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Friday, December 11, 2020

Black Eyed Kids Standing Along Rural North Florida Road Frighten Witnesses

A teen boy and his mother are driving early in the morning to school when they notice 3 black eyed kids in strange school uniforms standing at the entrance to their neighborhood.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"This happened back in high school, during my junior year. I lived near Jasper in north Florida at the time. I missed the bus and I didn't have a car, so my mom had to drive me to school. The main road was a long rural stretch that only had one equally tiny other neighborhood and a few houses here and there. It was 6 am or something and still dark outside and it was cold.

As we're pulling out of our neighborhood, my mom and I both saw these three children in blue and white private school uniforms standing side-by-side, shoulder to shoulder at the 'entrance' of the neighborhood on the sidewalk. It was either two girls and one boy, or two boys and one girl. I don't remember the ratio, but the girl/s wore a blue and white skirt/dress outfit and the boy wore a blue short-sleeved shirt with khaki shorts.

This was weird for a few reasons. One, it was 40 degrees outside. They looked like they were dressed for the summer and they didn't even wear coats or anything. Secondly, there were two schools in the area but not a private school until the next town over, and blue and white weren't the schools uniform colors. Third, what young kids just stand there in a single file line, not doing anything but standing? No joshing around, no nothing? Yeah, right. Lastly, this wasn't where the bus stop was. It was a few blocks down. Just a sprinkle of extra creepy on top for shits and giggles, there wasn't any street lights. They were just standing in the dark. Not doing jack except being creepy as hell I guess.

They were on the corner on the right, closest to the passengers' side where I was obviously sitting. And of course we were turning right. As we got closer I thought at first they didn't have faces, but it was just too shadowy and dark out, and the headlights only shone under their shoulders (which is how I can remember the outfits so vividly). Then we got closer and I was relieved to see they had faces, but then got completely freaked all over again when I saw their eyes were all black. Like, Supernatural-Sam-and-Dean-fighting-demons, all black. My mom saw it before I did and she put the pedal to the metal and high-tailed it out of there. I remember trying to look back and see them, but I couldn't since it was too dark. My mom didn't go back home until the sun rose and it was bright enough to not be scared. Of course nobody believed me at school and my siblings thought we were full of it, but we know what we saw. We never saw them again after that though.

I thought they were ghosts, but a few months after that I heard about black eyed children on YouTube or something and made the connection. We moved shortly after that due to unrelated reasons. This was 2 years ago and I had blissfully forgotten about it until my mom said, "hey, remember when..." I hope my irrational anxieties and fear around children that are small enough for me to punt across a soccer field is amusing at least." C

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