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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Bright Red-Eyed Bigfoot Encounters Teen in Northern Indiana

A young Indiana teen describes his encounter with an extremely tall black haired Bigfoot that had very bright red eyes. His aunt later mentioned that she had seen the same bright red eyes.

The following account was recently offered on social media: 

"I grew up out in the countryside of northern Indiana. This encounter happened when I was in 7th grade. We had a trash pile where we burned our garbage and my mom had me take a bag out at like 10 PM. I grew up in the woods around our house and was not afraid of the dark so I didn't have any reason to be hallucinating or 'seeing shapes in the dark' as kids do. I had never been afraid of the dark until this point in time.

I took the bag out and walked the short distance down the road to our trash pile. I was about to throw our garbage on top before I saw something standing about a cars length from the pile. Whatever this thing was, it towered over me and I was tall for someone around my age being 13. This thing loomed over me. It had to have been over 10 feet tall. We just stared at each other for a long minute and that is when I noticed that it had dark midnight fur and bright red, almost glowing in the dark, eyes.

I was frozen. Then it just turned and stomped back into the woods. It was very fast and to me the weight of this thing was making the floor of the woods vibrate. I screamed and dropped the bag in the road and ran as fast as I could back to the house.

My mother saw that I was acting like I was in shock. I could hardly breathe. My mom was tuned out most of the time, being too depressed to even notice her children. My state of mind obviously disturbed her enough that she came to check on me. I told her what happened and she let me stay home from school the rest of the week.

Fast forward about 5 years later. I started living with my aunt because my situation with my depressed mother got so bad that I had to move.

One night my aunt had some friends of the family over and I heard a conversation that piqued my interest. My aunt was telling our family friend about seeing a pair of red glowing eyes staring in at her from a ten foot high window in her trailer. One of those weird small ones that are toward the top in the bathroom. The same height that I saw that tall man-beast thing. I told her what happened to me and her jaw dropped.

This was probably the most satisfying thing that happened to me. Hearing it from another person made my experience feel authentic and made me think that I wasn't crazy anymore." BB

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