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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Memorable 1963 Bigfoot Encounter in the Broken Islands, BC Recalled

In 1963, a young woman on her honeymoon encountered a Bigfoot while camping in the Broken Islands, British Columbia. She is still affected by the incident.

I recently came across the following account:

"This incident happened in 1963 while living in Ucluelet, British Columbia. I was 22 and on my honeymoon when I saw a creature, what I would later call a Bigfoot. I saw it in the clear light of day, free of any obstruction, and I have thought about it every day since.

My husband and I were camping in the Broken Islands. It was early June, and the weather was beautiful. It was about seven in the evening, and I walked to the edge of the water and began to wade out. The water came up to just below my shorts. I stood there and admired the beauty. The sun had not started to set, and there was a peaceful stillness at that moment. My husband was asleep in the tent, and I thought to wake him so we could cook dinner together.

I turned back toward the beach, and it was standing there motionless. I didn't hear it make a sound. The beachhead was gravel and rocks that crunched and clicked as we moved around, but I didn't hear this thing at all. I couldn't understand what I was looking at and just stood frozen. My eyes were going all over its body, trying to comprehend. I thought it was a naked man. It was taller than me by a wide margin. I was 5'8, and this was probably over a foot taller. It was lean and lanky, like a basketball player; it hunched at the shoulders, had long arms that hung at its sides in a non-threatening manner. It had long fingers, with black nails. It stood with its legs close together. It had long feet, just like its hands and fingers. It had a pot-belly, and a thin penis hung down. It had a round head, and the face looked like a person, but different, something off. The body was covered in a brownish hair layer, but its body's outline was still visible, the hair stuck up like an Orangutan. The skin on the hands, feet, and face was visible and grayish. Dusty and ashy looking. Its eyes were black, and I couldn't see any other color. 

We just stood there looking at each other. I was stunned, and he was indifferent. He never looked away, but he had an expression of indifference. I said "hello" in a broken half-whisper. I couldn't think of what else to do!

He smiled at me, his lips peeled back, revealing large teeth, like horse's teeth. They looked too big and square for the mouth.

When I looked at it in the face, the eyes, at that moment, I realized this was not a person. It was like a person, but it was something different. A wave of nausea overtook me. I began to vomit and felt faint. The world started to spin. I moved towards the shore and fell on my hands and knees. I heaved with such force into the dirt that I also defecated myself. The spinning stopped, and I sat up. He was gone.

I was there on my knees and just kept replaying the incident in my head for I don't know how long. I stripped my clothes off and cleaned myself in the water. The sun was beginning to set, and I got dressed and lay next to my husband. I don't remember sleeping—just fever, chills, dizziness. We left the next day. I never told my husband what I saw. We split up five years later.

I now live in Texas. I've remarried, had children, grandchildren, divorced again, and remarried. I never told a soul about what I saw. I would go to the library and look for books about monsters. Trying to understand what it was, the thing I saw. Bigfoot became popular in the late sixties and seventies. I saw the (in)famous PGF footage. That's not like what I saw, what I stood staring at, what changed me forever.

I came from a typical Texas, all-American family. I wasn't supposed to see this. Now I'm someone with a secret. Something I could never talk about in my "real life." My interest in this subject has been a complete secret. No one who knows me would ever guess. I have never said this out loud. I saw a Bigfoot in 1963." UC


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