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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Tall Black Shadow Lurks About On Native Land

A young man is sleeping in his father's cabin on a hot, humid night when his dog begins to growl. He later notices a strange black shadow in the tree line and has a violent reaction to it.

The following account was referred to me:

"It was a very hot summer in 2003. Humidity was insane. If you live in the southeast United States, you already understand how the heat and humidity can be, especially in August. The AC had gone out and it would be 2 days before the part to fix the unit would arrive so I was stuck sleeping with the windows open for 2 nights. This was located on native land (this was my dad's cabin and I was expected to maintain the cabin and lived rent free as long as I stayed in college. This was just before my 22nd birthday).

Fans were blowing in almost every room. Felt like dry air blowing and it didn’t help cool down the home much. I went to bed anyway and two windows were open in the bedroom with a large fan blowing on me. I fell asleep even though it was so humid. I woke up at 2am sweating. The sheet was drenched in sweat and I was simply uncomfortable. I got out of bed, changed the linings and laid back down. Still uncomfortable. The windows being left opened made for very loud and obnoxious noises from the forest. Loud ass crickets and so forth. Noises I was used to but with me trying to sleep, it was a nuisance. I shut my eyes to go back to sleep.

That’s when Bruno (my plot hound) starts growling. He’s on the rug beside my bed growling. I give him the typical “Hush Bruno!” He doesn’t hush. He goes over to the window that is open. A screen separates the inside of my bedroom from the outdoors. He is staring out growling. I figure he sees a cat or bear or some animal. His growl turned into a bark-growl and he is literally upset at this point. Mind you, it’s dark. Trees tower over the cabin. No moonlight and one area light that sits at the end of the driveway. The red light from my alarm clock is the only thing I can see in my room with nothing to see outside but the distant area light on the property that vaguely lights up just a portion of the yard and tree line.

At this point I am worried there may be a bear and the last thing I want is for a bear to start digging in my trash and me having to clean up the yard the next day. As I’m thinking this to myself and beginning to get back out of bed, I hear 2 people talking. Two female voices. First thought was hikers or campers. They may be lost. No one tracks through these woods at 2am! So I am eager and curious to investigate and hopefully help. The fan is loud and I continue to hear the voices talking and the fan caught the voices just right and made it echo (you know the sound of speaking into a fan). Bruno is still upset and at this point as I’m walking to the back door to see just WTH is up.

Then, I got such a cold chill. It felt like the AC had suddenly kicked on, but it hadn’t. I hit the back door porch light and it doesn’t come on. Great. Then I just open the back door to see who these two voices are. Bruno is upset and backs away from the door as I open it and hauls ass somewhere out of sight. He was very scared. I opened the back door and saw it.

At the tree line. Maybe 7-8 foot tall. A black shadow in between two trees. More of a black mass 20ft in front of me. Two female voices came from it. The voices overlapped each other. I could not move. Literally could not move. I immediately noticed that I started having heart palpitations and I was freezing. The shadow moved so fluidly. Never really touching the ground. It was darker than black and very obvious. These voices came from it, but from everywhere and echoed. Weird language and sounds. Then the voices stopped suddenly and from the shadow I heard clicking. I do not know how to describe the clicking. More of a tongue - clicking sound. Then silence. The shadow turned from a black mass to fog and I watched it raise into the trees. Then I vomited on my porch.

All of this happened in a matter of only 10-12 seconds I think. I went inside and locked the door, then shut all of the windows quickly. I found Bruno in the closet. I called my dad and asked him to come quick because I thought there may be someone on the property and I asked him to bring his gun (he could drive to the cabin in a short 5 min). I was honest with him in telling him that I was freaking out. I knew he would come. I waited inside until I saw his truck lights pulling in. I unlocked the door just to let him in and I locked them back. I told my dad what I saw. He believed me and he explained to me that all of the mountains here are cursed. I told him he can take me and Bruno back to his house because I was not staying there. I got Bruno and we left with dad. We both could smell something terrible. He thought it was a dead animal but to me it smelled like the air was thick with that evil thing.

As we drove off, we saw a buck. The buck was in the middle of the road and we had to stop fully. It stood still until it collapsed right where it stood. Just collapsed. Eyes wide open still. It just dropped to the road. It stood back up and slowly walked away. My dad said he had never seen anything like that before.

That was the life changing event that never allowed me to think about this world in the same lens ever again. It would lead to more things over the years. The feral wild men, the witches and witchcraft, Bigfoot, and so forth. I don’t question their existence. I don’t care if I’m not believed neither. Skepticism is healthy. Until it happens to you." S

NOTE: I believe this occurred in the Eastern Cherokee Reservation just east of the Great Smoky Mountains in western North area where some of my family originated from. Lon

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