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Tuesday, March 09, 2021

The Riley Crabb Revelations - Part II

The Riley Crabb Revelations - Part II

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

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UFO camouflaged as lenticular cloud over the slopes of Mt. Shasta in northern California.  Photo from Fox News report dated 25 February 2020. 

In a series of three lectures given on the subject of “Flying Saucers and the Coming Space Probes” during late 1958 and into early 1959, in the California cities of Vista (29 November 1958), Long Beach (3 January 1959) and Van Nuys (13 February 1959), the famous Theosophist and researcher of esoterica, Riley Hansard Crabb (1912-1994), detailed some of the amazing discoveries he had made about UFOs and their origin.  As Crabb was convinced that the flying saucers were real and piloted by advanced beings from other worlds, he had little doubt that these entities, being masters of space travel, would also be masters of deception and camouflage, when necessary.  And not only could these extraterrestrials conceal their spaceships, but their home world of Venus as well, just in case American or Soviet astronauts ever reached that cloud-shrouded planet with their rocket ships.  All they would find, upon making a landing on Venus, is a planet too inhospitable for any kind of life that we would be familiar with as normally thriving here on Earth.

Flying Saucers Camouflaged as Clouds

Crabb started off his lecture with the UFO encounter of a married couple from Lake Girard, New York, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hill, whose experience began one pleasant June night in 1957 when they were sitting out on their deck, overlooking the serene waters.  At about 8:30 p.m., a sudden glow on the waters of the lake caused them to look up and see a shining disk in the sky, appearing slightly smaller than the full moon.  There were three rings that were emitted by the disc, somehow forming into an L-shape above.  “While we watched this,” Ed Hill told New Jersey UFO investigator August C. Roberts, who was dispatched to Lake Girard by Crabb and tape recording the New Yorker’s testimony, “I heard the drone of an approaching plane.  A cloud came out and sort of camouflaged the three little objects.  I could still see the glow in the cloud, which became bigger and covered everything.  After the plane went by and out of sight, the cloud just kind of disappeared.  Then the object slowly moved away toward the west, the three little objects still clinging to it.  They just backed out into space.”

Aimee Michel, a UFO investigator from France, wrote about a similar UFO encounter in his book, Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery (Paris, France:  Editorial Arthaud, 1958).  In this case, it was 5 p.m. on 14 September 1954 in southwestern France, when hundreds of farmers and residents viewed a UFO on the outskirts of the village of St. Prouant.  One of the witnesses to this most remarkable event was 34-year-old Georges Fortin, who told Michel, “I was working in the fields with my men when all at once, emerging from the thick layer of clouds that looked like a storm coming up, we saw a sort of luminous, blue-violet mist, of a regular shape like a cigar or carrot.  It came out of the layer of clouds in an almost horizontal position, slightly tilted toward the ground….  Whenever it moved, it did so all in one piece, as if it were actually some gigantic machine surrounded by mists.”  Michel noted that most observers in the area reported that this mist-covered UFO descended to an altitude of about half a mile above their heads; and that Fortin had told him that after the object had leveled off, “All over the countryside, everyone dropped their tools and were staring up in the sky like us.”

The UFO tilted until it stood vertically; and then from the bottom of this “cigar” came a white vapor trail spinning toward the ground.  This “mother ship” then rose again, whence it seemed to manifest a spiral of light wrapped around it from top to bottom.  “After the smoke trail had vanished completely,” said Fortin, “we could see the object that was ‘sewing’ it, a little metallic disk shining like a mirror and reflecting, in its rapid movements, flashes of light from the huge vertical object.”  This UFO display continued for half an hour before the little disk was taken aboard at a high speed, at which time the “cigar” tilted back to the horizontal and disappeared upward into the cloud layer.  Michel and other French UFO researchers found dozens of confirmations of Fortin’s account from countless others in the St. Prouant district.  Michel was disappointed, however, that there was only one story about this incident that appeared in the local newspaper.  

Crabb asked his Vista, California, audience, “How often have you and I heard that certain cloud formations show up on radar scopes as solid objects?  And who knows what, if anything, is in the cloud other than moisture?”

Before concluding his talk, Crabb brought up the strange disappearance of a British major during the Korean conflict.  He was a pilot in the Royal Air Force flying his plane into a cloud one day, yet never came out again!  The esoteric researcher commented, “If this pilot did not crash unnoticed from ordinary causes, then only two possibilities present themselves:  Either he and his plane were kidnapped by a flying saucer or he suffered a fate similar to that of Captain Thomas F. Mantell- disintegration.”  For a complete rundown on the Mantell incident, please see my second book in the Venus Rising series, Final Countdown:  Rockets to Venus (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2017), pages 179-181.

Such reports of UFOs being camouflaged as clouds are quite common in the small northern California mountain community of Mt. Shasta.  Please check out the following report from Fox News correspondent Julia Musto dated 25 February 2020:  https://www.foxnews.com/tech/ufo-aliens-mount-shasta-california-weather (Accessed 31 January 2021).


Keep reading this column, for in Part III of the Cosmic Ray’s series of articles, “Riley Crabb Revelations,” we will explore the mysteries of the electro-gravitic field of the Sun that encompasses a solar system of 60 planets.  Besides the twelve planets that exist on the physical plane, we’ll become acquainted with 48 other planets on the ethereal level.  In particular, we will travel with the noted esotericist Riley H. Crabb to Venus Etheria on a cosmic tour beyond the limits of human imagination!