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Monday, April 26, 2021

Zoologist Encounters Huge Fossa-Like Cryptid Near Trelawnyd, Wales

A zoologist encounters a huge Fossa-like cryptid while drive in the Welsh countryside near Trelawnyd. Interesting account.

I recently came across the following cryptid account:

"I've been trying to convince my girlfriend to tell people about this for a while now, but she keeps putting it off. I asked if I can report her story for her, as it's a story I find fascinating considering I'm obsessed with cryptids and stuff.

For a while I was studying in a university in England. While there, I met my girlfriend, who lived local to the city. I would go back to my home in Wales for the first 2 years in the university during Christmas, Easter and Summer breaks. The summer was usually a big long break, and I would use it to work at my part time job to earn money to spend on nights out for my following year of college. I don't drive and at the time wasn't getting along with her family, so didn't like going to hers, so every other weekend I had off work, my girlfriend would drive down to Wales and spend some time over the weekend with me.

So during the summer between my 1st and 2nd year, she had to leave early. She ended up taking a different route home as I had a night shift coming. She agreed to drive me to my night shift, to save me getting the bus, despite it taking her out of her way, and meaning she had to take a different route home.

After dropping me off, she was driving along (anyone who knows Wales knows that it's predominantly rural, country roads with the odd town or village scattered about) and saw a creature run across the road. She slammed on the brakes, at first thinking it was a dog or a cat. But she said looking at it, it didn't look like either. She says it was huge, like the size of a full grown Great Dane and had no fur. She describes it as having large paws, bigger than they should have been for the wildlife in the area. It also moved in a way that she said seemed unusual and unnatural. Like its limbs were bent but not straightening while it ran, although this could have been a trick of the light as it was very dark.

The area this was in was near the village of Trelawnyd, on one of the country roads just off from the garage. I've asked her to describe the creature. She's drawn it a few times but basically describes it as looking like an enormous, hairless, Fossa. She's a Zoologist, too. So I expect her to recognise wild animals, especially since all we really have are red foxes, badgers, a few loose ferrets that have escaped and farm animals. She's driven that route so many times since then, with me and without me to try and spot it again but to no avail. I even got her a dashcam, and she must have driven that route repeatedly, over and over again to catch a glimpse of whatever it was, one more time, but no such luck. While the whole thing seems unlikely, and that maybe a trick of the light made something else look like what she saw, I believe her, purely due to her stubborn conviction that there was no trick of the light and what she saw was legit. She seems to cling onto this with such conviction I find it hard to doubt. Didn't see it myself, only know what I was told, but thought it would be an interesting story, regardless." AB


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