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Thursday, January 07, 2021

Bizarre Unknown Humanoid Stalks Fillmore, California Home

A Fillmore, California resident hears bizarre sounds around their home for several days. They soon encounter an unknown humanoid, causing them to call the police.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I live in the Fillmore area of California where there are hills, mountains, pine and redwood trees mixed with other forest trees, but not many bushes. I know the wildlife since I’ve lived here for 20 years. But something terrifying has been lurking around and not even 2 hours ago I had this happen. Police and animal control left about 30 minutes ago. They found scratches on my clay roofing shingles. I am sleeping with everything absolutely barricaded with my guns tonight.

It started a week ago with a mixture of human and animal gurgled screams, coming from the mountains, faint and distant, but if you were quiet enough outside you can hear it faintly. 2 days go passed and it’s closer, louder, more spine chilling. Another 2 days passed and my neighbor said his pet birds are acting extremely strange since the noises started. A day passes and I gathered more information.

Noises start at the moment the sun is gone, so like 5:40pm-6pm. A day passes, screams are clearer, terrifying, not constant though. Maybe a 5 second scream every 30-45min. The thing moves at second story height, jumps from tree to tree to house it seems.

Today, I heard something thud on my roof, then I hear the scream. Human / animal hybrid that sounded like it was gurgling its own blood as it screamed. As quietly as I could I moved to the only room that you can walk out onto the roof from a window. Unfortunately there is also a massive 40ft pine next to the room. I only opened the door and slowly peeked at the window from behind the door. A humanoid figure, about 5ft tall, something on all 4s. Boney body form. Long head, kind of like alien from 'Alien vs Predator,' but not as huge or curved. It had what I assume is claws for hands and feet. 4 appendages, maybe. No idea what color, maybe grey. It shifted its weight. Then I got scared, shut the door hard, heard it jump off.

I called the cops immediately, not going to be going in there. Cops come, neighbor is awake with video of something jumping off my roof. (Doorbell and security cams. I only have doorbell cam)." CT

NOTE: I am planning to file a FOIA request with the Fillmore Police & Ventura County Sheriffs Dept. Lon

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