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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Anomalous Glowing Light Chases Car Out Of Colonial Cemetery

A group of friends in Ware County, Georgia are exploring a rural colonial period cemetery. Nothing unusual occurred until they left and were chased by a glowing ball of light.

I recently received the following account:

"I want to share one of the bizarre experiences I had about 10 years ago. At the time, I lived in rural southeast Georgia in Ware County. My friends and I being dumb, bored teenagers loved explore old and abandoned places.

Well, one night we learned of an old colonial graveyard that was deep in the woods about an hour or so out of town from a group of ghost hunting family members. We heard legends of witches being hanged and buried there, just outside of the cemetery grounds. There had also been lynchings of black folks in the darker days of Southern history.

We drive along the highway for while until we find the unmarked dirt road. We turn down this empty road and drove for about 5 minutes until it dead ends at a small sheet metal shelter. We could see the headstones of the cemetery in the pale headlights. So, happy at finding our destination, we jump out of friend's convertible and we grab our flashlights from the trunk. We then go about exploring the graveyard as we usually did.

It was quite an interesting place. The families that lived in the area still used the graveyard so part of the cemetery was well maintained. As you ventured more and more back in time, the forest had slowly retaken the grounds. So, in order to get deep into the old sections, you had to climb over dense trees and brush. We were there for about an hour or so exploring. Nothing out of the odd happened. The only scary thing about the place was the foreboding atmosphere and the reflected eyes of forest critters watching us from the dark forest.

After an hour of exploring, it was getting late and we decided to start on our hour drive back home. The night was cool, and we had the top of the convertible down. I was sitting in the back seat with my friend S. W and J were up front in the driver and passenger seat.

We had only left the cemetery not 20 seconds before but I decided to look back and watch the retreating landscape. Which is when I saw something quite peculiar. A glowing ball of light was following us.

I stare at this thing for a good 10-20 seconds just trying to make out what it could be. It hovered about 10' off the road and shown with brilliant light that illuminated the forest around it (30ft+ area). It was slowly gaining on us as we were making our way slowly down the pitch black road. We rounded a curve in the road and I watched it navigate the same turn in the road.

At this point I turn and alert S, who turns and stares at it. Confirming that I wasn't crazy we then alerted J and W to our stalker. J stops the car and we all turn around again and watch as this ball of light is making its way towards us.

At this point, all hell breaks loose as J and W freak out and J slams his foot on the accelerator. W, not really thinking clearly, pulls a BB pistol out from under his seat and began to load it. We quickly outpaced whatever it was and we soon pulled out onto the old highway. J didn't stop until we got back to his house.

I don't know what the Hell that light was, but a series of unfortunate and unexplained events befell each of us over the next 2 years. I have wondered if we had disturbed a malevolent entity while in the cemetery." LP


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