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Saturday, March 06, 2021

2nd Sighting of Winged Humanoid in Newton Abbot, Devonshire, England

A Mothman-like winged humanoid was recently observed by a witness in Newton Abbot, Devonshire, England. The same witness had a similar sighting in 2019.

I recently received the following account:

"Hi Lon: In the early hours of the morning I saw a Mothman-type cryptid creature outside in the back garden. I know this sounds absolutely absurd but it's true. I had just come down the stairs to get a cold drink from the fridge and I had only just walked into the kitchen when I saw a large shadow quickly move past the window. I thought to myself did I really just see that or did I imagine it. I then walked over to the fridge where I opened the door and got myself out a cold drink. I closed the door to the fridge and then turned around, when to my total surprise I saw something once again dart across the window before it moved across the garden over in to the shadows. I immediately ran up to the back door and looked through the glass window pane. It was dark out there and the only light was coming from the moon and an adjacent house. I looked around the garden and couldn't see anything. I thought to myself that's rather strange. It must be my eyes playing tricks on me. I then walked back over to the fridge where I got out a chocolate bar to snack on.

That's when it happened. I closed the door to the fridge once again and turned around only to be completely shocked by what I saw. I couldn't believe it there was a cryptid creature that was standing there over by the wall and it was huge in stature. I would estimate that it was about 9 foot tall and it appeared to be humanoid. It had bat-like wings that were stretched out and it had such a tremendous wing span to it. I thought to myself "What the hell could it be?" The cryptid creature didn't look real. It had a rubber looking texture to it and at first I thought that it was somebody in a suit mucking around outside. I was then completely dumbfounded when this thing turned and actually took off from the back garden where it flew up into the night sky with moonlight softly illuminating it. I watched as it disappeared off into the night sky. I wasn't scared or shaken up by it, instead my adrenaline was pumping I was really excited  by what I had just seen.

I quickly ran upstairs to get my Nikon P900 camera and my high powered spotlight just in case it came back. I stood there for most of the morning looking out the window hoping to get another look at the strange cryptid creature. This time I would be ready for it waiting with my camera and spotlight. The real strange thing about this though, is the fact that all this week in the early hours of the morning I had been hearing something large moving around on the roof of the house. Could it have been this strange cryptid creature?

Later on when it was light I went outside to look for any tracks or footprints, but unfortunately it had been raining heavily and the garden was just a muddy mess and any evidence of the cryptid creature's presence had been washed away. I know what I saw and it was definitely strange and other-worldly. Maybe this creature had flown down from the moors or something. Tonight I intend to keep a vigilant eye on the garden in the hope of seeing it once again. This bizarre sighting took place at 1:05 AM on the 4th of March in the early hours of the morning at Newton Abbot Devon England." JM

NOTE: This is the 2nd sighting by this witness. Illustration provided above. The previous account is here. Lon


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