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Friday, January 22, 2021

3 Bigfoot Encounter Accounts: Colorado, Texas & British Columbia

3 separate Bigfoot encounter accounts in Colorado, Texas and British Columbia. The scenarios include wood knocking, strange howling and predation.

These accounts were recently posted on various social media sites:

"I've lived around the Rocky Mountains all my life. I have also done a lot of camping. I’ve always been into Bigfoot shows and heard the stories, but never had an experience. Until last summer. Every time I’ve gone I’ve tried wood knocking, but never got a response.

Last summer I went camping southwest of Hog Park around the border between Wyoming and Colorado. During the day I tried a few wood knocks and never got a response. Well, that evening we were watching a deer in a meadow, and that's when we heard the first wood knock. It was a few miles away from us on the top of the ridge from what it sounded like. The knocks went on all that evening, it wasn’t just one.

Then late that evening we heard them fairly close to our camp. Eventually it died down and we went to bed. I woke up around 5:00 AM the next morning, it was below 30 degrees (very cold). I was the only one awake, and then I heard about 3 knocks to the left of my tent, sounded like it was coming from the same ridge but closer. Then I heard more to the right of my tent, on a small ridge closer to camp. They kept trading knocks, sometimes three at a time, and kept getting closer to each other. Eventually it sounded like they were within 30 yards of each other. I tried to record it but it was so cold my phone quit. Then one stopped, the other kept knocking (the one on the left), and then it eventually stopped. We didn’t hear anything else for the rest of the trip. It was a very strange experience considering there were no other camps spots for miles" RS


"For about the last week my parents (who live next door to us) and I have been hearing weird noises coming from our forested property across from our homes.

We live in rural east Texas near the Louisiana border and most of the area, including the property mentioned, is forests and swamp. My father has heard whooping noises, that he does not recognize during the past several nights lately, and when he responded the mystery animal responded back on at least one occasion. All the noises have been around midnight. He is very familiar with the native animals sounds, as he grew up in the woods.

Tonight, while putting something in my car around 6 PM, I heard what I can best describe as a “pissed off Baboon” roar/shriek come from the woods where we enter the property right across the road from my house. The sound was probably about 500-600 feet from my person and about 100-300 feet into the wood line. I have no idea what the noise was caused by and I am fairly familiar with native species as well. I teach biology and environmental science and I have grown up studying animals and playing in these woods and swamps.

My father's noises have been from about 1000 feet to the left of my own noise, in the woods by our cow pasture. Mine was near the entrance to the heavily wooded area.

We haven’t heard the sounds that the other has heard yet but he said what he heard sounds similar to an owl, but not like an owl. I just found this all highly interesting and I’m not going to outright say it is Sasquatch activity, but I try to keep an open mind and eliminate more likely explanations first.

I did go into the woods tonight by driving down to our campsite and looking around a bit but for the most part it was just very quiet and dark. I honestly just wanted to share this." S


"I live in a rural area in British Columbia, CA. My community is surrounded by woods and there have always been someone seeing Bigfoot or hearing the whistles.

Not my story, but it happened to a local in 2019. A mushroom picker went up a way’s behind my grandma’s house, which is in between my community and the nearest town. The mushroom picker turned around to face an empty field when he heard something crashing through the bushes. According to the picker, a deer ran right past him, missing him just by inches. Knowing he was about to confront a predator that was hunting the deer, he turned back to the field to see what it was, perhaps a cougar or a bear or something completely expected.

Nope, it wasn’t that. The picker says just as he turned, he saw a black furry thing stop running on all fours and then stand up on the other side of the field, revealing itself to be a Bigfoot. The picker says he turned around instantly and ran back to his truck a couple miles down to the highway, just thankful that the Bigfoot he saw didn't follow him." RD

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