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Friday, April 02, 2021

Pale Crawler Humanoid Encountered in Suburban NYC

A woman in suburban NYC describes an encounter her boyfriend had with an apparent pale crawler humanoid. As usual, it didn't appear aggressive, though it did produce a weird clicking / growling sound.

I recently came across the following account:

"So this happened about 2 years ago. I’m closer to NYC, but outside of Westchester County. It has ‘woodsy’ and urban areas.

Before boyfriend and I lived together, we both lived with our parents. It was about a 15-20 minute walk if you took the regular sidewalk but there’s abandoned railroads that basically create a shortcut. These tracks to me are scary because a lot of homeless people live there. I'm not that afraid of homeless people, but I don’t want to bump into one on abandoned tracks in the night. There’s also been violent crimes that happened on them, and a semi-famous serial killer had even killed on these tracks in the early 90’s. Basically as a kid, I was told to stay away from it for obvious reasons, so fear of this railroad was inflicted in me at a young age.

Anyway, he was walking home from my mom's one night and calls me breathing heavily and freaking out, telling me he saw a 'skinwalker.' I had literally no idea what these were until he told me. And I honestly thought he was making things up.

His description - hunched over, naked and pale. Big, piercing reflective yellow eyes and very skinny. The height was about 5’8, head regular size, mouth regular. Its arms and legs were longer than the body, naked with absolutely no clothing on. No hair literally almost identical to Voldemort from 'Harry Potter' or 'The Lord of the Rings Gollum.' He believes it was male. It made a deep clicking sound, that almost sounded like a growl. When the thing noticed that he noticed it, it let out a huge shriek; at which at that point he ran the rest of the way home.

I didn’t believe him but he’s a tough guy and I could hear the fear in his voice so I was concerned and did some research. Maybe two days later, during the day, we were walking in a different but close area of the tracks and found a pretty much newborn baby deer dead with a piece of its backside pretty much ripped out. Like something grabbed it and ripped a chunk of its body out. It was sad and terrifying because there’s nothing in my area that would’ve done that and birds would’ve picked at its entire body, not just a small part. A day or so later the entire body of the baby deer was gone.

That’s the moment I believed him, and when I started joining communities on crawlers and cryptid creatures." TB

NOTE: This 'crawler' phenomenon has infiltrated most regions of North America. I still struggle to identify these beings, let alone where they come from and why they making themselves visible. Lon


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