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Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Alien Entity Incident Reports In Texas & Oregon

2 alien entity encounter incident by witnesses in Texas and Oregon. Each account describes the characteristics and clothes / suits worn by these beings.

The following accounts describe entity encounters in Texas and Oregon:

A man, Myron, claims that in 1973, he, his brother and two friends, were coming home from a karate tournament one evening. They were driving near an airport in Moulton, Texas. As they drove down an expanse of road running not far from the runway, they observed a strange object coming over top of the car. It was heading towards the airport and appeared to be landing on the runway. As it passed over, Myron and his friends looked up and saw in the interior of the craft that two figures were visible. Myron claims that he observed a man, “a regular commander or military representative, with full military garb” and standing next to him was a “little extraterrestrial.” Myron likened the being to what we now know as a grey; large black eyes, thin body, big head etc.

All four people in the vehicle observed these two figures. They pulled over to the side of the road as the object landed on the runway. They exited the vehicle and stood watching it for some time. Myron claims that soon after, all four became frightened and decided to leave the area. Myron's brother, to this day, will not speak of the incident. Another fellow that was in the car that evening became a recluse.

Source: Coast to Coast AM, November 21, 2020


2013-11-11 00:00 - Point Lookout Reservoir, Oregon

My friend and I were on hike and stopped to talk at the edge of lake. A strange fog suddenly appeared over lake and quickly overtook the surrounding forest. I told my companion it wouldn't be safe to hike the trail back and I took him up the skid trail to the main road. The fog was glowing and I heard no wildlife. I know how far the skid trail is from the main trailhead where my car was parked.

Somehow we ended up on the other side of the road. When we came around the corner to see my car, that's when I saw the large entity next to my car looking down at my sunroof on the passenger side. My first thought was someone's messing with my car and told my companion, "are you ready for a fight?" At that moment the creature turned and floated around to the front of my car looking directly at us.

I went blank at what I saw. My companion and I took off running, straight at it. My view of it was blocked but I did see it float back around the passenger side. My friend ran fast and I lost sight of him. So I started running to get to my car and leave! Then I saw another entity floating between the trees parallel to me on my left and watching me. It was about 20" off the ground. Then I remembered my key fob and started hitting it to light up the area.

The suits the entities wore were squared and light absorbing blackest black. I'd say they were 9 ft tall while floating. The being my friend chased past my car went over the cliff, made no sound and vanished. They didn't confront, but they evaded. When I saw the 2nd one parallel to me I became confused because I thought there was only one that was being chased and didn't know how it could have got past my companion. It was terrifying. I was screaming, "get in the car lets go go go!!"

On the drive back I noticed that we had been gone longer than we should have. I asked him why he ran at it. He said he wanted them to take him. He had never seen anything like that before. The next day I checked my car in daylight and could find no evidence of tampering.

Source: MUFON

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