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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Feathered 'Reptile Bird' Seen in Los Angeles, CA Sky

The witness states that her and her boyfriend observed several strange anomalies in the Los Angeles sky, including a pterosaur-like creature with feathers.

Los Angeles, California
January 10, 2014
9 PM Local Time:

I was at my boyfriend's apartment. We were leaving his apartment and walked to my parked car that was in the alley next to his building. We were sitting in the car listening to music and talking with the sun roof open. So then we started to look up at the stars and we both seen about 10 or so black flying helicopters or something flying in a V-shape pattern. The black flying objects kind of looked like birds. They were small but they were moving too fast. So then the black objects flew off into the distance.

So we both got out off of the car to get a better look at the sky and that is when I saw a reptile-bird like creature with feathers and wings. And I knew that is was a bird because I could see the wings flapping like a bird and the feathers were blowing in the wind. The creature was like a pterodactyl because it was huge and it look like a mix of reptile and a bird. I only saw the creature for less then a minute and it flew off behind the apartment building.

The weird thing about this sighting is that I also saw another flying object at the same location. But it was about a year earlier. I seen the other flying object in the same way around the same time in the car in the alley next to the New Carver Apartments in downtown Los Angeles. This flying object was different from the black objects and the bird-like creature. It was brown moving in a waving motion or moving like a snake in the sky. It was also like a hover craft because it looked like it was floating in the sky.

Once my boyfriend and I saw this object it shape-shifted into the color of the sky. And we both could feel the energy of the flying object. It was almost like the flying object knew we were looking at it. But we could still see it in its cloud form. After less that a minute of looking at it somehow we lost sight of it. - MUFON

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