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Thursday, April 01, 2021

There's 'Something' In Our Woods!

A Georgia resident hears an unknown biped 'creature' in the woods behind his house. This leads to more sounds heard by his neighbor and others. To this day, they have no idea what they are dealing with.

I recently came across this account:

"I live in Georgia in a rural town not too far from Atlanta. There’s a set of woods that’s behind our house and it divides two neighborhoods and it’s about a mile wide if that. Strange occurrences have always surrounded these woods. Small things like random trash, tarps, etc. I should mention it’s more swampy marsh then woods, so it makes camping in there impossible.

One night I was taking our dog out. He stays in the back half of the house due to him not liking the other dogs. I took him out the side door and walked around the house to the fence. For some reason when we left the house he was absolutely terrified. He didn’t want to go out, very unusual for a dog who’s quick to snatch someone’s soul if prompted. Not thinking about it we pushed onward. After he did his business, we walked back. This is when I noticed it...or rather heard it. Crunching of leaves.

At first I thought it was one of our dozen cats on the property until I realized it was matching my steps. If I walked you could hear it walking. If I stopped, it stopped. There’s a small clearing between woods where one of the sheds is. That’s when we saw it. My dog was first to see something and then I saw something. I don't know...a creature? It was taller than the shed so maybe a good 8 feet tall and it darted across the clearing at a crazy fast speed. My dog who again isn’t scared of anything bolts so fast I dropped his leash and he ran to the door whining. I was quickly behind him. Once we were inside I quickly bolted the door and ran to tell my girlfriend what happened. She immediately wanted to investigate saying it’s probably a woodland creature. Armed with two flashlights we went out the front door.

As we walked towards the wood line we could hear something moving around. It sounded maybe 200 yards away. As we scanned with our flashlights we saw nothing but kept hearing it. Then we heard it get closer and closer until it was maybe 20 feet away. Still nothing. No eyes, not even an animal call. Just rustling. My girlfriend now scared heads for the house. I decided to check with the neighbors to see if maybe one of their many dogs got out.

When I arrived at his house my neighbor, who we’ll call Dave, explained that all his dogs were accounted for. Curious, he came to investigate. This is when I noticed that whatever this thing was followed me along the wood line to Dave’s house and was now behind Dave’s house. Gun in hand we went into his back yard scanning for something. We could hear it rustling or maybe running? About 100 yards away in thick swampy woods. Way too thick for a person to walk in let alone run in. Then it stopped. It was dead silent. Scanning and on edge we hear and see nothing and then BAM! All the sudden it was 5 feet in front us sprinting at me. It slammed the fence so hard it rocked it back and forth. Dave, scared shitless, shot randomly at well... nothing. We never saw it. Never heard it get close to us. Again as I mentioned the woods are thick. Too thick to run in, so what the f*ck, did it teleported silently in front of us? 

Spooked, we were about to run. Then we heard it 'speak.' It was human in nature but not English. It sounded...alien-like? Not a known language. Dave, a hunter for 40 years, still to this day can’t explain what that was. Anyway after we heard that we bolted. He covered me and I ran to my house. Not 10 minutes later we both hear a loud explosion coming from the woods. It shook our houses and flickered our power. I ran outside to see what it was and of course nothing. But when Dave came out and confirmed he felt the same thing we were both once again terrified.

Moments later a few strangers from the neighborhood came driving down to our cul-de-sac and they all agreed that the blast sound they heard came from behind our house. 911 was called and the 2 police officers interviewed us separately. Our stories matched. The responding officers REFUSED to go anywhere near those woods. They took the report and left. To this day, we’re still not sure what that encounter was. Also Dave doesn’t go outside at night anymore. It spooked him that bad.

The next night, earlier in the day, my mother-in-law, a police officer for a town 40 minutes away, installed 2 motion activated trail cams along the woods edge. They were brand new. Keep that detail in mind. Thinking maybe we’d see something we waited for nightfall. Later that evening I went outside to feed our outdoor cats. That’s when I heard it again. Rustling. This time not taking any chances I ran inside and told everyone what I heard. They all piled by the back door and urged me to go out there and look. Reluctantly I agreed.

I took my flashlight and walked to the edge of the woods. Knowing there was a trail cam covering this area I figured if it got me it would be on camera and my sacrifice wouldn’t be for nothing. As I got to the woods edge I could hear it still rustling. I’m shaking at this point because I could tell it was maybe less than 15 yards in front of me. Everyone at the door was watching me and could hear this thing. Then it got quiet For a moment it was gone, or so I thought.

Just as I’m scanning with my flashlight, trying desperately to see a normal woodland creature so I can laugh this whole thing away, BOOM! Something fell out of a tree and hit the ground so hard it shook the soil beneath my feet. It was so close to that I was sure it was gonna lunge out the brush and snag me. I dropped my flashlight and ran 100 yards back to the house in what felt like 2 seconds. I screamed “get the f*ck in the house” as everyone was already scampering into the house. They heard and felt the thud too. Our neighbor Dave, called my mother-in-law to ask what that loud crash was. For him to have heard it from well over 700 yards away is insane to me. Once the adrenaline died down we realized that this happened right next to the trail cam. Problem solved we got evidence of this thing.

The next morning we check the SD cards on the trail cams. They have videos up until 11:47 PM. The rest is corrupted. They were both brand new trail cams and SD cards. We reset everything and set them back up and to this day we’ve still never encountered the creature again nor caught anything on the camera." SS


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