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Friday, January 08, 2021

'Wolf Boy' Cryptid Canine Encountered in Maryville, Missouri

A witness in Maryville, Missouri recalls their encounter, in his neighborhood, with a cryptid dog that he and his father refer to 'Wolf Boy.'

I recently received the following account:

"I was standing outside of my home smoking a cigarette in Maryville, Missouri at approximately 3 AM in August 2010. The streetlights cast a yellow glow over my neighborhood. The air was crisp from the recent rain. As I stood near the back door I noticed something moved in the yard.

Out of my periphery I thought it was a dog. A really big dog. But when I looked at it straight on I was scared. The dog was about as long as a horse. It loped across the lawn and I got a good look at it. The dog-thing was tan, its tail long and bushy with a white tip. Its eyes glowed green. It stopped next to a neighbor’s fence, staring at me the entire time with those green, glowing eyes.

It stared at me until I finished my cigarette and went inside. About three to five minutes; just long enough to smoke a cigarette. I was little freaked out. The dog slunk off between two houses and I went inside. I took his father outside to look for tracks the next day, but we found nothing. However, when I stood where the dog stopped at the fence, my heart jumped. The dog would have stood at the middle of my chest. I'm 6’2.”

That wasn’t the last time I saw the dog. Dad calls it ‘Wolf Boy.’ We joke around about it being a werewolf.

A few weeks later, I parked my car on the street behind the house after work at around 3 AM. I sat inside the car smoking cigarettes when I saw eyes staring at me through the darkness. The street light back there flickers. I was sitting in the car smoking a cigarette. I saw those green eyes. When the streetlight flicked on he saw the 'Wolf Boy.' I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because of the green glow. But it was the dog. It was lying down, just staring at me. Each time the streetlight flickered, the Wolf Boy inched closer.

It was freaky as close as the dog was when the light flickered back on. I needed to go inside so I just ran.” TW

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