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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Malicious Entity Calls Out and Attacks Victim in Lincolnshire Woods

A young British man has a scaring encounter in the woods near his home in Heightington, Lincolnshire. He is attacked and injured by an unknown force that called out his name.

The following account was posted a while back on social media:

"I’m 22 and I live in England in a very small village in Lincolnshire called Heighington. It’s very rural. There are loads of woods, three separate large wooded areas in the village alone. Complete with large surrounding fields and walking tracks all that sort of thing. All my life I’ve been in the woods with nothing weird happening. I used to ride my bike through them when I was a kid, used to walk through them later in life and messing about with my friends, even walking my dogs. So the point is I’ve spent a hell of a lot of time in these woods. Sometimes at night, when I was 16-17, my friends and I would go make campfires and sit around listening to music by the fire just having good times. Some of the happiest moments of my life have been in these woods. But the experience I want to share with you is not a happy one.

One of my lifelong and closest friends is called Chris, I have known this boy since I was about four and I still consider him to be one of my closest and dearest friends. It would be very common for me to walk to his house when I was 18-20 and we would just play Call of Duty: Zombies until the early hours of the AM.

One day we were playing and chilling until around 3am and I was getting tired so we decided to call it a night. I left Chris’ about ten minutes later after packing my bag and saying goodbye to my bro. I was 20 at this point so it would have been 2018 and for the past five years or so the council where I live turn off all the street lights past midnight. So when I left Chris’ house I literally only had moonlight. This was in December as well so the winter was in full flow ice on the pavements pitch black darkness, the full works.

Luckily my house is only a five to ten minute walk away so I walked slowly to avoid slipping on some ice or stumbling up a curb. About half way there is a footpath leading into one of the large wooded areas I mentioned earlier, I was walking past this footpath when I heard something that chilled me to the very core. My name, not my abbreviated name or a nickname, like my full first middle and last name. Everything around me was very silent so I heard this very clearly.

Now to this day I have no idea why I did this, maybe I was interested or maybe I was just feeling brave, but against my better judgement I walked down the footpath and into the woods. I walked deep into the woods following the sound. It was pitch black so I turned the flashlight on my phone and decided to light a cigarette. As soon as I lit the cigarette I continued walking into the woods I heard a loud cracking sound from behind me, like a twig being stepped on or something. I spun around to have a look but nothing was there. It was at this point I turned back around and felt something drag me to the ground. My cigarette and phone fell out my hands on impact and I felt winded, wheezing and gasping for air, face down in the mud. I hear what I assumed to be crows or some sort of birds cawing (I don’t know if that’s the right term but they were very loud). Panicked, I grab my phone and struggle to my feet. All the while still hearing my full name coming from deeper into the forest and the crows getting louder and louder.

I decide that I need to get the hell out before something worse happens to me. So I try to run off but after a few more steps I feel it again, like a hand on my ankle dragging me down. I have tripped up and fell over enough times in my life to know the difference. My phone screen was now cracked and broken and my flashlight had gone off. What I saw next haunts me. In the moonlight I could see very faint outlines moving and darting about from tree to tree, almost like moving shadows. I start to cry and I think to myself I don’t want to die here. I get up and just charge, but once again I’m pulled down. My full name was no longer being said, instead it had been replaced by laughter.

My head was spinning and my ankle was clearly sprained. All the time I could just hear this laughter. The laughing enraged me. My tears turned to pure hatred toward whatever was laughing at me, I screamed not in fear but in anger, almost a maniacal scream (like a Viking warrior or something) as loud as I could into the darkness. The laughter stopped and I saw the figures in the darkness creep into the cover of trees. I pulled myself up using a tree for support and hobbled toward the exit which was now visible.

I managed to get out of the woods and back onto the footpath. Exhausted, I hobbled my way back to the street I turn around again and in the moonlight I can see the crows, so so many crows circling above the trees. Then I hear it again, my full name coming from the woods. Whatever stupidity or bravery that took over and made me investigate the first time was gone. 

I just went straight home, hobbling up the hill. This was easily the scariest thing that has ever happened to me and I don’t understand it what so ever. It still confuses me to this day. It’s safe to say I took the long way home from Chris’ in the future, bypassing the woods completely. Thank you for you time. I would really appreciate any ideas or advice or if anyone has had a similar experience? Thank you." SS


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