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Thursday, January 28, 2021

White 'Crawler' Humanoid Incidents in Missouri, Ontario & Arkansas

3 separate encounters and sightings of white crawler humanoids. These particular accounts come from Missouri, Ontario and Arkansas.

The following account were either recently sent to me or posted on social media:

"Late one night, in July of 2019, I was driving on a back highway, somewhere in southern Missouri (I think Hwy 60, southeast of Springfield). I was the only vehicle on the road for what seemed like quite a while. I had my high beams on, keeping my eye on the road, listening to music, when all of a sudden, some humanoid creature ran at a high speed across the road in front of me, causing me to swerve to avoid hitting it.

I grew up in the Midwest, so I am not unfamiliar with things crossing my path at night, but this creature...it left me absolutely terrified. I have never seen anything like it before or ever since, and I have absolutely no answer as to what this creature was. It was running on all fours, but it was big. I want to say probably 4 feet from the ground to top of its back. It looked like a tall, lanky, skin and bones, bare skinned naked humanoid with long black hair, and a sunken face, with empty eyes that glowed white, like an animal in headlights. When those eyes met with mine, pure terror came over me, not understanding what I was seeing. The closest thing I've been able to find that even slightly looks like what I saw, would be some drawings of skinwalkers and/or crawlers.

I would love to have anybody try to help me figure out what this was!! It has not ceased to terrify me thinking of it sense then." A


"So this happened yesterday. I live out in the country ( north Arkansas) surrounded by fields. I love to hunt and seeing as it’s still quail season, I’d like to get some. So I usually cross this field nearby to go into some trees that have a lot of birds and what not. I was planning on staying awhile so I brought some food (crackers, cookies, cliff bar) and water (the nasty Ozark kind).

I began crossing the field and got over to the trees with ease, nothing scary. After about an hour and half of just walking though the trees and looking for quail I decide to sit against a tree facing the field and start eating my cliff bar. Well, I’d be damned if I didn’t see a white crawler creature crossing the field crouched like how I didn’t see it 3 months ago. I knew I wasn’t crazy this time. It was crawling from my left to my right and a good 70 yards away (I’m guessing) . Now of course I was frozen in fear for about 20 seconds just watching him vibe on across the field. I only had a 20 gage so I’m not gonna take him on so I just watched him cross the field, go into the tree line and disappear. It didn’t seem to see me but a crazy 2nd experience

I did have my phone on me but I was so afraid to move, the thought of it turning, crawling at me full speed." CB


"So, I am a bit spooked. I was driving in the woods at night with my dad (I live in the middle of the forest). We went down a long, dark road in Ontario, Canada and suddenly saw a semi low, earless, boney and elongated creature with no tail that reminded me of the shape of a starving human mixed with a hairless dog. It was so fast it was a blur, and had long fingers and skin colored pale flesh.

Same night we saw strange foot prints outside our house that was not recognizable as a deer, moose, etc.(We both have spent plenty of time in the woods and recognize tracks, never seen anything like it) Looked like a cloven hoof mixed with a humanoid shaped print and was fairly spread out and large. The foot pattern was like a V shape, and followed across our yard in the snow but suddenly stopped and left a gap of no prints and continued again in the same line. We saw this same creature a year ago, and we often hear deep growls that are so loud they are as if a tree fell in the woods and can be compared to a garbage disposal layered with a high pitched trumpet with occasional clicking at our windows. My dad often sees glinting of gleaming eyes and sudden movement of the same creature, followed by the same call.

We have Native burial grounds and reserves in the city and area I live and lots of sightings of odd unexplainable things, including a place where thousands of Natives were tortured and killed; this particular area people report being pushed, hearing deep growls and screeches, scratching noises, weird glinting eyes and getting disoriented by sounds, wind, movements and even being pulled or separated with groups (people say the wind picks up and disorients, and they black out somewhat- as if they lost time- separated from friends and waking up with it being pitch black at night).

Anyone know what this is? A Crawler? Skinwalker? I am quite frightened." V

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