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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

3 Bigfoot Recently Observed Along I-80 West of Lake Tahoe, California

A family was traveling on I-80 west from Lake Tahoe, California on the morning after Christmas (12/26/2020) when they observed 3 Bigfoot - a large adult and 2 juveniles - on a small snow covered hill.

I recently received the following account:

"On 12/26/2020, me and two other family members encountered 3 Bigfoot while driving back from Lake Tahoe, California. It was 11:09 AM.

While driving south on the I-80 near Eagle Lakes Rd, I looked to my right and see 3 human-like figures that were observing something on a snow-covered hill. We where traveling at 25 MPH due to icy road and snow. What I first thought was that these were bears. I yelled to my family members, "Bears! Bears!" I pointed towards these creatures, but we all soon realized that these were not bears.

Two of the Bigfoot were smaller than the much larger adult. I estimate that they were 5-6 foot in height, possibly the size of an average human adult, and covered in dark brown hair. They appeared to be eating something and were also crawling up the small snow covered hill.

The 3rd Bigfoot was much larger, more like 8-9 foot in height. The body shape was human-like but massive and covered in dark brown hair. It turned toward us and noticed that we were watching it. It quickly climbed up the small hill and dropped out of sight.

This is where I believe the sighting occurred: 39.3275026, -120.5983085 (39°19'39.0"N 120°35'53.9"W)" AM

Above - the view of the hill from the highway (no snow)

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