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Sunday, March 21, 2021

One Man's 'Weird' Experiences: Upright Canine, Strange Old Guy & Malevolent Entity

One man's personal weird experiences are documented by his son, including an upright canine, strange man in the woods and a fire-starting malevolent entity.

I recently received the following account:

"My dad used to haul stuff all around the woods in northwest Ohio. He always tells me stories about things he’s seen. One night he was driving, going about 65mph, when a gray colored 'thing' ran past his truck (so that means it was going over 65mph) and he says it was some kind of animal. I asked if it was a cougar? No. He says it wasn’t a cat-like animal, rather wolf-like / dog-like. Leave it at that, and it’s still creepy. An oversized wolf running that fast? (Sorry I don’t know how fast they can run but I believe that’s usually faster than normal?) but it only got weirder from there. He says he definitely remembers it running on 2 legs. WTH kind of animal looks like a wolf, runs on two legs, and runs faster than 65 mph. He says he was very tired when it happened, but it’s still very creepy and he probably tells himself that to not scare himself. I don’t know what to make of “Bigfoot,” although I’ve never really read up on it. But I still wonder what kind of thing he could have saw out there.

This is another story he told me:

He was driving (fast) with a bunch of his friends down River Road in Tiffin Ohio. Many people have died on this road and if you look it up you might find some stuff. He says he saw a kind of light up ahead on the side of the road, so he slowed down a bit. He and his 3 friends looked over to see an older man in overalls walking through the woods / farm (I don’t know the specifics I just know it was in the middle of nowhere) and he was holding a lantern. This was at about 2 AM. This isn’t really chilling, but I just wonder what this man was doing out there so late at night. My dad says when he thinks of someone burying a body, he thinks of that man. I just know on that road many people see ghosts, and I wonder if he was one.

Years before this, still in northwest Ohio, he lived in a trailer park (on a little lot with a trailer on it). Meeting his neighbors, and just knowing the area he found out that every single trailer ever put on that lot had burnt to the ground. Kind of sounds like a weird curse, but he’s not lying. The park doesn’t even open that lot to people anymore because of it. When he was in the living room with a bunch of friends (so not just him experienced it) randomly his kitchen table (made of completely metal) caught on fire. Not a little spark, like randomly ignited in flames, burnt a huge hole in the middle of the table. Freaked him out for awhile. His lights would flicker, I mean that could just be electrical issues.

He was a tractor trailer driver. When he left for the week, he would leave the outside light on, with all the rest of the lights off. He would walk to the end of his driveway, and look back and the outdoors light would be off, and the bathroom light would be on. He would walk back, only to see that the actual switch had been flipped, so it wasn’t an electrical issue. This happened every single time he left, and his friends are witnesses and all have seen it happen.

One night he and his friends were drinking, and when they got up in the morning sober, all the bottles were stacked in a triangle on the counter. That could just be his friends messing with him, but not the rest. He also would see things in his bathroom mirror, and he says that place was evil. Some ghosts are not harmful, but he felt very unwelcome there. My dad slept on the couch, but his roommate slept in the back bedroom and told him he felt like something was pushing him down in the bed. A year after he left that place as soon as he could, it burnt to the ground." AJ


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