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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Stan Gordon: UFO and Cryptid Encounters Active in Pennsylvania During 2020 Despite the COVID-19 Scare

UFO and Cryptid Encounters Active in Pennsylvania During 2020 Despite the COVID-19 Scare

From Researcher: Stan Gordon www.stangordon.info

I have discussed in my past writings that 2018 was quite active in Pennsylvania with reports of UFO sightings and encounters with Bigfoot, various cryptids and other strange creatures and unusual occurrences.

The 2019 year continued to be busy with some detailed reports concerning UFO and cryptid incidents. Reports of these strange encounters continued to be reported throughout 2020, even though many people had the COVID-19 situation on their minds.

The year 2020 signified my 61 years of research investigating UFOs, Bigfoot and other mysterious incidents that were reported from Pennsylvania. I have been taking sighting reports from the public since 1969, and the calls continue to come in during each year along with many email reports. It still surprises many people that I have never seen a UFO or even a Bigfoot during my many journeys through the woodlands and forests of the Keystone state. Although my focus is on cases reported from Pennsylvania, I also receive unusual sighting reports from neighboring states and from across the country.

During 2020, some UFO sightings were apparently misidentifications of natural or man-made objects such as the bright planets Venus and Jupiter, luminous meteors, aircraft towing advertising signs, sky lanterns and Starlink satellite observations. There were even some interesting weather-related reports such as sightings of ice pillars.

Sightings of UFOs of various shapes such as spheres, triangles, rectangles, and elongated cigar shaped were reported throughout the year. Encounters with smaller spheres of light seen at close range were also observed. I have referred to those smaller objects for many years as mini-UFOs. I talked with first and secondhand witnesses concerning Bigfoot and other cryptid encounters. There were also reports of mystery booms from various locations.

The following are some of the interesting cases that came to my attention during 2020.

*January 15-A motorist looking toward Latrobe observed a large object in the sky that looks like two large aircraft side by side. About the same time, there was a report of a loud boom that shook the area around Latrobe.

*January 23-At 7:35 AM, a man traveling northbound on Route 79 near the Lone Pine exit in Washington County observed a gray triangular object moving east to west below the cloud layer. There was one very bright light that appeared to be at the front of the object and looked like a huge bright blue-white LED. The witness could make out the shape of the object and described it as triangular and thick and like the design of a stealth bomber. There were no navigational lights on the object. The driver slowed down to get a better look at the object, but it suddenly just vanished from sight and was not seen again.

*January-Armstrong County-A resident reported strange spheres of light near her property. For many years numerous area residents have been reporting UFO and Bigfoot activity in this area.

*February-Dan Hageman of the BORU research group received numerous sighting reports of cylindrical and egg-shaped objects around Butler County. One report involved a cylinder-shaped object moving at a fast speed that came to a sudden stop in a split second. A sphere then emitted from the cylinder and  the two objects moved off in different directions.

*February 28- Two witnesses watching the moon near Blairsville reported observing a sphere of light surrounded by four smaller lights. They watched the object for a few minutes. They turned away from the object for a short time and when they looked back the object and lights were gone. They checked an app to see if any aircraft were flying in the area and none were indicated at that time.

*March 8- Hikers on a trail near Rector reported hearing a strange loud noise that they could not explain. They got close to the area where it seemed to originate from but found no source. The sound appeared to follow them for a distance then suddenly just stopped.

*March 8- A resident of the Laurel Highlands reported a small gray sphere about two feet in diameter floating around in the house. (I have investigated numerous incidents involving “mini-UFOs” since the 1960s.)

*March 24- A short trail of small footprints were seen in the wet ground in Derry Township in the vicinity of the Chestnut Ridge. The tracks were 8-10 inches long and about 3-4 inches wide. One of the tracks had a clear impression of just three toes. Both right and left tracks were observed. (Over the years larger five and three toed footprints have been found near this area and elsewhere. There have been similar smaller footprints also found around the ridge area and surrounding locations in past years.)

A section of the Chestnut Ridge near Derry, PA. Many Bigfoot and other cryptid encounters have been reported all along the ridge.

*March 27- This took place in a rural area of the Laurel Highlands. During the afternoon, a man had entered a garage building through a door that had been left open. Suddenly a large animal approached from the back of the building and past the man from 10 feet away. The witness was sure that what he saw could only be described as a black panther. The body of the huge feline was about 3-3 ½ feet long and the witness estimated the weight at about 50-80 pounds. The jet-black animal ran out the door and into the nearby woods. The witness could hear the loud sound of its paws hitting the ground as though galloping as it ran past him.

*March- Spheres of light have been showing up on security cameras from fields on a property in Fayette County where for several years various mysterious events have been observed by different witnesses. There have been reports of strange cries and howls, odd footprints, Bigfoot sightings and other paranormal experiences reported. Other strange activity has also been reported by other residents in the same general area.

*April- During this month, information was obtained from various sources concerning various phenomena that had been reported. Bigfoot researcher Eric Altman received reports of odd vocalizations heard on the Derry side of the Chestnut Ridge. Triangular shaped objects and lights in triangular formations were reportedly seen in Cambria and Indiana counties. A mystery boom was reportedly felt by many people in Westmoreland County. Other reports of loud booms have been reported from various locations earlier in the year.

*May 16- A group of people near Williamsport, saw two objects in the northeast rise from the ground about 30 seconds apart and from two different locations. The first object was about the size of a dime in the sky and emitted a bright orange glow and silent. The glow suddenly went out and a jet-black shape that looked somewhat like a stealth bomber moved steadily across the sky toward the east. The second object also moved across the sky and was lost from sight in the distance.

*May 27- a witness was outside and getting some fresh air. The incident took place a few miles away from Donegal. The witness was watching some deer in a field across the road. It was dark, but there was some illumination around the field. The deer were suddenly frightened by something and they ran from the area. It was moments later that the witness saw a tall dark humanoid figure that appeared to be over 6 feet tall.

The figure itself was very dark and the arms were bent and did not swing as it moved. The movement of the figure was unusual as it did not seem to be running but rather gliding across the field. It moved extremely fast crossing about 75 yards in about 10 seconds. Whatever it was moved out of sight and was not seen again. The witness did not know what was seen but was sure that it was not human.

*May 27- Three witnesses traveling during daylight on a bumpy road in a rural area of Cambria county observe something large lying down about 120 feet ahead of them. They were quite surprised to see that it was a black panther that rose from the ground, looked directly at them, then ran up a hill by a high-tension power line. The animal was described as jet black in color, with a body 4-5 feet long and at least a 3 feet long tail.

*June 10- It was sunny and warm during the morning when a man riding near Derry in Westmoreland county saw a huge black animal in a field that he was certain was a black panther. When he first saw it, the animal was about 80-100 yards away. The body looked to be about 4 feet long. The tail was about 3 feet long and all black.

The witness watched the animal for a short time then decided to drive down the road a short distance to get a friend to come back to the field with him so he could confirm what he was seeing. When they returned to the location of the sighting the huge feline was still there in the field at a distance. They stopped the vehicle and ran through the field. The one fellow had his camera and was preparing to take a picture. The animal never looked at them but took off along the tree line and moved away before the man could get his picture.

*June- From outside of Pittsburgh, loud whoops were heard emanating from a heavily wooded location.  Large trees have reportedly been falling in that same area as well. This is the general area where others have reported odd sounds and Bigfoot sightings have been reported in the last few years. During June in Fayette county where Bigfoot sightings have been reported for many years, sounds of breaking branches, high pitched whistling and loud whoops were heard.

*June 25- A resident was taking pictures of a beautiful sunset not far from Murrysville. The witness saw in the distance what appeared to be a jet liner that just suddenly appeared. The man ran for his camera thinking that it would make a nice picture. As he continued to watch he realized that the shape of the jet looked odd. He quickly realized that there were two separate dark objects that were flying very close together but not at the same altitude. The object in front seemed to be slightly higher than the second one.

The objects looked like two cylinders that were like a fuselage with no wings. They were dark, offset, and silent. The second object had what appeared to be a vertical tail section. There were no navigational lights on either object. The objects were only seen for seconds as they entered the tip of a slender cloud.

The photographer grabbed his 35mm camera to prepare it to take a picture of the objects when they exited the cloud. The man stood there for 20 minutes, but the objects were never seen again, and the cloud faded away. A search of a flight App found no indication of any aircraft crossing the area at the time of the sighting.

Sketches of the objects used with permission of the witness.

*July 11- Irwin-A man taking his dog for a leisurely walk that evening was interrupted by the sound of several dogs barking loud and running down the road. That situation concerned the man, so he took his dog inside, grabbed a flashlight and went back outside to look around. He looked toward the northwest and observed a large circular glowing red object that was rising from the ground about a mile away. As he watched, the object moved east then turned southeast and moved in his direction.

The object moved steadily while maintaining the same altitude and approached as close as 5-6 houses away and was only about 200 feet off the ground. The object was completely silent. The man did not have his phone with him to take a picture. The witness said the object looked to be about 20-30 feet in diameter and about the size of a small house. There was a pulsating red glow emitting from the object.

While the object had a definitive shape, it appeared to be semi-transparent. One section of the object seemed to be darker in color than the other areas, and what looked like circuit board lines were going through some sections of the object. The object was about to pass over the man when he was distracted by the sound of more dogs approaching and barking loudly. The man turned away and when he looked back, the object was overhead but had risen to about 1,000 feet high. The object moved off toward the east but was blocked by trees as moved further in the distance.

Graphic of the object used with permission of the witness

*June-July- Reports of strange incidents were received from various sources. I received secondhand accounts of Bigfoot encounters. Near Monessen, a resident reported seeing a massive black bird flapping its wings very slowly over the river. There have been several Thunderbird sightings in that area in past years. UFO sightings were reported from various locations across the state. Strange footprints were reported near Mount Pleasant.

*August- A hiker walking through the woods in Jefferson county during the afternoon saw something that baffled him. About 100-200 feet in the distance, he noticed a very tall figure standing between two trees. The area was very dense and not close to public access. As he continued to watch, he realized that what he was seeing was not a human, deer, or a black bear. The creature moved slightly then took off running extremely fast down a hillside to its left and did not come near the witness.

The witness stated that the creature ran faster than any human could possibly run. Even stranger, he did not hear any sound as it moved through the foliage and rocks. The creature looked to be about 8-10 feet tall, and the general shape of the figure was distinct. The arms and legs were narrow, and the arms appeared to be bent at about a 20-degree angle and held out straight. The arms did not swing as it moved. The witness also mentioned that the entire time he watched the creature it looked as though it was out of focus. This account has some similarity to the incident reported near Donegal on May 27th.

*August 30- A man and his wife were taking an afternoon scenic drive and were close to the Pennsylvania/ Maryland border. This is in the vicinity where Fayette and Somerset counties in Pennsylvania connect with Maryland. The husband was driving and was startled when his wife suddenly stated that she believed she had seen a Bigfoot several miles back as they were driving.

He asked her why she did not say anything when she saw it. She indicated that she was so shocked by what she saw that she could not speak. The woman told me during our interview that she was looking out the passenger window when she saw a tall and thin hair covered creature walking near a power line. It was only about 40 feet away and she watched as it took two steps and moved into the woods.

The creature never looked toward the vehicle. She said the creature was 6-7 feet tall and thin. The head was somewhat oval shaped. The side of the face looked somewhat ape-like in appearance. The body was covered in dark brown hair. It walked upright and had very long arms that hung down to the kneecaps. Her husband turned the car around and went back to the area of the sighting, but the creature was not there. His wife told me she is certain of what she saw and stated, “Now I believe it.”

*September- Residents in Armstrong county reported loud screams and howls coming from the woods during the early morning hours. The dogs in the area appeared very upset at the time. Up on the Derry side of the Chestnut ridge, loud and long whoops were heard and a tree was reportedly seen shaking. A tall creature was seen moving in the distance through a series of bushes in Fayette county.

*October- Lon Strickler from the excellent Phantoms & Monsters website received a report from a man who reportedly had a Bigfoot encounter during the first week of October 2020, in Bald Eagle State Park. The creature was described as standing at least 8 feet tall and covered in dark brown hair. You can read the entire story here: Massive Bigfoot Recently Reported in Bald Eagle State Park, Pennsylvania

*October 7- Monroeville- On the evening of October 7, 2020, a witness was on her back deck when she noticed some movement from the corner of her left eye in the sky. As the witness continued to watch she realized that she was seeing a huge oversized bird that was completely gray in color. She said the best way to describe the size of the creature was comparing it to a hawk but about five times that size. The woman estimated that the wingspan was about 14-15 feet from tip to tip. She was not able to determine if the body was covered with feathers. The flying creature was about 40 feet over the top of some trees about 15-20 feet away from the house.

*November 10- Natrona Heights- During the afternoon, a witness reported seeing a cylinder-shaped object that appeared to be solid with a slight dome at the top. The object was white in color, and no lights or windows were observed. The object moved steadily toward the northwest.

*November 26- (Maryland) It was during the nice sunny morning of Thanksgiving Day that a motorist saw something quite unusual. That witness was traveling east not far from Princess Anne, Maryland when the incident occurred. The driver observed what appeared to be an oversized bird about 50-70 yards away standing in the middle of the road on the opposite side. The driver of the vehicle pulled off the road and got out of the vehicle to have a better look.

The creature did not seem to realize that it was being observed and did not look toward the witness. The giant bird was estimated to stand at least 4 feet tall. The entire creature, as well as the feathers, appeared to be brownish gray in color. The winged creature seemed to stay in place and did not move around much. The feature that stood out to the witness was the enormous wingspan. The wings were spread out and the observer estimated that they took up about 80% of the width of the road. The road width was estimated to be between 16-20 feet. It could not be determined what the creature was doing since the witness was seeing the creature from its back side.

The witness was so startled by the occurrence that the thought of taking a picture never occurred. While the creature was still there, two men in a large utility truck approached the area.  They also stopped and were looking at the giant bird. They were still there when the initial witness left the area and continued down the road. The witness is a very experienced hunter and is quite familiar with the birds of Maryland. This creature appeared to be quite unusual and seemed to fit in the category of a Thunderbird.

*December 11- Pittsburgh area-A man was walking his dog when he looked up and saw what looked like a bright meteor in the sky that seemed to be moving in his direction. Seconds later, he observed a triangular shaped object that looked like a larger stealth fighter. The witness could see through it, however, and it moved faster than a jet, but it was silent. In one to two seconds, it just seemed to disappear. The witness was quite shaken by what he saw. It gave him the impression that it was cloaking.

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