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Monday, May 31, 2021

Interesting Older, Recently Reported, UFO Encounters

Five older, but recently reported, UFO incidents in the United States & Canada. Some are quite interesting, especially an incident that occurred near Harrisburg, PA.

The following reports were recently submitted:

August 5, 1995 - LaRonge, Saskatchewan, Canada: "It was my cousin’s wedding night and my younger brother and I were getting picked up to go to the dance so we chose to sit in the back of the truck in the box, so we were driving north through LaRonge passing this area called Big Stone and just over the houses i first noticed this UFO. Just hovering there about 150 meters off the highway and As I was in shock of seeing this thing I told my brother to turn around. He was In shock too so we just watched it hover for a few seconds as we drove by it and as soon as we were passed it. It slowly passed over the highway towards the Lake of LaRonge and then shot straight into the sky until it disappeared The speed limit through the area was 80 kmh back then so the time that it would’ve taken us to drive from seeing it till it disappeared I’d guess about 20-30 seconds. We told our parents cousins aunts and uncles. But nobody believed us back then as I was 12 and my brother was 10. But, yeah, just thought I’d share that." CC


"While living in Spencerville, Ontario K0E 1X0, RR#4, I was awoken to a UFO hovering over our home. The year was 1976. It was very close to the size of our house, round in shape, sort of flattened with orange and blue lights...mostly orange. It was almost as if it had me frozen at my bedroom window. The moment it disappeared I could move again at which point I ran through the house waking my parents to tell them what had happened. I never felt the urge to tell anyone else about it, not sure why." CW


Mid 1990s - Knox County, Indiana: "Me and 4 others were chased by a craft about 13 miles one night. We were driving along and all of a sudden our soundings lit up like daylight. I stopped my vehicle, got out and looked up. I was blinded and couldn't see what was putting off the light. I jumped back in the car. I turned around and went back in the direction we came from. I noticed as we were headed back that the craft had shut its big lights off and started following us.

My girlfriend at the time was up front with me, along with her little sister and two of her sister's friends. They was freaking out, screaming and crying. For some reason after it happened we never discussed it.

When I got about 3 miles away from the town we lived in, the front passenger tire blew out. It was a fairly new tire. It was on the same side the craft was on. I continued to drive on the rim, throwing sparks. It was making a hell of a racket, but I wasn't stopping. We got about a mile away, the craft zipped off and left a streak across the sky, almost like a bolt of lightning. I would have to say this was around the mid to late 90s.

The location this happened was Knox County, Indiana. It happened almost right where the Wabash and White Rivers fork off. The road there is called 6th Street. There is a levy that crosses over the road just before you get to the rivers. And as I topped that levy is where the light came down on us." MDH


"When I was a young girl, an event happened to me. Our house was in rural east Ottawa, Ontario. The year would have been 1999. My window faced a forest with no artificial lights or roads. I woke up shortly after going to bed to a bright white light outside my window. I stared terrified at it for what felt like a minute. The light source moved slightly as it 'hovered'. The light rapidly moved away as I made a small movement in bed - so fast that it was as if the light had been suddenly turned off. There was no noise whatsoever during the event. Afterwards, I ran over to my father in the next room over and told him what I had seen. He dismissed it and said he heard nothing. This is my most vivid early memory." PD


Harrisburg, PA - 1994-07-22 - 10:00PM: It was a nice quiet evening for a walk. I was joined by 3 close friends, the girlfriend of one of them (now deceased) and another man whose name escapes me, but he was a botanist.

We walked through a wooded area and into an adjacent farmers field. It was a clear night sky with great visibility away from residential lighting. We were heading to a pond near West Hanover elementary school to see some frogs.

We were fairly alert and quiet due to crossing through the woods - to listen for possible animal threats. Halfway across the field I turned to look behind me to chat with someone.

I heard a sonic boom that dropped me to my back. I turned my gaze to the sky as a giant boomerang of white light blazed across the sky. It left a solid trail of white light in the shape of the boomerang. It reminded me of the pins that they wear on Star Trek. Rounded delta shape with a concave center at rear of shape. It was rather low and rather large blocking out much of the sky as it passed overhead. The white light trail behind the object also blocked out starlight.

We all saw this together. Initially I attributed the sonic boom to the UFO but the sound came before the streaking light. I conservatively estimated the speed to be at least 7,000 mph based on the distance to where it loitered taking a fraction of a second.

We took a minute to process and continued our walk which coincided with the trajectory of the object. We arrived at the pond and nearby baseball field. From the ball field we could again see the object [assuming it's the same one] about a mile away. Now a spherical shape, it was rapidly twirling, rotating on a center axis. It flashed between deep reds and deep blue. Light emitting in quick random like bursts. My friend Chad and I watched as it swung like a pendulum to the left, while spinning, and gently bob or bounce at that position, once it reached the top of each arc. Next, it swung to right, reaching the top of the pendulum again it would bounce softly and remain to the right for a few seconds. It did this the whole time. Back and forth, but it would linger for different lengths of time in the right and left positions. The motion overall appeared random other than the consistent pendulum action, constant flashing and the soft erratic bobbing motion.

We questioned each other to verify it was moving as it appeared to. Taking turns describing the position. We were seeing the exact same patterns. While this bizarre display of movement and lighting took place the object was also discharging/ejecting orange material that resembled molten iron. It dripped from the object-orange glowing material that lost its glow as it fell to the ground. At times it behaved as if it were a saw with sparks arcing away, curving with the rotation of the object. Most of the expelled glowing embers however dripped down.

The glowing "material" behaved like a solid, falling straight down. It shed from the object at a rate of about 2-5 pieces every second.

I wanted to walk approx.1 mile to the object but was talked out of it. I haven't yet told my friends that I would report this but I'm sure at least 2 of the witnesses would verify my account. We haven't spoken of that night since then. I felt that the object could see us and that it would come to us. It remained about 1/4 mile above the Earth at the bottom of the pendulum-like movement.

Strangely, the others, besides one of my group, didn't seem interested in the event. They acknowledged that it was happening but weren't awestruck as Chad and myself were. We watched for about 45 minutes before leaving. The object remained there upon our departure.

After that evening I began noticing what felt like a wire that ran from around my ear lobe/beneath my ear behind my clavicle through my elbow and radius and to the tip of my smallest finger. If I tugged on my earlobe, gently, I could feel it all the way down to my finger. It's no longer noticeable but for many years it was a source of mild annoyance. It could be a coincidence but I have no nerve damage or any wounds that I can attribute to this.

Our town, where this event took place is a few miles from Ft. Indiantown Gap, a military installation with aircraft. I believe a jet was scrambled to intercept the object. I did not see a jet but I heard the unmistakable ground rattling signature of something large breaking the sound barrier. I wish I would've written down the date of the incident because I would start the FOIA process. My associates may have a more precise date than I do. I will reach out to two of my friends and have them file a report with MUFON or ask them to cooperate. They may have details that I forgot.

I'm sorry for making this long winded but that night changed my life. I have been haunted by the need for answers as others are. Nothing conventional can explain what we saw. It wasn't Venus or Mars swinging, bobbing, flashing and oozing glowing embers. There was another incident that happened a few years prior to this with many witnesses.

I regret not taking more action that night. I studied it for a long time though and I desire to amend this file with known witness testimony, possible other witnesses and a flight desk log, police reports.

Someone chased after that object in a jet. For some reason no one else came to take a look. I watched it for 30 to 60 minutes barely blinking. The initial sighting of this thing lasted a split second and about 10 minutes later we were in open view of it again. Plenty of time to dispatch helicopters, etc. Unless they were silent and blacked out, nobody came to investigate our visitor after the initial sonic boom." MUFON

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