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Monday, April 05, 2021

Malevolent Entity Torments Teen Girl in Crowley, Texas

A teen girl is hounded by a malevolent energy in the Texas apartment shared by her and her mother. A native neighbor and uncle were able to 'bind' the offending entity eventually. Interesting account.

The following account was forwarded to me:

'When I was around 13 or so, my mom and I lived in an apartment in Crowley, Texas. She was a single mom, so it was just her and I for many years. I was and still am very fortunate that she puts me first and did her best to make sure I had what I needed. Unfortunately, her work schedule didn't allow for her to be home when I got off of school, so I usually had to take care of myself in the afternoons until she got off. It wasn't too bad. Usually by the time I fixed myself a snack and got through my homework, she was home.

I should note that at this time, I was still sleeping with my mom. I initially started out in my own room, but I began having these horrible nightmares. It was the same dream each time. I was sleeping in my room and I could see a figure lurking in the hallway. I'd get up to turn on the light and something/someone would grab my hand and I would instantly wake up. The touch of that hand was the coldest feeling I'd ever experienced. It was so vivid in my mind. I felt incredibly sad, almost like the happiness was draining out of me. I started making excuses about wanting to sleep with her. My mom never made a big fuss about it. We would stay up late reading on a regular basis and I would "accidentally" fall asleep.

I hated that room and avoided going in there at all costs. It got so bad that every morning before school, I would lay out a change of clothes in the living room so I could have them ready when I got home. My mom started to notice this routine and asked why I didn't just simply change in my room? I just made up some stupid excuse and my brushed it off. I kept my bedroom door shut at all times and I would hurry past it if I needed to use the restroom.

The dreams seemed to stay away once I stayed in my mom's room. It had been so long that I started to forget about them. One night my mom had already fallen asleep, but I was still nose deep in my latest library book. It was late, definitely past midnight, when I got an eerie feeling. I couldn't place it, but I was instantly uncomfortable. I put my book down and noticed a lump under the covers, toward the end of the bed. We had a cat at the time, but I knew it wasn't her because she hated anything on top of her. I stared at the lump and it started to move toward me. I froze. Every fiber in my body was screaming to move, but was paralyzed with fear. I finally mustered a weak "mom" and nudged her, all while keeping an eye on the lump. Finally my mom woke up and as soon as she spoke, the covers went completely flat, like a balloon when the air had been released. I went into a crying fit and told my mom what happened. She assured me that I was reading too much scary stuff before bed and my eyes had played tricks on me. I convinced myself she was right and went to sleep.

One weekend I had a friend sleep over. My mom made a big deal about preparing my room for my friend and thought that maybe since I wouldn't be alone that it wouldn't be an issue. We did the whole typical sleepover shenanigans; played with each other's hair and gushed over our latest crush, all while listening to music. I started to get anxiety as bed time loomed closer. I somehow convinced my friend that it would be better if we made a bed on the floor in my moms room because my room got hot or some shit like that. We quietly moved to my mom's room on the floor next to her bed and fell asleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke instantly and sat straight up. I was staring at a lump at the foot of my moms bed. I suddenly became overwhelmed with the urge to touch it. I lifted the sheet and placed my hand upon the smoothest object I'd ever touched. I instantly felt every happy memory being sucked away from my body, all thoughts, emotions, were drained. I felt cold, colder than any weather I'd been through. I became empty, like a shell of a person. Nothing was left but numb darkness. It was as if I was under a trance. I somehow was able to pull my hand away and I threw myself against the wall. I stared at the lump until I fell asleep.

The next morning, I retold what happened to my mom and she broke down in tears. She thought that this was all behind us, but clearly it was more than she previously thought. I didn't do much that day. My mom busied herself with Sunday chores while I stared blankly at the TV. As she stepped out for a bit to do some laundry, she ran into our neighbor. Her name has left me, but I remember her being a caring figure in my life and a wonderful friend to my mother. My mom confided in her about all the odd occurrences and her face went grim. Our neighbor was Native American and was super in tune with her culture and traditions. She explained to my mother that for some time, she's been feeling a presence and could not place its origin. My mom asked her to come inside to speak with me. She agreed, but upon stepping up to our door, she retreated. She said the origin was our apartment and the spirit would not allow her to cross the threshold.

At this point, my mom was hysterical, as most mothers would be if someone told them an evil being was possessing her and her daughter's home. Our neighbor apologized, but promised she would gather what she could to help us. In the mean time, my mom reached out to my grandmother. Not that shit wasn't already weird, but shit got even weirder. My grandmother immediately told my mom to call my uncle. He had phoned my grandmother earlier in the day, asking about me, but didn't say as to why he was concerned so my grandmother pretty much brushed it off.

My mom called my uncle and as soon as he answered the phone, he said, "I've been waiting on your call. We need to act now." It still gives me chills to talk about it. We weren't close with this uncle at all and hadn't talked to him in YEARS. He told us that an evil spirit had possessed our home and he was going to help us get rid of it. He sent us a bottle of oil that was supposedly poured upon where Jesus was laid to rest. I feel as if that bit was a crock of bullshit, but whatever, it made it sound pretty legit. He instructed us to bless ALL doorways/entry ways. This meant every door, closet and window. He gave us a prayer to repeat and told us to make the sign of the cross over each one. Our neighbor had also given us a dream catcher to place upon the bed frame the night we blessed the house. She made us swear to stay in our bedroom that night and not emerge until morning. My mom and I quickly blessed the house and both passed out of exhaustion.

That night was the first night I had slept soundly since we moved in. My mom, however, laid awake the entire night. Whatever we did, pissed off the spirit. She said she held me tight and put her back toward the window as someone or something howled crying the entire night. It was terrifying screams, as if the realization had sunk in that we had shut the spirit out and it was no longer welcome. She said that night was the longest night of her life.

To this day, I have no clue what I experienced. If my mom hadn't gone through it with me, I probably would have thought I was crazy. Seeing it laid out through text definitely makes it seem insane and completely unreal." MM

NOTE: Just from the text, I can sense that this actually occurred. I have heard and been involved with similar incidents over the years. In this case, the abilities and experience of the uncle and neighbor succeeded in 'binding' the entity. It may not have left the apartment, but it was neutralized nonetheless. Very interesting account. Lon


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