, that you are “trapped in a world you never made?”  If so, Howard the Duck, a current resident of Cleveland, Ohio, welcomes you to the club.  Source:  Howard the Duck (Universal Pictures, 1986).  

Alien Psychology Explored

Toward the end of 1969, many in the ufology community had already become firm believers in the extraterrestrial hypothesis of UFOs, i.e., that these objects were piloted by beings from other planets who have actually landed their spacecraft on Earth and, in some cases, may even be living among us in one capacity or another.  If this were the case, some ufologists began to speculate about the possible psychology of these strange visitors from other planets, at least so far in better understanding their motivations for coming here in the first place.  

John M. Frytz, a ufologist writing in the November-December 1969 edition of the UFO Report newsletter (Volume 1, Number 2), edited by Armand Laprade and published out of Worcester, Massachusetts, noted that, “Anyone who believes in the extraterrestrial theory of UFOs must have and support some other theory that will explain just why UFOs are here in the first place.  This assumes, of necessity, a motive on the part of the alien intelligence; and as motives are a part of psychology (a very involved part of it), speculation into the nature of alien psychology is then a part of every believer.”

Frytz’ article, “Alien Psychology,” is a classic in being one of the first to explore the UFO phenomenon from possible alien points of view.  Of course, speculation into even the known areas of knowledge can be a difficult enough task.  But the realm of alien psychology was then, and still is, so completely unknown that speculation has become pure guesswork.  In dealing with this subject, however, it becomes apparent that alien motives, from an Earth-bound perspective, can only be described in the light and knowledge of human motivations.  Therefore, Frytz must be commended for at least taking an initial stab in exploring this phenomenon.

Given the above, here are some possible motives that Frytz came up with that can be ascribed in explaining the UFO presence on our planet:

1. Maternal:  A few writers in the past, and more so recently, have put forth the theory that the human race (and indeed, perhaps, all life on Earth) are offspring from a super outer space race, with UFO visitations the maternal watching over us.  This is a very interesting theory, but one which has little supporting evidence; and what evidence offered is of a nature as to be speculation based on many bits of an inconclusive nature, the kind of thing where all the unknowns can be molded to fit almost any preconceived idea thought of.  Although it certainly cannot be disproven yet, proponents certainly have a rough job ahead if they are to put their ideas out of the realm of speculation into theory based on a platform of solidly supported facts.

Comments:  Since Frytz expounded on this motivation, advances in DNA research have bolstered the probability of this theory being accurate.  Attention is invited to the sections “DNA Drama,” “Mystery of the Junk DNA,” and “Biological SETI,” on pages 237-246, of my book, Venus Rising:  A Concise History of the Second Planet (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2015).  Stepping outside a purely religious context, there are those in the scientific community who maintain that over the centuries alien DNA has managed to creep into the human genome, slowly transforming and “stepping up” our species to a higher evolutionary plateau.  

2. Political:  Here many writers have suggested conquest as a motive for UFO visitations, particularly in the early years of the UFO phenomenon (1947-1957).  However, in this, I am in perfect agreement with the United States Air Force in their early statements that UFOs present, and have shown, no threat to the security of the United States, or for that matter, the world.  To what degree of alienness alien technology might be, it is hard to comprehend or understand why they have waited so long for their conquest, if that be their motive.  It is illogical to assume they wait for us to get stronger.  Indeed, if they have the means of crossing space, they should have the intelligence and the technology to vastly outdo us in military capability; so why not get it over with?  No, after all this time, conquest is surely not a viable motive, as it is in any alliance.  It’s unlikely that the UFOs and the government who built them want to form any alliance with the Earth since they must be so much more superior to us.  It would be like the United States forming an alliance with the bushmen tribes of Australia against the treat of World War III with Russia- Why bother?  And even if this were the motive, why the long wait?  Indeed, the failure of the UFO occupants to make contact with the Earth’s governments after all this time is the major stumbling block when assessing the motives of the aliens.

Comments:  One can readily find agreement with Frytz’ assessment of the situation, as did a now deceased contemporary of him, the preeminent esotericist and Fortean researcher, John A. Keel (1930-2009),  who reached the following conclusion regarding the entirety of ufology in 1969: “So the whole bag is far more complicated than just sitting around waiting for   the Venusians to land on the White House lawn.  If they were going to do that, they would have landed at the Vatican in 1600; or they would have landed in London in 1200, or they would have landed in Jerusalem, or what have you.”  The same can even more so be said of conquest by extraterrestrials:  If they were going to take over down here, they would have done it long ago.

3. Adventure:  It is perhaps possible that a family outing to Earth might be to the aliens as a camping or boating trip is to us and perhaps could be very exciting for an alien- something new and different- a place to “get away from it all,” so to speak.  I can just hear an alien wife saying, “But dear, we’ve vacationed so often on Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s moons are so common place; let’s go somewhere different this year- I know, Earth!  It’s not expensive and not dry like Mars.  I’ll bet it’s really fun to watch Earth barbarians and scare Earth airline pilots and besides, Klobbpy needs to get an unusual pet for school, which are abundant on Earth.  After all, the Jones’ did it last year….”

And, of course, I guess the mother or cigar ships could be alien cruisers or some such.  But it is a bit too much to take, and bit disrespectful, to perhaps think of ourselves as a tourist attraction or museum for aliens from outer space.

Comments:  Perhaps this ascribed motivation of adventure is not as far-fetched at Frytz seems to think it is.  Attention is invited to Chapter 3 of my book, Vast Venus Conspiracy (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2020), titled the “Kenneth Arnold Files,” where we explore various cases of the Venusians and other friendly extraterrestrials visiting the Earth for the purposes of camping, fishing, horseback riding, practicing nudism, swimming, and conducting various other outdoor activities.  There is also a section in that chapter, “Venusian Tourism on Earth, George Adamski Speaks,” where the late California contactee opines on the importance of educational and recreational visits of our nearest planetary neighbors to the Earth.  Adamski highlighted the importance of this motivation to the Venusians and other members of Confederation planets in coming to our world when he said that, “One never grows so old as to stop attending classes of instruction.  Periodic travel on their planet and elsewhere through the cosmos in their luxury space liners is enjoyed by every individual on Venus, regardless of age.  They have learned well that, although one can learn many things through the study of records and miniature replicas, travel is a source of unending practical education which gives not only pleasure, but lessons of lasting pleasure, never forgotten.”

4. Social:  Might then, as has been suggested, UFO visits be social visits?  Is the Earth a place where aliens can release their castoffs, perhaps, or a place to help relieve alien overpopulation pressures?  This is very unlikely.  To use the Earth as their dumping grounds would presuppose the aliens to be able to exactly fit in with our society.  They would have to look identical to humans, which is incomprehensible.  Besides, what of past history?  What of birth certificates and all the pieces of identification one is blessed with in today’s world?  How would the aliens get that?  Certainly, it would seem to be easier for the aliens either to conquer us and then populate the Earth, or adapt to some other uninhabited planet than for them to infiltrate here in small numbers.

Neanderthals in the Pyrenees Mountains of Western Europe 60,000 years ago watching aliens unloading intergalactic criminals on the Earth, a veritable “prison planet.”  Source:  Human Exile On Earth – Earth Is A Prison Planet (ancestryofman.com).

Comments:  As has been suggested in various science fiction books and movies, perhaps the Earth has served as a sort of intergalactic prison colony, much as Australia once served the interests of the British Empire as a dumping ground for its criminal element.  While ufologist Frytz tended toward dismissing the social equation in UFO visitations, the DNA evidence and legends of ancient astronauts like the Annunaki creating humans as a slave race through interbreeding with local inhabitants, needs to be seriously weighed in the balance.  If the Earth is a penal colony and humanity is a slave race, then the prisoner who believes himself free, will not rebel against his slavery, he will merely bow his head in silent acquiescence, blinded by illusions, his mind ensnared, bound within chains of ignorance. If the Annunaki never left, are we still living under a matrix system imposed upon us by them countless millennia ago?  

5. Self-Preservation:  Authors have mentioned that the UFO flux did not really begin until just after the world had entered the atomic age, hence a correlation or connection has been assumed, that UFO occupants are scared of us or scared of what we would do in waging atomic warfare and/or just using nuclear power in, and hence contaminating, space; and that is why UFOs occupants are keeping an eye out for us and on us.  

There is no real reason to believe that UFOs really became numerous after World War II.  That records and other observations from the past are not as frequent is true; but that does not mean that UFOs were not around in as great numbers.  Anyway, there is surely no proof of this and, no doubt, UFOs could forcibly stop us if they were so worried.  I’m sure that fact that we have nuclear bombs and other potential peaceful nuclear devices, like power plants, is of no great concern to the aliens, even if they are to ourselves.  Just as the bows and arrows of the Native Americans were of no great concern to the American settlers when compared to our rifles, so our A-bombs must seem primitive to UFO aliens.  And our nuclear capacity does not endanger the region of outer space to us through contamination, not compared to natural radiation already present in space.

Comments: Intelligence gathered on UFOs since 1969 has provided a contraindication of Frytz’ assertions.  That there are so many UFOs being reported near nuclear facilities and military installations worldwide—and why there isn’t more urgency on the part of the United States government to assess their potential national-security threat, have been top concerns voiced by a team of high-ranking former United States Department of Defense and intelligence officials, aerospace-industry veterans, academics and others associated with To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science. To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences is a company co-founded by Tom DeLonge, guitarist of Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves; Harold E. Puthoff; and Jim Semivan. The company is composed of aerospace, science, and entertainment divisions and located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Academy team has been investigating a wide range of these sightings—and advocating more serious United States government attention.  For additional information, see the recently updated To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science official website at  To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (Accessed 7 March 2021).  

6. Contact:  One universal favorite is the contactee; who, in this writer’s opinion, should be taken with a grain of salt.  In this category, it is assumed that UFO aliens are deeply religious and their mission is along missionary lines.  However, there is no pattern in UFO phenomena, nor any other reliable proof that aliens are religious or could even care less about converting us down here.  Anyway, if UFOs have been around for at least 22 years, with no attempt along these lines, excepting the very fortunate contactees, of course, it certainly seems they are not very ambitious at converting us- now are they?

Comments:  It seems to me that the UFO occupants may be more interesting in utilizing the contactees as a vanguard in planting the seeds of illumination preparing the human race for its coming transition into a greater galactic community.  Much of the knowledge imparted by the contactees about conditions conducive to life on other planets or even in other dimensions or planes of existence, have been vindicated with the ever-onward march of scientific investigation and discovery.

7. Economic:  Although not thought of too awfully seriously, some writers have suggested interplanetary trade as a motive and a solution.  However, it is unlikely we would have anything of economic value to offer these aliens; and again, why have they not manifested themselves and stated their desires?

Comments:  Nuclear physicist and prominent ufologist Stanton T. Friedman (29 July 1934 – 13 May 2019) had another opinion in regard to the Earth as a source of natural resources with extremely important economic value to an alien civilization.  In addressing the 12 June 1971 Midwest UFO Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, Friedman exploded many misconceptions previously held by many in the scientific community about UFOs, including Frytz’ economic contentions:

The nuclear physicist declared: “I should stress that the Earth also has readily available supplies of substances which we weren’t aware of or at least didn’t care about until recently.  Hydrogen isotopes are here in profusion and might be used to fuel fusion propulsion systems.  Liquid water is a far more convenient form of hydrogen than a gaseous ammonia or hydrogen itself.  Water, incidentally, has more hydrogen per cubic inch than has liquid hydrogen, strange as that may seem.

“Many other isotopes are also available along with the previously mentioned metals; and others, many of which were only lab curiosities until this century, such as uranium, rhenium, tantalum and zirconium.  The density of the Earth and the presence of water vapor, oxygen, nitrogen and a magnetic field can be determined from off the Earth.

“The Earth is also an attractive site for the growing of a fantastic variety of substances requiring water and sunlight and fertilizer of one sort or another, especially if one has access to all locations with an Earth Excursion Module (Friedman’s term for an alien spaceship visiting our planet).  Just consider the variety of farming conditions available in terms of type of soil, latitude, growing season, altitude, humidity, etc.  The sunlight is free and readily available.  The atmosphere, ocean and surfaces also provide a convenient source of raw materials for chemical processing, either here, onboard the mothership or on the Moon.”

8. Other:  The only thing that I can think of as “other” is the time-worn theory called the Hollow Earth theory, whereas the subterranean Earth is the home to another race, far in advance of us, who use flying saucers to journey around.  This idea has no supporting evidence for it and plenty of evidence against it, as anyone with a remote knowledge of geology, math and physics can testify or assert.  Only the extreme outer limits of the lunatic fringe have religious faith in it; and any further consideration of it here is a waste of time, energy and paper.  

Comments:  The idea that extraterrestrials have secret bases hidden from view, or even cloaked, undersea, in orbit, positioned on the far side of the Moon or stationed in vast subterranean caverns is not a new one.  The reader’s attention is invited to my book Lady Columba Venus Revelations (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2020), where 1950’s and 1960’s contactee Columba Krebs provides a detailed account of her visits to some of these saucer bases.  There may even be some evidence linking the presence of cavern dwellers to an ethereal region, as I noted in the series of articles on the “Riley Crabb Revelations” that I wrote for Lon Strickler’s Phantoms and Monsters website.  

9. Scientific:  This leaves me with the final grouping of motives, presented last as I feel it has the largest potential for being the correct solution.  Other motives by themselves or in combinations together as listed above might be classified as sub-motives; but the motive is scientific.  Why?

For any race capable of advanced technology, curiosity, and hence an understanding of science, is a must of necessity.  If one word, in fact, could be applied to describe the human being, it would have to be curiosity.  The same should be applied to aliens.  Raw materials plus intelligence plus ability plus curiosity equals knowledge; and technology is probably a universal law scattered throughout the millions of extraterrestrial societies in the vast cosmos.  

It is curiosity in the above formula which led man to explore the universe and compel him to journey outward and explore everything which crosses his path.  The same must of necessity be assumed and applied to aliens.  Curiosity is the motive that I believe drove the UFOnauts here.  Perhaps our atomic explosions attracted this curiosity, although I believe UFOs have been around in fairly great numbers for more than just 22 years.  Perhaps it was a chance encounter by an alien ship that has now led to the armada of ships.  Perhaps it was a planned, routine survey taken once every 10,000 years in the monitoring of the Earth.

In any event, I do believe it was curiosity that led the UFOs here, much the same as curiosity makes man explore Antarctica.  Already and clearly, there is enough evidence available to indicate that the UFOs are carrying out a widespread investigation of the Earth.  Speculation into this area, along with reported UFO observations and data of UFO phenomena, could fill many volumes, to be sure.

It is doubtful the aliens have any personal interest in it other than a scientific one.  They would, perhaps no doubt, look at us as we do at a society of ants.  And it is my prediction that when the UFOnauts finish their work, whether for good or until the next routine survey 10,000 years from now, they will leave, leaving us with the unsolved mystery we have had for the past 22 years.  Attempts on our part toward communication will be unsuccessful since “they” have clearly no desire to talk with us.  Why should they?  And if they did, why haven’t they, in the last 22 years, even tried?  I neglect the unsupported fables of the contactees, of course.  It is funny we are spending such much time and energy to study UFO aliens, when most likely they are having a much easier time of it in studying us.  

Comments:  Clearly, there is something of great import in the message of the contactees for all of humankind.  Despite individualized apperception of the UFO phenomenon on the part of each contactee,  the fact remains that they are the harbingers of a new age of enlightenment on the cusp of humankind’s more active participation in the greater cosmic community.  A true sense of this was captured as early as 1959 by the great Swiss psychologist Dr. Carl G. Jung in his classic work, Flying Saucers:  A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky (Brooklyn, New York:  Harcourt Brace, 1959).  Jung was particularly obsessed with the case of the California contactee Orfeo Angelucci, with whom he placed a lot of confidence.  

John M. Frytz predicted in 1969 that, “The work of the ufologist will not get any easier.  They cannot ‘prove’ the existence of UFOs now; and it seems unlikely they will in the near future; and that future shouldn’t last much longer as any day the aliens’ work or curiosity could be finished and satisfied and they will go back to where they have come from, leaving us to our frustrations.  Perhaps the UFO phenomenon of today will then become the “Atlantis legend” of a couple of thousand years from now.”

It was clear that Frytz had been overly sold on the so-called “scientific approach” to the UFO phenomenon.  It has now become apparent that UFOs and the search for extraterrestrial or ultra-dimensional intelligences goes far beyond the reach of objective science; and closely parallels sundry aspects of the paranormal, shifting the focus on the subject more to the realm of subjectivity.  UFOs and their occupants may have more to do with a consciously projected future of super science and abundance for humankind as explorers in space and time than it every did with any test tube analysis of crashed saucer material and dead alien bodies, insofar as physical trace evidence for their existence is concerned.


(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part VI of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where Dr. Keller looks at authentic cases of extraterrestrials successfully infiltrating various Earth cultures.  - Lon)