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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Shapeshifting Canine Cryptids Observed in Pilliga Forest, NSW

2 friends in New South Wales, Australia encountered shapeshifting canine cryptids, that they described as 'werewolves,' as they were walking late at night along the Pilliga Forest.

The following account was recently referred to me:

"Back in 2005, a friend and myself were walking home at about 2 o'clock in the morning, about 6 kilometers across Narrabri, which edges the Pilliga Forest in New South Wales, Australia. We were going from one friend's place to another.

We were only about 1 kilometer away from home on about a five hundred meter stretch of of straight road.

We were walking along a sidewalk. My friend was pushing my BMX as we were just talking shit as we usually did where all of a sudden something caught my eye. Two greyhound-like dogs, but larger...probably twice the size.

They ran out of a block of flats and jumped the brick mailboxes on the inside of the footpath on the other side of the road, which stood about three to four feet high. Both of these dogs landed in the middle of the road, then ran in the opposite direction to which we were walking. As they ran further away they grew larger and larger in size.

While they grew larger they seemed to begin to stand up on their hind legs and morph into some large muscular werewolf looking creature and in my mind I could not comprehend what I saw.

These creatures ran around the corner in the exact direction we walked from and about five to ten seconds after they turned the corner we heard what sounded like a female child scream.

At that point we both looked at each other and I could tell he saw what I had seen as he was just about to haul ass and bail on me my on my bike. I jumped on the handlebars and he pedaled like I've never seen before. I don't think he skipped a pedal for the whole rest of the trip home.

When we got home we locked the doors and closed the windows and I asked him to explain exactly what he saw to me and to no surprise it was exactly as I had witnessed.

He was an indigenous Australian, as was his elder brother. We explained the experience to him and he said it was probably a "Yowie" which I believed at the time, but this story is not typical to Yowie sightings in Australia.

Safe to say this scared me to go out at night for quite a while.

We told a few people about the experience afterwards but most of the time people would laugh or joked that we were on drugs or brought up "hairy man" (which is a slang term for a "Yowie") while drinking. I can assure you this was the same thing we told them. This was a completely sober experience.

After the joking and carrying on I pretty much kept this story to myself, only telling a select few people who want to hear paranormal stories. I don't try to convince anyone if it's real or not, they can decide for themselves but. I know what I saw." BB

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