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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Tall Glowing White Humanoid Encountered in Rock Creek, Ohio

A witness in Rock Creek, Ohio encounters a tall glowing white humanoid one day in 2011, which they believe may have been a alien being.

The following account was recently posted on social media:

"Back in 2011, a group of friends and me were hanging out on my family friend's property in Rock Creek, Ohio. I just want to note that their property was a bit bizarre. It used to be a saloon. You could peel back the wallpaper and see bullet holes in the walls. Also there is an undocumented cemetery with about 20 graves. Some of the headstones can be made out, most can’t. I was too young to personally remember but, according to my family, there was a lot of paranormal activity that went on inside the house.

Anyway, one night in October 2011, I was hanging out with my friends. We had a bonfire going and we were just talking (no alcohol or anything involved). We had walked up this hill that led to a huge empty field area, surrounded by trees.

All of a sudden, something caught my eye. I was looking at what I can’t explain too much, other than I believed it was a possible alien being. It was not human, although it had some  resemblance. It was similar to our human shape but it was much much more slender, probably 7.5 to 8 foot tall. It was white, a bit glowing, and its arms were very long/lengthy.

Almost the second I spotted it, it turned its head and looked directly at me, only I couldn’t see or at least can not remember its face. I couldn’t tell you if it had eyes, a nose, a mouth, or ears. I don’t recall seeing or not seeing any facial features. We starred at each other for what felt like a lifetime but was probably less than 5 seconds.

Suddenly it took off running into the woods at a speed that no human could obtain. I was so freaked out and kept asking my friends if they saw what I saw. But none of them did. Now again there was no alcohol or drugs or anything at all involved. I’m an open minded but also realistic person. This is a true sighting and not some made up story." S

NOTE: I forwarded a message to the witness in order to obtain further information. Lon

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