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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Scary Crawler Humanoid Encounter in Georgia

2 friends are alone late at night at the property of one of their parents in Georgia, when they noticed a crawler humanoid on the security camera outside the building they were in.

I recently came across the following account:

"In May in 2020, my parents were on their annual trip to Florida with my three brothers for the week. My mother asked me if I could go by their house and feed the family dogs or stay and house sit. Being the daughter I am, I told my mother I would just stay at their house to save on gas.

Throughout the week, at night, I would bring the two dogs inside to feel safer since my parents live on a somewhat back road. Keep in mind my parent's house is surrounded by trees and there is a thick tree line separating their house from the two neighbors.

Well, one night while I was at the house alone I had called my best friend to come over and stay the night. We were going to do what two twenty-year-old females do when alone. Play video games, watch movies, Tik Toks and drink a little. While her and I were in the kitchen around 3 or 4 AM making homemade funnel cakes like the fat asses we are, the dogs kept moving around and staring at the glass kitchen door that led off to the back porch. I asked my friend to let them out there so they could chill and we would have enough leg room while we were cooking.

While we were eating our funnel cakes we came across a Tik Tok about making homemade temporary tattoos with a printed picture and perfume. Now keep in mind my parents have about 4 acres of land, so there is the family house, my father's two door garage work shop, and a large barn. Those two buildings are farther out near the tree line. So her and I walk down to the workshop to go into my parent's work office.

I punch in the code to the garage door and we go inside straight to the computer and print out each other a picture of Kylo Ren to try and make into temporary tattoos for each other. Before I go any further a little side note, my parent's have security cameras all around their property. And inside the office is a television above the desk showing all of the live footage from the cameras. So while I was cutting out the tattoo for my friend she says, "What is that?"

I stop cutting and look up at the cameras. At first I didn't see anything except for a small figure in front of the barn. It looked like it was sniffing at the garage door. I shrugged it off and told her it was probably one of the many stray dogs that roamed around the area. She nudged my arm quickly after I said that and pointed to the screen again. Wanting to prove to her it was just a stray dog I stood up and looked closer to the screen and when I did I saw the figure, but it didn't look like one of the small dogs. The creature was hunched over on all fours, its arms were super thin and long but pointing outwards from its chest. Kind of like how you'd imagine that girl from 'The Exorcism' to be when she crawled on all fours. It had no fur and its skin looked tight on it's body.

And when I tell you my I went to open the door to look at it, my friend stopped me right when I grabbed the lock on the door. Looking back at the screen at the creature it looked like it scratched at the door of the barn. I immediately said, "What the f*ck is that?!" And the creature turned its head straight at the camera. Like it this was a scene from The Office! When its head turned, I couldn't make out clear facial features but it looked like it had a human head with two big glowing eyes. Her and I screamed and it bolted, and I mean BOLTED off screen. Clearly freaked out we hugged each other like that would protect us.

Then something smashed against the garage door, not once but TWICE! Like you know what it sounds like for someone to smack a garage door from the outside with their hand? Yeah just like that! I called my grandmother and told her we thought we saw something and to stay on the phone with us until we ran into the house. Once we got into the house we brought the dogs in, locked every single door, and took shots of Crown until we fell asleep. Now we talked about this a few times and I think it was a Wendigo, but my friend thinks it was a Skinwalker.

We live in Georgia. I didn't think they were near here.?" GT

NOTE: I contact the witness. This seems to be another white humanoid or crawler encounter. I really wish we had more insight as to what these being are, but they seem to be popping up all over North America. Lon

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