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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Cryptid Beast Stalks Appalachian Family in Southwest Virginia

A man from Scott County, Virginia describes a cryptid creature that seemed to stalk the area around his Appalachian home. The beast later killed and mutilated his dog.

The following account was recently found on social media:

"We lived in a house that had an outhouse in Scott County, Virginia about 20 years ago. No indoor toilet. We had running water but just couldn't get a proper septic system in there. The outhouse was up the hill a ways, about 30 yards. This was in a valley. The nearest neighbor was roughly 4 miles away. Good luck if you need an emergency service. We had 3 dogs, biggest of all was a Lab mixed named Boo Bear. I'm going to split this up so its not a wall of text.

Boo was a very loyal and territorial dog. Didn't matter what time of day it was he'd go with you up to the outhouse and sit outside. This was normal behavior for years. I'm getting goosebumps thinking about him and welling up with tears. He was a damned good dog. One night my Mom needed to go and he went with her. We'd normally just walk up and do our business and head back and go back to sleep. We had no AC, just windows and fans.

Boo followed Mom up there and this time he was between Mom and the woods. There was a solid tree line around the house that you couldn't see into, at all. I've hunted it, but I'd get my ass back to the house before it got even close to dark. Boo felt or heard something. The more my Mom tried to get up the more he was growling. He had never behaved this way. My Mom, a devout Baptist, swears on the bible that she heard what sounded like grunting coming out of the woods. She could feel something either stomping or punching the ground. Think of punching dough, it had that thud. That's what she described it as. My Mom was raised by some serious hillbillies and isn't scared of anything in the woods so she forced her way up there. She thought it was a deer as they'll do that in rut season.

Boo set out there growling and she said every hair he had on him was standing up straight. He wasn't barking, she could feel his growling, like I don't know how to describe, like you feel bass from a subwoofer. She got done and came back to the house. No other issues that night.

A few nights later a friend was staying at my house. He was the one that was with me when we saw whatever it was that we saw. This was actually prior to this by a year or two. He grew up poor like us, but he was a good dude. His Mom and Dad were great.

Anyway, it's about 11 or 11:30 PM, it was Friday or Saturday because we had a 10 pm bed time on weeknights and we were playing Killer Instinct on N64. Man, when I say this scared me. We heard a scream, and felt a noise come from the woods about 150 yards up that mountain. I got goosebumps coming up like crazy right now. I kept playing thinking that my brain is playing tricks on me. 5 minutes later it happened again. This time it was maybe 75 to 100 yards up and it was heading down. I stopped and asked RG if he heard that and he said, "F*ck yeah, I heard it the first damn time too."

Fight or flight kicked in and we were in a panic. I checked on my Mom and my little brother and both were fine. I woke my little brother up and told him what was going on and we grabbed our rifles. I only had a 30/06, RG had my 20 gauge and LB, little brother, had a .22. We parked our asses in the room we were in when we first heard it. When I say my heart was racing, if it was doing the 100 meter dash.

We didn't hear anything for 30 minutes. Just nothing. We had the windows open due to no AC and we had the fans off. We started hearing a noise coming from the woods. Just walking. It sounded like something was slowly plodding down the ridge to the house. I know it was no cat. You will never hear a big cat. I've had cougars surprise me and I never heard a thing. This was big. It was making a lot of racket.

We just kept sitting there, ears on alert. Then, SCREAM again! This one shook our windows, literally. Everything shook. There was nothing at that point we could have done. It was within 25 yards or our house and we were petrified. Boo was just pacing back and forth. He wanted to get out. I didn't want him to go and neither did LB or RG. He was our safety blanket in that moment. We decided to just hang out in there and we started hearing the grunting. All I can say is I've heard deer in rut. This was way too guttural. This freaking feeling of dread came over all of us. We all started balling. We legit felt like we were going to die.

Mom finally woke up and came in there. She saw us all holding our guns and she was like WTF are you all doing. I put my hand up to my face, she seen we were crying and I put my index finger to my mouth to shush her.

The grunting kept going. Louder and louder. Then the pounding started. It wasn't hitting a tree or anything, it was hitting the ground. Like punching the sh*t out of it. We could feel each hit.

Mom said this was what she had heard the other night but that she didn't think much of it. This seriously scarred me. The grunting and pounding stopped. Mom decided to send Boo out. Nikki and Bella, our other dogs didn't move. Boo was just a bad ass and we were his family. He beelined it up there.

That was it. We heard one yelp and nothing. We didn't hear anything else that night. For several days it was that way.

Boo was gone and we were all shook up. I think it was 5 or 6 days later, my stepdad went to use the outhouse and laying next to the building was Boo. I swear on my life that this dog was literally torn apart. There were no bite marks, it wasn't a cat. He had literally been ripped apart limb from limb.

I don't know what it was. Could have been a bear, I don't know. I know that we moved out of there a month later and that damned place can't keep people in it anymore. I can't say that I smelled anything or anything like that. Definitely one of the worst experiences of my life." R


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