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Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Black-Eyed Kid Approaches Witness 'Asking For Help'

A woman notices a young boy walking around the neighborhood in bare feet. He later approached her and asks that she help him find another boy. She then notices the black eyes.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"First of all, some back story. My mom and I are both firm believers in all things paranormal. We know the stories of black-eyed children very well. Two kids with no emotion and black shadowy faces asking to come inside to use the phone, grab something to eat, or even to ask you for just simple help but if you help bad things will happen. We are believers but, of course, we never thought either of us would actually encounter something like this.

On a Friday night my mom got home late from work. There was a meeting about her work staying open during quarantine so she didn’t get to our house until around about 7:30 or so. After pulling up in front of our house she noticed a kid walking down our street. Now, my neighborhood doesn’t really have younger kids at all, mainly just us teenagers, so my mom found this kid walking kind of strange. She even says to my dad, who is on the phone with her and he jokes about the kid jumping on her car to scare her. You know a typical dad trying to be funny. Then just as fast as he was in front of her and moving to her he was gone down the road and around the corner.

Twenty minutes go by before my mom hangs up the phone and steps out of the car. From behind her she hears a child-like “excuse me.” After dropping her purse and screaming she looks to the kid who she notices is the same boy who had disappeared around the corner almost half an hour before. Immediately she told us she had this overwhelming feeling of pure fear through her entire body. She stares this boy down and notes that she can’t see his face at all because of his hood and shadows from the street lamp behind him and.....he has no shoes. It's 8 PM on a Friday night after a stay at home order was just put out and there was a little boy running around barefoot in just shorts and a hoodie. It was like he was trying to dress like a regular person but just barely missed the mark.

This boy with his head down asks my mom if she had seen another little boy and that he couldn’t find him anywhere meaning he was one of a pair. My mom, who has 3 kids and is one of the most genuinely kind people I know had no urge whatsoever to help this child in front of her or had any kind of sympathy for his situation. She just felt wrong, like there was something off and she needed to leave. In her head her only thought was that she needed to run up our porch steps and get inside. However, what came out of her mouth was completely different.

She tells this little boy “No, I haven’t honey. Where did you lose him? I can help you look.” Every part of her was telling her to leave and that this was wrong but she offered to help. It’s like the children knew she thought something was off though because right at that second another boy in the distance screamed. Of course my mom jumped and her fear spiked but the boy...was eerily calm still. He looked at her and she suddenly noticed the black eyes. In a monotone voice the boy said, “Oh, there he is,” turned in the opposite direction and ran up our street, then turned left and was gone." HS


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