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Friday, April 09, 2021

Did Sleep Paralysis Develop Into Higher Consciousness Connection?

I recently received the following email from someone who has experienced multiple bouts of sleep paralysis. It seems to me that this experiencer eventually connected with a higher consciousness at some point. Your thoughts? 

"I wanted to tell you about a very odd sleep paralysis incident I had about 2 years ago. I started having sleep paralysis about 6 times a year or so starting in my late teens/early 20’s, somewhere around 1998. This only happened in my childhood bedroom at first. I never had it when I was in college/tech school or at anyone else’s house.

When I was married (divorced now), I started having incidents again. They were all similar in nature. I would be able to see the bedroom and everything in it exactly as it was if the lights were on. I never saw an entity or even heard one, but I knew SOMETHING was in the room with me, and it wasn’t friendly. It gave off a vibe that had me feeling terrified, and it was always in the shadows, usually in the corner of the room by the closet or behind the bedroom door. Our marriage was extremely toxic, and towards the end of it we were basically keeping it going just for our daughter. After the divorce, I moved home and back into my old bedroom.

About 2 years ago, I fell asleep with the TV on in my room, when I had another incident of sleep paralysis. The first thing that is odd about this is that the TV was on. All my other incidents were in complete darkness. Now for the really odd part. It started off as normal with extreme fear washing over me. As my eyes moved slightly to the right, I saw something on the wall about 6 feet or so off the ground. It was sort of round but didn’t have a true shape if that makes sense. It wasn’t solid, but wasn’t completely translucent either. I guess the best way I can describe it would be that it resembled the “blur” that is put on peoples’ faces when they don’t want their identity revealed on TV. 

About 30 seconds in, the feeling changed and I heard a voice. The voice didn’t come from one specific area, but it was as if it was everywhere, and it sounded male. The voice said: “Do you feel that?” In my mind I responded: “Yes”. The voice asked: “What are you feeling?” I stated: “Love. It’s pure love”. The best way that I can describe that feeling is when a parent sees their child for the very first time, multiplied by a million. It was the most powerful concentrated emotion that I have ever felt! The feeling was also just in my chest and not washed over my entire body as with the terror that I had felt in previous incidents. The voice then told me: “Love is what I am. Now look at it”. I looked at the blurry thing on the wall and it instantly disintegrated. With that, I “woke up” as I did with every other incident. Only this time, that feeling of pure love stayed with me for almost a full minute, rather than instantly dissipating as the feeling of terror/fear used to!

Let me state that I do not follow any religion and if I had to classify myself, it would be agnostic. This “voice” never said who it was. My own theory on sleep paralysis is that our brain is so powerful, that perhaps we can enter or open up a portal when the circumstances are just right, and that this entity was close by when I opened it. I have not had a single episode of sleep paralysis in the two years since this happened." T


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