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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Black Humanoid Observed in Downingtown, PA 'Twin Tunnels'

A group of friends in Philadelphia encounter a strange black humanoid shape while exploring the Downingtown, PA 'Twin Tunnels.' Another similar incident account follows.

The following thread was recently referred to me:

"I’ve been curious for years if anyone has ever seen the creature that crossed my path in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

I was a senior in high school, so it was 2011. My group of friends and I were always obsessed with haunted/creepy things/places. I think our interested began as kids (we lived across the street from an abandoned mental asylum that we would regularly sneak into.)

So naturally, when we heard about Downingtown’s “Twin Tunnels” we were psyched to go. This place is still on a drive-able road, it’s two attached tunnels with one active tunnel and one completely grown over with brush and water. Kind of like a swamp. They are pretty long and curved, so there is a point in the tunnel where no light can enter, making it pitch black.

Legend has it there have been some deaths and murders there. Supposedly a pregnant woman hung her self from the middle of the tunnels, and years later in the 90’s there was a woman’s body chopped up and found stuffed in a suitcase, which was placed in the tunnels. So according to folklore, if you walk through the tunnels at night, you emerge from the other end with scratches on your arms. Or, if you drive through it, as we did, you could hear the feet of the suicidal pregnant woman dangling on the top of your car.

So we go. I’m driving. We drive through a few times, park in the middle, turn the lights/car off, roll down the windows and wait to see...anything. It’s a bust at first, and since I’m driving I’m ready to call it a night but a friend eagerly says one more try. So that’s what we do. I park in the middle, turn the lights and car off and sit there silently waiting for something to happen. Now since this is still an active tunnel, I remind you, I have my key in the ignition ready to be turned on in an instance so that if a car comes speeding down I can quickly turn the car on and flash the lights to let them know we’re here.

So I’m staring at the mouth of the tunnel when all of a sudden I see a dark figure walk across the mouth of the tunnel. I’m amazed mind you. Almost don’t believe it, until it turns into the tunnel and starts walking directly towards the car. I can only describe it as an extremely tall humanoid figure with broad shoulders, long arms that dangle almost down to its knees and a rectangular shaped head with no distinguishing features, just completely black. At this point it’s getting closer and I’m so freaked out that I instinctually turned the car on, the lights flash on, and the thing vanishes. I immediately turn to my friend and he says, “did you just see that” and I reply, “yes.”

Although it feels nice to have another person validate what I had just seen, it has left me completely uneasy for years." JS

Here is a response to the post:

"I have had a similar experience and what I saw, I would almost describe the exact same! Several years ago an old friend and I were walking on this bike trail in Northwest Arkansas. Oddly enough, she had made a comment about how it was a “strange night” and mentioned that she was feeling weird.

It wasn’t long after, we heard what sounded like a baby crying or like a cat wailing in pain in the tree line next to the bike trail. Our first thought was that there was either an injured animal or possibly a momma cat in labor. We skimmed through the trees but found nothing. We took a few steps forward when a humanoid creature stepped out from the trees and began to cross the bike trail in front of us. It was probably close to 7 feet tall, extremely slender with knobby knees and elbows. It was all black with long arms that hung past its knees and slightly hunched. We only got the side view, but from what I could tell it had no facial features at all and it did have an odd shaped head but I would say more of a diamond than your rectangle that you saw. I remember its head coming to more of a point. It was so long-legged that it had walked out of the tree line, took ONE step in the middle of the bike trail, and then with the other foot he had reached the other side and disappeared into a fence.

The girl I was with looked at me panicked and said “what do we do?” Because at this point, it was continue passed the creature or turn around and run back passed whatever was wailing in the trees. Needless to say, I ended up saying “RUN!” And we turned around and did not stop running until we ended up back at our apartment slamming the door behind us.

I actually went back the next morning, because the way it vanished into the fence almost seemed as though there had to have been a hole in it the creature walked through. But when I went back it was nothing but solid fence the whole way down. No sign of anything from the night before." AD

NOTE: This phenomenon is has surfaced more often since the recent advent of white humanoid / crawler encounters. Are these black disappearing beings related to the white humanoids? Lon

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