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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The Riley Crabb Revelations - Part V

The Riley Crabb Revelations - Part V

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

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Agarthans are Etheric beings that inhabit the Inner World.  Illustration source:  Dinar Daily.

Riley’s mentor, Dr. Meade Layne

Dr. Meade Layne (8 September 1882-12 May 1961), was the founder and first president of the Borderland Sciences Research Associates, from 1945-1959.  Born in Viroqua, Wisconsin, he grew up in San Diego, California.  Layne led a very eclectic life, to be sure.  Besides being a pioneer researcher of parapsychology and ufology, he sold office supplies, worked as a real estate agent, managed an oil and gas company and even wrote poetry.  Having a doctorate in English literature, Layne was also employed as a professor of such at the University of Southern California and later served as head of the English Department at Illinois Wesleyan University and Florida Southern College.  Among the emerging ufology community of the late 1940s, Layne was well-known for being among the first to propose an early version of the interdimensional hypothesis to explain sightings of flying saucers.  All along the way, he was assisted in his research by Riley H. Crabb, who assumed the presidency of the Borderland Sciences Research Associates in 1959 and continued with it until 1985, whence he retired and settled down with a new wife in New Zealand.  

Newton Meade Layne (1882-1961), pioneer researcher of Borderland Sciences.

Photo source:  Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, Eureka, California.

Realms of Etheria

Both Layne and Crabb were convinced that while some of the flying saucers did, indeed, represent either some type of advanced military or extraterrestrial technology, there was a substantial number of cases where an overlap with other types of paraphysical phenomena were noted.  For these cases, the leadership of the Borderland Sciences Research Associates speculated that the flying saucers involved were piloted by beings from a parallel dimension, which Layne and Crabb referred to as “Etheria.”  The vehicles they employed to reach our dimensional plane were not so much spaceships as “ether ships;” and these remained largely invisible unless the vibrational rate of their atomic structure was slowed down sufficiently for their craft to be seen by ourselves, the inhabitants of the terrestrial, or physical plane of existence.  At various lectures presented on the flying saucer enigma, Layne and Crabb informed their audiences that some Etherians were actually, but temporarily, living and working among us, having been trapped on our world following the malfunction or crashing of their ether ships while conducting reconnaissance in the vicinity of atomic and nuclear experimentation and testing sites.  Layne and Crabb were of the opinion that these Etherians and their ether ships were responsible for inspiring much of our world’s mythology and religion.  But these Etherians, in their estimation, were not gods or even angels, in the Biblical sense of these terms, but rather mortal beings with an extremely high level of technological and spiritual advancement, at least in comparison to our own cosmic evolution.  These beings possessed longevity extending over thousands of years, as time is measured on Earth.  Through select individuals with developed psychic abilities on our planet, the Etherians have, on occasion, revealed some of their accumulated wisdom to humankind.  In the Round Robin newsletter of the Borderland Sciences Research Associates, originally published out their headquarters in San Diego, California, but now moved to Eureka, California, members of the organization would share the content of such revelations they had personally received from sundry Etherians coming from the invisible realms parallel to our own reality.


Meade Layne at the Borderlands Sciences Research Associates hired the premier psychic of his era, Mark Probert, to channel various entities from the Etheric realms following the appearance of a vast mothership that passed over San Diego, California, on 9 October 1946.

Overcoming Barriers to Understanding

In Crabb’s Flying Saucers Uncensored, the paranormal researcher takes us back to 1 July 1955, when one of the Borderland Sciences Research Associates revealed an interesting dialog that he conducted with a so-called “Visitor” from the Etheric Realms.  He claimed that this visitor was not from another planet in outer space, but from the cavern world of Agartha in the interior of the Earth.  Concerning this interview, Crabb wrote, “If you think you are an intelligent person, fully capable of communicating with a visitor from another world, try this on for size.” In all probability, the Borderland Sciences channeler of this entity was none other than the premier psychic of the late 1940s and early 1950s, Mark Probert.   What follows is an abbreviated transcript of the actual conversation that took place between the channeler of the Borderland Sciences group and a denizen of Agartha:  

Human:  Can you tell us anything about the flying discs and similar objects?

Entity:  Yes, if it is lawful to tell and you are able to understand.  

Human:  Meade Layne says they are Etherians.  Some say they are from other planets or from our Earth.  Which is right?

Entity:  All of them.  There are many different objects which some people can see at times.  They come from other planets, from other planes of life, and some from places on this planet, places unknown to you.  

Human:  Then there are Etherians?

Entity:  Yes.

Human:  Are they human beings?

Entity:  Is steam water?  Is a mixture of gases water?

Human:  Well, not exactly.

Entity:  Yet steam can be produced from water, or converted into water.

Human:  I see.

Entity:  Somehow, I doubt it.

Human:  Can you communicate with Etherians at will?

Entity:  Yes, if we have reasons for doing so.  We do not waste time communicating, merely for amusement or to satisfy idle curiosity.  

Human:  How is this done?

Entity:  Exactly the same as I am now communicating with you.  It is a matter of converting or translating vibrational frequencies to establish rapport between two intelligences.  It is not necessary that these intelligences be embodied in corporeal flesh.  In fact, flesh is often a hindrance.  The real being of any entity is not what you see.  It clothes itself with the physical body just as the body does with physical garments.

Human:  Are their intentions friendly?

Entity:  That depends on your thoughts toward them.  As ye sow, so shall ye reap!  No person of good will need fear them.  No member of any truly great race will deliberately kill.  They do watch and they do try to prevent evil.  If you only realized that you are brother to every intelligent being in the universe.  There may be, at times, erring brothers and sisters; but they are still brothers and sisters.  

Human:  Do flying saucers or discs from other planets come here in what we would call normal flight?  Or is there a materialization and dematerialization as some have claimed?

Entity:  That depends on where they come from.  Those from nearby points come by what you would call normal flight.  Those from distant places are teleported here.  They are converted into pure energy at the place of origin and materialized back to their original form here.  Some humans have seen them during this process.

Etherians as trans-dimensional light beings.

From Keller Venus Files:  Photo at top depicts transmogrification of the Venusian “Marla,” a.k.a. Connie Menger, Howard Menger’s second wife.  Photo at bottom depicts transmogrification of Howard Menger himself into his true identity as “Sol du Naro,” an avatar sent to Earth from the Saturnian system.  Both photos were taken by Cedric Jensen, a member of the High Bridge, New Jersey Flying Saucer Club, on Howard Menger’s farm in that city.  The second photo was taken at a meeting of the club with a Polaroid camera in a darkened room as Howard literally lit up in a darkened basement in front of 40 people in attendance.  For more information about the Mengers, please read Dr. Raymond Keller’s Venus Rising:  A Concise History of the Second Planet (Terra Alta, WV:  Headline Books, 2015), available on amazon.com while supplies last. 

Human:  Could you explain that a little more?

Entity:  I’ll explain it; but you won’t understand.  The first thing to be done is to isolate a cube of space.  This cube may be anything from inches to miles.  The effect is produced by the play of the mental force on etheric matter and consists in establishing a null or neutral zone of free space energies.  The boundaries of this cube are therefore shaped as may be desired.  Into this space area are then brought whatever mechanisms and instruments may be useful, in the region where the Guardians (Etherians who patrol interdimensional realms) desire the ship to operate.  

Human:  Is this done only by mind power?

Entity:  By both mental and mechanical means.  The next step is to “posit” the ship in space.  This is done by converting the energy rates.  A change of rates is equivalent to a change of location.

Human:  Then when they get here, why don’t the pilots of the saucers land and get acquainted with the people of this planet?

Entity:  Would you?

Human:  But there must be some among us worthy of contact?

Entity:  What leads you to believe such contacts have not been made?

Human:  I, uh, I just couldn’t believe it, at least those that I have read about.  Could you tell us how they go?  They don’t seem to have engines like our planes or our rockets.

Entity:  Your engineers and scientists would not recognize it if they saw it.  It is out of the range of their thinking at present.  The discs are powered with pure energy flows which permeate all space and all planets.  You know something about the results of these flows- electricity, light, heat, gravitation and so on.  But you know nothing about the source of these, the primary flows of energy in their pure form.  I cannot explain it to you.

Human:  Why not?

Entity:  Could you explain algebra or calculus to a three-year-old?

The Agarthan made an excellent point here.  It would be impossible to explain any form of higher mathematics to a three-year-old, unless, perchance, that youngster was a mathematical genius who carried that ability over from a prior incarnation.  But this is precisely what the leaders Layne, Crabb and others in the Borderland Sciences Research Associates had been trying to do since the organization was established in San Diego, California, in 1946.  To understand the circumstances surrounding the foundation of Borderland Sciences and the flying saucer flap that ensued with the appearance of a vast mothership over San Diego in that fateful year, please check out pages 158-206 of my first book in the current series, Venus Rising:  A Concise History of the Second Planet (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2015).  The close ties between Meade Layne and others in Borderland Sciences with the most prominent contactee of the age of flying saucers, George Adamski, are also explored in that particular Venus Rising book.  

In some of the Venus conferences, I have shared panels with others that have established contact with our Venusian friends in the Etheric realms, Omnec Onec of the United States and the Bolivian seer Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens.  While Riley Crabb is no longer physically with us, I feel privileged to be working closely with our dear Sister Omnec and Brother Luis in transmitting the higher dimensional message of hope from the Etheric realm of Venus to all the readers of my articles and books, thereby playing some small part in helping to overcome the barriers to understanding that have hitherto been impeding a direly needed understanding of those entities inhabiting the higher dimensional yet invisible planes of existence that completely surround and bless us on a daily basis.  

When I think about the Guardians sent from the inner world Agartha and even other planets like Venus existing at high vibrations that have come to Earth in the capacity of avatars to assist us in our cosmic evolution, the words of wise King David of Israel in Psalm 91:11 (King James Version) immediately come to mind: “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”