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Thursday, January 21, 2021

'Shapeshifter Men' Attack Female Conference Attendee in Irvine, CA

The following account was sent to me by an associate who was once a MUFON FI. They had been a part of this investigation, but no conclusion was ever reported. I may contact the experiencer at some point. Very bizarre encounter.

"I was up on the roof of the hotel watching the 2015 eclipse of the moon with a few other people from a conference I was attending in Irvine, California. Around 10:30 PM I decided to go to my hotel room and pack so that I could catch my flight in the morning. My roommate was already in the room and was watching TV. She had already packed her things. There was a strange bottle by my bed which had green liquid inside and a label which said bio-cleaner on it. I commented to my roommate how odd it was for that bottle to be there and that the hotel staff would use bio-cleaner to clean a hotel room. I then moved to bottle from beside my bed to behind the TV because I did not want to sleep next to it.

We talked for approximately an hour as I packed my things and got ready for bed. Then we both tried to sleep. About 30 minutes later, my roommate asked if I was still awake. I said yes I could not sleep and she said that she felt the same way. She got up, got dressed and went downstairs to see who else was still awake. After she left the room I heard her loudly talking in the hallway with two male voices. Then I heard some Asian voices as well. I felt very afraid after hearing the escalated voices in the hallway and curled up in a ball in my bed and began to cry silently.

As I was crying I heard the hotel room door began to open. I laid in bed and prayed for my roommate to come back quickly. I felt like I could not move I wanted to look at the door to see who was coming into the room but could not. I may have blacked out for a minute or two from the fear I was feeling. When I opened my eyes I saw three men in the room with me. Two were tall and one was shorter. One taller man was at the foot of the bed holding my legs. One man was holding my arm down and one man was holding my head. At first I thought they were trying to have sex with me or rape me. I was very afraid and kept struggling to get free from them and asking them why they were doing this to me. As I looked at the faces they changed to people I had encountered at the conference. I began to question if these people were hurting me for some reason. Then the faces changed again back to their original ones I had seen. The three men kept talking to me and telling me various things, such as "this is for your own good." "We are not hurting you." "These people are hurting you." "We need to know if there's anything left." "You need to stop talking to people or bad things will happen to you."

Then the man who was holding my arm pulled out a needle and tried to stick it into my arm. I kept fighting him. The man who was holding my head kept trying to put a white pill into my mouth and make me swallow it. I kept spitting the white pill out and turning my head away from him to see what the man holding my arm down was doing. I'm not sure what the man who was holding my legs was doing to me. At one point the man holding my head push the white pill way into the back of my mouth and put some water in my mouth then tilted my head back and forced me to swallow. At the same time the man holding my arm gave me an injection and then I suddenly felt very calm and sleepy. The man by my head gently tilted my head toward him and told me he would make sure that I was OK and would not swallow my tongue. It was best for me to sleep through the rest of this and not remember what was happening to me.

I must have fallen asleep at this point. I could, after a while, feel my body being washed down. It felt as though I was being systematically washed for a reason. I was being moved in different positions and washed down with something and then my skin was dried off. Then I must've fallen asleep again because the next thing I remember is the hotel room door opening and my roommate coming back into the room. I was still too afraid to move or talk to her but felt relieved that she was now in the room. She got back into bed and went to sleep. She kept waking up and asking me if I was OK because I kept sitting up in bed trying to stretch my legs and my body. I told her that I hurt really bad and felt like something bad had happened to me. She commented that you can feel like that after they visit you. I did not ask her what she meant by that. I laid down and tried to sleep but could not. My legs still hurt and I felt very raw vaginally inside as well as itchy and various parts of my body.

I waited until I thought she was asleep and then went into the bathroom to check my body for bruises because I hurt so badly. I couldn't sleep, so I left the hotel room and went for a walk downstairs and out by the pool to see if anyone else was still awake. The only other people awake in the hotel where the cleaning crew. I rode the elevator back up to the second floor and when I got off there was a sign by the elevator which read, "Remember your manual. Do not forget your instructions. "

The sign struck me as odd. It also had a room number listed on it I decided to investigate. I went down the hallway, found the room and put my ear to the door. I could hear movement inside of the room and then decided to see if my room keycard wouldn't open the door. I inserted it into the slot and it did not open I tried it again. The noise inside the room stopped. I then slowly walked back to my hotel room stopping to use a public restroom on the way. After I use the bathroom I looked in the toilet and noticed what appeared to be white human tissue. I thought of reaching and grabbing it but then decided to just not. I had already had two mysterious pregnancies and miscarriages and did not want to go down the road of unexplained tissue, so I flushed the toilet. I then went back to my hotel room to try to sleep.

I still could not sleep, so I got up and took my shaver and went back down to the public restroom to shave my legs. I then tried to sleep again in the hotel room I may have dozed off for a minute or two but mostly just laid there sore and wide-awake.

At about 5:30 AM I could not lay there any longer and decided it was time for me to get up. I got dressed. My roommate woke up slightly and asked if I was leaving. I told her yes, that I could not sleep and thought it best for me to just go to the airport. She wished me a safe flight and told me to be careful.

As I waited in the lobby for the airport shuttle, there were three other men also waiting. They looked very similar to the three men that I had seen in my hotel room earlier that night. They stood together outside of the hotel and kept looking at me as we were waiting for the shuttle. We all boarded the shuttle together. I sat behind the tall man in the back and the other two man sat on the left side of the shuttle. I felt very disorientated or drugged but tried to shake it off. A song came on the radio and I sang along silently to it, still trying to make sense of what it happened to me earlier that evening. None of the men talk to each other on the shuttle to the airport. Two of the men got off the shuttle with me. They followed me to the check in point and then the shorter man told me, "Have a nice flight and try to forget," or something to that extent. I looked down at my luggage and looked up. They were gone. I'm not sure if they disappeared into the crowd or just disappeared.

Skipping ahead to the airplane flight home. My seat was in the back of the plane and a man sat next to me in the aisle seat with a seat between us. During the whole flight he never talk to me but I felt very tired and disorientated so I slept for most of the flight. I was aware of people moving around on the plane but just could not shake the tiredness that I was feeling. When the plane landed in Minneapolis, we started getting off.

The man who had sat next to me waited until it was time for me to get off then he got up and went out the back door of the airplane and disappeared. It struck me as odd for a passenger to exit through the rear of the plane. I got off the plane and waited for a minute or two in the ramp into the terminal to see if the man would come this direction. No one else came off the plane. I just decided it was best to forget and went to find my luggage.

I got my luggage and waited for the shuttle bus to bring me to my vehicle because I had parked away from the airport. Two men got onto the shuttle with me. They reminded me of the two men that I had seen earlier that morning in California. They did not talk to each other much and did look at me from time to time. They got off the shuttle before me and then the driver brought me to my vehicle.

As I drove away from Minneapolis toward my home my body began to hurt again and I began to remember the night before...being touched, washed and talked to. The further I drove the more afraid I felt until finally I pulled over at a gas station and purchased a car charger for my phone because I had lost mine. I called a friend who advised me to go to the nearest hospital and get checked out, which I did.

After talking with other people from Minnesota who had attended the conference they told me that at the time I was claiming to have been visited or assaulted that a group of them had been down in near the hotel lobby and that the hotel fire alarm system had gone off. A few of them had also joked about seeing a craft hovering near the hotel." MN

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