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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Alien Encounter / Lost Time in Norfolk, Virginia Residence

The following account was originally reported to MUFON. I was later contacted by the experiencer. There are specific similarities to other abduction cases I've worked on:

Norfolk, Virginia


"I was in my room getting ready to go to sleep. It was exactly 1:47 AM. I know this because, after looking at my alarm clock, I told myself that I was still going to be able to get up early despite the time. I was sitting on my bed. Then the next thing I know is that I'm walking from my kitchen to the bathroom. I remember thinking to myself, "why was I in the kitchen?" I didn't have food or anything in my hands.

On the way down the hall to the bathroom I passed my bedroom door and as I walked past I looked in the room, took 2 more steps, then stepped backward and looked in the room again. There 'it' was standing in front of my patio door, almost as tall as the door. I froze and my jaw dropped.

It turned its head, looked at me and vanished threw the door. I shook my head and went to the bathroom. When I walked back into the bedroom I looked at the clock and it was a few minutes after 3 AM. I sat on the bed and tried to recall walking to my kitchen or what I had been doing this whole time but, couldn't remember anything except a strange bracelet. I felt compelled to draw the creature and the bracelet in hopes to clear my mind and get some sleep.

I told my husband about this in the morning. That's when we noticed the stand, on which I have my heavy jewelry box, had been pushed away from the wall right where the creature had been standing.

My husband and I felt that the stand, having been moved, was extremely odd. There would be no reason for us to have done it nor would either of us do it at random.

My husband also recalled having slept heavier then normal that night.

Though many things of this nature have occurred throughout my life I have never spoken out about them for fear of ridicule. I have many experiences but only recently began to document what I remember as it happens currently. I hope by sharing this I can inspire others to come forward, or spark a memory of a similar event in someone else." Name withheld

NOTE: The sketches below were provided by the experiencer. The bracelet, with the symbols, is interesting because it reminded me of a transportation device that David Eckhart sketched over a decade ago. It was shown to him during one of his abductions. Also, other experiencers have mentioned that they recalled seeing large pieces of jewelry during an abduction. Interesting. Lon

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