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Thursday, April 08, 2021

1897 UFO Landing Incident Near Danville, Pennsylvania

A young boy and his friend observe a saucer-shaped craft land near Danville, PA in 1897. They approached the craft and describe how hot it was. It left a crater after it had ascended.

I recently received the following account:

"Hi Lon. People talk of UFOs/UAPs being "government issue" so to speak. But what about the UFOs/UAPs before the military industrial age? That's where my grandfather George's story comes into play. This story was told originally by George A. to my mother Catherine L. and now to me.

It was in the year 1897 and George lived on a farm in Danville, PA, with his mother and father (and it was winter during this particular time) and George and his friend were doing what kids do, playing in the snow, on many acres of farmland. But right by the barrier there was an old fence and then tree line. The two kids looked up and saw a sliver "iconic" saucer-shape craft that landed just beyond the tree line where the two kids were standing by the fence. Moments after, the two kids ran, climbed over the barrier and pass the tree line to a small opening in the forest were the craft landed. When they came so close the object was hot and almost gave them a sunburn later that day.

As they approached the shiny craft took off in a very nonchalant way, just like it had landed. My grandfather and his friend took off back to his mother's house back at the farm and George and his friend told the family all about what had happened.

The next morning, neighbors and George's folks investigated past that barrier and pass the tree line and saw a shallow crater. That was the end of it, no one spoke of this after, until my grandfather relayed this to my mother and now to me.

I just wanted to add since you are very familiar with the Pennsylvania, can you tell me anything about the area surrounding Danville, because the only thing that I can tell you according to google maps is that it's in the middle of nowhere." TL

NOTE: I called TL and we talked about the incident. He mentioned that a large area of snow was also melted where the craft landed. Danville is approximately 15 miles northeast of the Montour Ridge where the Todd Sees incident occurred in August 2002. The overall area, throughout the Susquehanna River Valley, is well-known for UFO activity. We really appreciate these early reports. Lon


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