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Monday, March 15, 2021

Reptilians & Lizard Humanoids: Experiencer Reports

The following accounts were gathered by me over the past several years. All are encounters related to Reptilian or lizard-like humanoids or beings.

"I am sending this experience and you will be the second person I have ever told about this. The first person went back here the summer after I told him about this and has NEVER talked to me about my story or his trip back there. We slowly lost contact over time and I think this is the reason why.

In 1978 I was Elk hunting west of a town called Dubois in Wyoming. I was on my way back to town for a hot meal, gas and restock my food supplies, as I was camping in a tent in the back country. I was on the highway going west of town coming in and found a man wearing only hunting shoes, heavy shirt and goose down vest. In Wyoming in the middle of October then this was definitely under dressed! They day time temps were at a high of the 30's at best, and nights were in single digits or lower. Well he got out in the road and started waving his arms wildly and begging stop, I saw his eyes had trail of tears on his face trailing down in the dirt on it. I pulled over to the side of the deserted road to see what his problem was, I thought it might be a wreck on the icy spots of the highway. Little did I know this would change my life thinking and the way I hunted by myself up here forever.

He ran to my side of the pickup and I could see he was very scared about something. He grasped the pickup and begged me with tears in his eyes to take him to town. I couldn't say no to this man, I asked him if he was in a wreck or something he said "No just please get me out of here, I need to go somewhere safe." I thought odd that he would say this and as I had my right hand on a pistol in my lap (guys you never know) I said to get in. He looked around at the tree line along the roadway and again ran to the passenger side of the pickup. As he was coming around the truck I put the pistol in in a side pocket of the door and he got inside and locked the door and made sure the window was up, again watching the tree line, "Go please" was all he said. I started back towards town and I then noticed the scratches on his face, clothes and hands and his whole body was shaking. After we went a couple of miles he somewhat slowed down on rechecking the tree line and passenger rear view mirror.

"You O.K. buddy?" I asked, he stared at me for many seconds and just broke down crying like a little kid. "Yah, but don't think I'm crazy man, I just had some shit happen and I ain't going back there for nothing, I hope the guys are O.K.". He composed himself some and started to explain:

I am hunting here with two buddies and we always hunt below Brooks Lake when we come to Wyoming. Usually we get Elk or Deer, never go home skunked here, just love it. I was going along a trail I been on many times to get to a small overlook to sit awhile. It was their turn to push (the Elk) to me. I was almost there when I walked past this stand of three trees close together and on the other side was this huge Lizard, it was standing easy over 6 1/2 feet tall, golden/bronze color with a vest and short metallic looking briefs. I could tell it was a male I guess and he had a black thing in its clawed hand. It eyes were like a cats and it had a tail. I just stood there with my rifle in my hands across my chest froze kind of like. I was looking into the face of death, I just know it. I coughed a little and it's arm with the black thing came up so fast I could hardly see it. Something hit my whole body from my feet to my head and I fell back on the ground, I don't know if I flew or fell I just went backwards. It came slowly walking up to me I could hear it and could only move my eyes slightly as it came into view, it just looked down to me it's mouth slightly open making a low hissing sound and it's forked tongue slightly coming out of it's mouth. It's head turned down looking at me and did this for a few minutes, I could hear it breathing, see the nose holes working, see it's chest, muscles tensing and relaxing all over it's body, I was just froze there looking up, I couldn't look at it directly and I couldn't close my eyes very easy either. It's expression never changed only the eyes moved sometimes slow like sometimes so fast you could hardly see 'um. On it's sleeveless shirt it had a kinda O with a smaller, screwy offset Y and Z I think, it finally walked away down the trail. I dunno how long I laid there, from the sun movement it was maybe a couple of hours. I could hear the forest sounds, birds, wind, trees, animals going about their day like nothing happened, I would will my arms or legs to move hell, even fingers. When I could move every muscle in my body ached as I would use it, like after a workout at the gym or something. I knew if I went down hill I would come to the old creek bottom and hopefully not see him again. I did that, I followed it to the canyon bottom and then to the road and you. Thanks again, don't make me get out. I took off my coat, I guess I forgot my rifle, cap, I don't need them. I hope Jake and Bobby are O.K. I heard something following me when I first got up, it was real heavy sounding and would stop when I stopped and once or twice I could hear breathing like "it" did, kind of a raspy wheeze sound. I would start running or walking again, I couldn't rest.

He told me which motel to let him off at and I did, he thanked me many times and got out and went in the office. I never seen him again. I thought about the fantastic story and wondered if true, but it could be right? I didn't hear anything about someone having problems anywhere around town that fall.

I asked about the man the next year at the motel (no one could remember him) and if anyone knew stories about the area, I didn't get specific or anything. I didn't press it. My buddy whom I was close to and explored stuff like this at every opportunity was very interested in my story and the location. He took off up there the next summer for a long weekend, I had to work so couldn't go. I didn't see him until a couple of weeks later. I asked him about it and what he found out. He looked at me and got very serious, "Dude, don't go up there, promise me, O.K.?" Was all he said, I could tell he meant it. I would go with this guy sometimes and he was very analytical and professional when doing things like, taping sounds at cemeteries, exploring ghost haunts, and others. He never acted scared at any time. I have never hunted or been on that side of the highway since then, but have talked to others that have seen large barefoot prints, strange flying stuff or howls over the years since then around the Wind River Mountains for what it's worth. I do like to read about the unknown and sometimes explore it, but, and I mean but, if it just feels wrong before I start. I leave it alone.

Now when I hunt anywhere I don't fear bears, wolves or other people, but I am weary of what else might be out there, and always let someone know where I go and when I should be back." AWH


"Upon reading online about reptilian beings visiting people I summoned up my courage to speak out about my experience 7 years ago.

In 2005 I lived in Colchester, England with my long term partner and was working at a local cafe where I meet and worked with people who first introduced me to the beliefs surrounding the Illuminati.

When I fell pregnant we decided to move to Australia where strange things started to happen in my sleep. The first one I remember is waking up not being able to move or talk. It was extremely frightening and although it happened on several occasions I was hesitant to tell my partner incase he thought I was crazy. On the contrary I felt I mentally and spiritually strong which helped me fight to over come the forces that we're controlling me every time.

I also used to see tiny green lights in the corners of my room during the night.

One night I was woken to find what I can only describe as a reptile-like creature/being standing over me on two legs. It had a frill around his neck that was in a threatened like extension, very muscular and a tail. He was making a hissing noise I felt that was certainly not friendly looking almost through me when our eyes meet and as previous experiences I was not able to move or speak and felt paralysed yet wide awake. In absolute terror I shut my eyes and opened them and it was gone.

I was beside myself and was in fear of his return. It wasn't the last time I awoke to him, he also came to me in a dream. In my dream I was sitting at my friends square table talking with her and I knew he was there. In my dream I remember as my friend was talking I was being coaxed away and taken by him, It felt like an outer body experience as I could see myself in my dream at the table with her...I knew I was been taken. I managed with all of my spirit to fight the strength he had on me and I remember feeling like I wasn't ready to go and that he'd be back when I was because after that it didn't return and hasn't. After I had my baby I remember seeing lights the same green ones I saw in my room in her cot at night when she woke for feeding. I don't know why this happened to me or why I got a frill neck but I know I'm not alone and I know I'm not crazy!" S


This photo was taken by David Eckhart as a 'Reptilian' started to manifest. These beings would appear in 'solid' form as they arrive, then within a split second transform to a non-solid, holographic type form.


"I awoke one night in a state of which I can only explain as a spasm, my body was in a rigid state. I could not move a muscle and felt like something was on top of me.

I fought to get movement back in my body. I could not turn my head or move at all. It was like I was having a fight to get control of my body.

After a few panic stricken moments, I could just barely move my fingers, only a little bit. I then felt that there was more than just a spasm. I felt dirty and touched. It was a horrible feeling from deep inside me.

I could barely move my toes, again very slightly. My throat felt like it was being held. I could feel something was on top of me. My hands where by my side, but it felt like they were around my own throat, holding tightly. I was using all my might to break free from this spasmodic state.

Then could feel something breathing into my left ear, a sound of a growl-like noise right next to my ear. I struggled to move my head to the left, like breaking free from a strangle hold.

I could barely see the outline of a head, a big long head next to my own face. As the spasm-like feeling started to wear off, a tiny bit at a time, I could work out that this thing on top of me looked like a lizard/newt thing. It was like a blending together of all that was around it, or maybe invisible. I'm not very sure which, but I could see it clearly as the seconds passed on.

It was reptilian. I growled at it, or I think I did. My mind and my body gave all it could to do so. I bared my teeth at it and I could feel it could read my mind. I was swearing at it and shouting all sorts of obscenities at it. I felt violated and used.

The next thing, it was quickly off of me and was standing to one side of the bottom of my bunk bed. A light came through the thin gap in the curtains. There were different shades of a golden light which also had very small particles inside it, like dust or small stars which moved around like little bright lights.

This reptilian creature was about 6 feet tall. I could sense it was either proud or happy with itself, maybe both. I tried to sit up as best I could and through my mind I swore at it again.

The creature walked forward and stepped into the light beam. As it did, the feet and legs vanished into the light. The more the creature moved forward towards the window, the more of it vanished.

After it was gone I felt relaxed, but I could still feel where I was held around my throat. I felt I was raped by this horrendous monster.

I awoke to a bright sunny day. I could hear my mother downstairs, washing up and doing housework. I laid in my bed and didn't move a muscle. I ran the incident through my mind again and, yes, I could still feel where I was held around my throat.

I know this happened. My mind, heart and soul knows that this happened. For the life of me, I could not run downstairs to explain to my mother about this. Who would have believed it? How would my parents have handled such a thing? I did not know what to do?

Since that night, my stepfather passed away. I asked my mother if she believed in aliens or UFOs. She replied that my stepfather said once that he saw a UFO near Brighton, East Sussex while at sea in the 1960's and he swore that it was a UFO, but only told my mother this.

I never told my mother about my experience, as I thought it would be to harrowing for her to hear.

What do I do about my experience? I would love to do something about it. It may help somebody, as I am being very honest. Things like this should be disclosed. An answer has to be found on why this is happening." RR


"I had a weird encounter in November 1988. My ex-wife and I were near Bass Lake, Indiana at night and saw some type of craft with many colored lights land nearby. We moved towards it where it was close enough to get a decent look. It was shaped like a triangle with the pointed end at the bottom. It hovered just above the ground flashing and glowing different colors. Not long later a door opened on the side and a ramp came out. We started to get out of there when we noticed a weird looking thing coming down the ramp. It was shaped like a man but looked like a lizard with huge feet. It stopped moving and look over in our direction. We got out of there. I returned to the spot two days later and didn't notice anything. I did experience very bad headaches and body aches for a few days though. What do you think we encountered?"

There was no name or contact information. I replied by email but never received a confirmation.

I was looking at UFO sightings in Ohio, Illinois and Indiana and came across a report from 11/8/1988 that was eerily similar to the email I received. The link was from the Albert Rosales' database:

Location. Knox Indiana
Date: November 8 1988
Time: late night

The 12-year old witness had gotten up to get a drink of water when a flash of multicolored light attracted his attention to the yard. He turned the lights on and walked over to the large picture window in the living room. Looking out he saw a large diamond-shaped object resting on the lawn. It had flashing multi colored lights around its edge and appeared to be made out of a copper like metal. An escalator like device now appeared from the object's left rear edge and slid down to the ground. A small humanoid now appeared and walked down the escalator and disappeared behind the object. Moments later the being re-appeared and began walking towards the house. The humanoid was described as 5-foot 3 inches tall with normal arms with what appeared to be claws and strange "double feet." The being wore a belt and a buckle and appeared to have some type of symbols across its chest. It had a large nose, large square mouth, and huge dark brown eyes. The skin was lizard like green with scales and wrinkled. The witness became frightened as the being approached, suddenly the neighbor's dog began barking, and the being stopped turned its head around and looked directly at the witness. The next thing the witness remembered was seeing the object lift off silently and disappear into the sky. Ground traces were reportedly found the next day.

NOTE: Both sightings were in November 1988 and approximately 8-10 miles apart. As well, the descriptions of the craft and beings were similar. I'd say that this is more than a coincidence. Lon


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