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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

The Riley Crabb Revelations - Final - Part VI

The Riley Crabb Revelations - Final - Part VI

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

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California Contactee George Adamski with photo of Venusian scout ship on television program in 1959.

Extraterrestrial musings

“The mind’s eye knows the twinkling stars for the mighty suns of innumerable distant worlds.  And now the mind has learned to wonder whether those worlds are, in truth, so remote after all; whether the inconceivable gulfs of space have not had their Columbuses eons ago; and whether, nearby to us but unseen, there may be those who gaze at us as we gaze at the stars, in silence….

-Aimee Michel, pioneer French ufologist,

Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery (Paris, France:  Editorial Arthaud, 1958)

Transit from Venus Etheria to Earth Physical

In late 1958 and early 1959, the esotericist Riley Crabb delivered a series of lectures on “Flying Saucers and the Coming Space Probes” to small gatherings in Southern California.  All of these presentations were sponsored by the Borderland Sciences Research Associates (BSRA) of San Diego.  At that time, the English literature professor N. Meade Layne was still president of the BSRA, but he was mentoring Crabb to soon take over for him.  Layne was getting ready to retire, but felt that Crabb, with his inside track in the Department of Defense, could steer the BSRA in more assertive directions, especially in regard to uncovering conspiracies to conceal the true nature of the UFO phenomenon from the public at large on the part of agencies of the United States government. 

During these presentations, Crabb attempted, to the best of his understanding, to explain the transit of the ether ships from Venus Etheria to Earth Physical.  During the instantaneous flight of such a saucer between these two disparate types of worlds, Crabb noted that the ship “rides the crest of a magnetic wave of energy from the Sun.”  The esotericist pointed out that, in this regard at least, he was speaking of the departure of a Venusian space ship from the surface of the etheric sphere of Venus, rather than its physical or 3-D surface.  “Venus Etheria would normally be invisible to us, unreal to us;” remarked Crabb in his discourse, adding, “though it would be quite real, tangible and solid to a person born on that surface and conditioned to its finer matter.”  

Crabb pointed out that at the headquarters of the BSRA, the leadership had arrived at an acceptance and understanding of the invisible worlds, such as Venus Etheria, being the key to unravelling the flying saucer conundrum.  Until this could be fully grasped by those in positions of authority here on Earth, Crabb noted that, “Flying saucers will forever remain an unsolvable riddle to the material minded.”

Prophetic Insight of Riley Crabb

As if Riley Crabb could read the headlines concerning a space probe that finally arrived at Venus in 2021, he declared back in 1958 and 1959 that, “I have shown the magnetic waves, or flights of cosmic particles from the Sun, as pulsing forth in great spirals, thus conforming to the galactic pattern or hooked cross.  In terms of our understanding, any point in the Sun’s field is equidistant from any other point.  As Meade Layne has pointed out numberless times in our BSRA bulletins, an hour of Earth time may equate with a million years of solar time, or vice versa.  It all depends on the point of view.  There is no possibility of really understanding these differences, however, until one has actually experienced them.”

Parker Solar Probe of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) swings around Venus for a gravity assist on its way to the Sun and in the process, obtains some amazing data and images, showcasing the planet in a way that we have never seen it before.   Photo:  Microsoft News, 26 February 2021, https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/holy-moly-this-new-venus-photo-is-just-ridiculous/ar-BB1e1Muw?ocid=se (Accessed 26 February 2021).

Parker Probe Findings

In the past two and a half years already, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has made four fly-bys of the planet Venus, each time gaining a gravity boost on its journey to the Sun, its primary target for data collection.   Nevertheless, it has also sent back much interesting information about our nearest planetary neighbor, Venus.  While the probe made its fourth fly-by of Venus on 21 February 2021, no information has yet to be released on that most recent lap.  However, the probe, equipped with a camera, managed to snag a photo of Venus on its third fly-by of that world back in August 2020 that is absolutely stunning. Writing for Microsoft News on 26 February 2021, space correspondent Mike Wehner points out that, “The image shows the night side of Venus, complete with what looks like a shower of sparks but what is actually a combination of cosmic rays and pieces of dust and debris that appear as bright dashes. The photo also shows something that scientists weren’t necessarily expecting to see: A bright halo around Venus, extending to its dark side.

“The instrument on the Parker Solar Probe that made this incredible image possible is called WISPR. It’s short for ‘Wide-field Imager for Parker Solar Probe’ (don’t ask me how that makes sense), and it was designed to capture images of the Sun’s corona, inner heliosphere, and also the solar wind, according to NASA, but it also appears to be pretty good at snapping images of planets as well.”

The amazing Venus photo was made possible thanks to the extremely close pass the probe made of Venus. The picture was taken at a distance of just 7,693 miles, which is fairly close in astronomical terms. Wehner opines that, “The cosmic rays and dust give the photo extra flair. It’s hard not to consider this one of the best photos of Venus ever taken.”

The WISPR science team believes that the strange halo around the planet is due to charged oxygen atoms in the Venusian atmosphere that drift to the night side of the planet. However, the recent discovery of phosphines in the Venusian atmosphere indicates the existence of a complex eco-system in the heavy clouds of our sister planet; and as I wrote in my previous Venus Rising series of books, there are vast swarms of bioluminescent insects in the Venusian cloud layers that find their source of nourishment there, thus lighting up the night side of the planet and creating its so-called “limb effect” that puzzled our astronomers for years. 

Wehner also states that NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, equipped with infrared-sensitive instrumentation, was able to detect the signatures of “certain features” on the surface of Venus.   This revealed a previously unknown “window” that will now allow NASA scientists to peek through the Venusian atmospheric layers.  It is such a pity that it has taken months for various findings of the Parker Solar Probe to clear the censors at NASA, who have never been forthright in any of their disclosures about the mysterious planet Venus.  

From what has been revealed from the Parker Solar Probe so far, Riley Crabb was correct in the assumptions he was making in the late 1950s that the interactions of Venus Etheria with Earth on the Physical Plane all take place within the context of the electro-gravitic field of the Sun.  Of George Adamski’s initial contact with the Venusian “Orthon,” he writes in Flying Saucers Have Landed (British Book Centre, New York, New York, 1953), the book he co-authored with Desmond Leslie, that, “Certain students of this subject have asked me if I thought saucers and their occupants might normally be ‘etheric’ in nature or texture, but be able to ‘condense’ and so take on ‘solidarity’ and ‘visibility’ in Earth’s environment.

“This is an involved subject. There are, of course, more things in heaven and Earth than we have dreamed of and it never pays to be too arbitrary about those things which as yet we ‘see through a glass darkly’. But for now, I am confining myself to a factual accounting of what I actually saw and heard on that memorable 20 November and the texture and substance of both this man and his ship were far from being anything through which you could stick your finger. It was ‘solid’ in the way anything else is solid in our three-dimension world.” 

In other words, Adamski was not discounting the possibility of an etheric encounter.  And many contactees who have actually traveled to Venus and other planets existing on an etheric level   have stated that had it not been for the extraterrestrials informing them that they had stepped out onto a higher dimensional plane, they would have just assumed they had never left the Earth as a realm of physicality.  

A brief synopsis of “Life on Planet Venus,” taken from the archives of previously unpublished George Adamski writings, appeared in the December 1975 Cosmic Bulletin of the George Adamski Foundation in Vista, California, ten years after that famous contactee’s death.  In this article, Adamski writes that, “It may be surprising to some people to learn that life on other planets of our solar system is quite similar to ours on Earth.  Those who have shown an interest in the interplanetary travelers have been prone to believe that they are superior beings, comparable to angels.  But in reality, they are human beings, not too different from ourselves.  Their customs vary, as do those practiced in many nations of this planet….”  He then goes on to describe the advanced Venusian science, that gives them a greater technological edge over us Earthlings.  

Riley Crabb reconciles Adamski’s description of a physical realm on Venus with his analysis of our sister planet as existing in a Fourth Dimension, a realm that still retains physicality but maintains the power to transcend the forces of space and time at will.  

Riley Crabb’s “4-D Explanation”

Both Riley Crabb and N. Meade Layne put a lot of research and thought into Venus existing in the Fourth Dimension and the UFOs which materialize from space having their point of origin on our sister planet.  Riley noted that, “Flying saucers emerge onto our plane of perception from a different space frame.  This is done by a conversion of energy….  Or let us say that the UFO moves into our perception by a change of vibration, as was demonstrated to scientists at Muroc (later renamed Edwards Air Force Base) in 1954.   This physical phenomenon has been observed and reported by others who were not sworn to secrecy.”

Crabb believed that matter, as constituted in a denser form in our material universe, could not stand the temperatures and strains found in the higher dimensions.  Crabb noted that, “As it is now, when our fastest jets get above 2,000 miles per hour, the skin of the plane heats up to over 600 degrees Fahrenheit.  But flying saucers have been tracked at speeds of six and seven thousand miles per hour on radar.”  

Flying saucers become visible, and hence tangible to us, at the point of energy conversion.  Crabb believes that the metals that compose these saucers are etheric. “On its own plane of existence,” surmised Crabb, “the saucer is just as hard to beings or Etherians, if you will, of that plane of existence as the physical steel that composes a jet is to us in our reality.  The conversion of such an ethereal vehicle would, according to our contemporary knowledge of quantum physics, involve a superimposition of particles being bilocated across trans-dimensional points along the “superspectrum,” a name that esotericist John A. Keel devised to explain the Omniverse.  When such a saucer materializes in our physical reality, it undoubtedly dematerializes at its point of origin; and when it dematerializes from our own sight in the physical world, it is rematerializing in the Etheric world from whence it came.  In other words, the ship hasn’t left the points in time and space which it occupies, but its molecular structure is temporarily shifting frequencies and, in the process, assuming a cloak of visibility/invisibility, depending on which vibratory level it is coming from and going to.

One can say that there is a spectrum of tangibility, just as there exists a spectrum for light or sound.  At is town normal rate of vibration, Etheric matters passes easily through the physical Earth and is, therefore, much more easily controlled by thought.  This is the adjustment that our scientists, and eventually the general population, will have to make insofar as our understanding of ethereal phenomena.  For the ultra-dimensionals that inhabit and thrive in these lighter densities, Riley Crabb concluded that, “Any mental form can be brought into physical existence.”  And he further declared that, “This is done by mental action and controlled by mental action.  In their own worlds, Etheric objects are as real as Earth objects.”

The Etherians have taught us that we each have the power to reinvent ourselves.  Art Mirrors Art, from collection, “Pablo Picasso and the Women.”  See https://artmirrorsart.wordpress.com/2014/01/05/picasso-and-the-women-and-a-few-mirrors-in-between-part-ii/.

Nothing to Laugh About

Riley Crabb did provide these salient words of caution to the plethora of skeptics out there: “Before you laugh at all this, remember that you have made your own body with your mind.  If you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror, don’t blame anyone but yourself.  What you were yesterday in thought and feeling, you are in today’s action.  This is true of the Etherian in his own world.  He makes his own body with his mind; but much more easily and quickly, and beautifully!  He can also produce a cube, a sphere or a flying saucer.” 

From Keller Venus Files:  Below is mimeographed copy with excerpt from page 26 of Riley Hansard Crabb’s Flying Saucers Uncensored (Vista, California:  Borderland Sciences Research Associates, 1965), explaining the various planes of existence and their interaction with one another.  For a good description of the planet Venus at multidimensional levels and its connection to the inner world of Agartha, please check out Chapter II, “Things More Bizarre,” in Dr. Raymond Keller’s Final Countdown:  Rockets to Venus (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2017), pages 21-32.


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