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Monday, March 29, 2021

Toddler's 'Upright Rectangular' Pupils Stuns Witness!

A retired eye surgical nurse recalls an encounter that they had with a woman and her toddler son. The boy had blue-colored upright rectangular pupils. Afterwards, the witness' life spiraled out of control.

The following report was recently posted on the MUFON CMS:

My name is RD. I am a 73 year old retired surgical nurse, with over 35 years of medical experience and ten years of eye surgery practice (in Missouri). 3 years before retiring, I was getting ready to start my shift, (lunch relief for surgical personnel), just out of the shower in my robe, when the doorbell rang. I could see a young woman with a baby holding religious tracts at the door. I knew they were Jehovah's Witnesses. I opened the door to a pleasant blonde young lady with a 1-1 1/2 year old toddler boy.

As she started the Jehovah's Witness spiel, handing me tracts, I looked at her baby from less than 2 feet away, and could plainly and clearly see the pupils of that boy were upright rectangles and looking right at my blinking-in-disbelief face. I moved myself slightly to one side in front of the two, to rule out a weird reflection from my point of view in the morning light. His beautiful blue rectangular-pupiled eyes tracked my movements and widened. This boy was absolutely perfectly normal-appearing in every other respect, in fact he was a perfect little blue-eyed blond Caucasian-type kid. I was at a loss for words then, as shock was starting to well up in me, but I did manage to hint to the mom that I was focused on his eyes.

I said, "Your boy has the most unique eyes I've ever seen."

She replied, :He has his father's eyes," turned with the boy and walked to their car in my driveway, as I remained in stunned silence.

What had I seen? Before I became an O.R. nurse, I worked 5 years in psychiatry and I have never come across a case where someone has had one and only one instance of visual hallucination in their lifetime. I am certain this was not a hallucination. As far as medical matters go, I am an expert witness, trained to understand anatomy, especially eye anatomy after having participated in well over a thousand cases. What I saw was real enough to reach out and touch.

The mental and social problems I have encountered dealing with this event I never asked for, forced me to retire early, bankrupted me, put me into analysis and isolated me further from many of my friends.

Let me be clear. I have always believed in the probability ET's interact with humans and have visited the planet and explored this as one of the many scientific interests I have continued to maintain throughout my career as a surgical nurse. I have a B.A. in Biology from Washington University in St. Louis and did two years post-grad in Microbiology at St. L.U. I've had my own archaeology club, inspired by my friend and fellow researcher, Michael Cremo, who I later worked with on the Pleistocene Coalition Newsletter, writing articles about 19th-century British Archaeology.

The event derailed all of that, and took over my life. I'm a totally lone observer, no photo and no credibility. I really am at a loss about what I can possibly do, except to report to you all. I realize I can't be believed. But what I've related to you is true. ET must be the author/engineer behind it.

Going into the eye anatomy concerning the pupillary appearance of the human eye, the ciliary muscles that anchor inside the sclera to dilate or constrict the pupil are not capable of producing an upright rectangular opening like a stage curtain. No eye on this planet is like that. No eye on the planet has that upright pupil, none. This is an eye capable of taking in vertical visual data like a cell phone camera adjusts to short-wide or narrow-tall photo fields.

One of the eye malformations I had to check before I did any thinking after I saw the boy, was coloboma, which is a failure of the iris to form a closed donut all the way around the pupil, usually leading to a keyhole or cat's eye appearance. This condition is part of a syndrome of fetal malformations that include occult transposition of internal organs, and severe retardation. I found this information and, doing my duty as a nurse, contacted the family gently to share a concern that there might be a problem. The reaction was that there was indeed nothing abnormal or unusual about the boy; they were quite insistent, and I had to back off.

At that immediate time, right after the incident, I was questioning any further pursuit, and certainly no help or resources to do anything. Because I was agitated about my situation of never being able to prove this, and it was affecting my job performance, I consented to therapy, on a made-up excuse of depression, taking anti-depressant meds to the point of numbness, really losing my religion if I ever had one. I couldn't in good conscience continue O.R., work, or any nursing. So, I quit, went bankrupt, went off all meds, had a heart attack (got a stent, it's OK), and was forced to slow down, finally having time to think.

What I can't figure out is why I saw this example of human engineering. I already believed ET's were real. I knew, from the related experience of Jim Penniston at Rendlesham AFB, on Christmas night 1980, that the message he received from touching the craft: Exploration of Humanity for Planetary Advancement, might represent a very close and personal 'exploration of humanity'.

I realize this isn't evidence, but it is very like the report of a lone pilot in a plane transported through a vortex and losing time. If anyone else has a report that's anything like mine, could you please let me know? Could you please email back to me? This IS true. The reality of altered humans has not been a topic of investigation because of its apparent rarity. If it is rare, I shouldn't have seen it. I hope it is understood that changing the iris configuration requires novel DNA to be inserted into the human genome at or near the time of conception, as far as biology understands this mechanism. Even with our gene-splicing, we can only use existing genes. We cannot create genes that manifest cellular structures of anywhere near the complexity of iris cells, or all the mechanisms to control and operate such structures. This isn't anywhere near human technical capability.

Please write, please put me in touch with somebody that can help me make sense of this really unique but very damaging occurrence."

NOTE: I surely hope that MUFON is looking into this request. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please contact me. Lon


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