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Monday, October 12, 2020

Could Winged Cryptids Really Be Harbingers of Bad Luck?

A witness in Little Rock, Arkansas describes her encounters with winged humanoids and cryptid. She believes that it may be the reason for her bad luck in the past.

I received the following information on October 11, 2020:

"I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am so glad I found your website. I found it by Googling "large flying thing with 20 foot wings."

Over the years I have stepped outside my home at night, just walking around often to look up at the stars. I love the night sky, and find it beautiful and mysterious.

Back in 2017, I went outside after the sunset, around 10 pm. I looked to the south side above my home. I couldn't believe it, but I saw a large winged thing on my roof. It spread its wings and swooped toward me. I couldn't move! I remember its wings were wider than length of my house! It flew around and was gone.

I thought, "what was that?" I only would see it randomly. 

Other times, I would come outside around dusk. I would see a black flying thing the size of a hummingbird, swoop around my yard, going extremely fast. Then it would disappear.

Last night, on October 10, 2020, I was sitting at the drive-thru at a Wendy's here in Little Rock, Arkansas. I had ordered food then drove up in the line. I heard someone running near my vehicle, I looked behind me, and saw a dark winged thing flying over back of my vehicle. I looked at the cars behind me, and wondered if anyone else had seen anything, but I didn't get out to ask! This was troubling to me. I thought is this some bad omen taunting me? Because back when I saw this thing around my home, bad things would happen. Bad luck things. Relationship problems, water pipes burst in my house, car problems, sewer backup, lost my job. I got scared, and I'm still scared.

I got holy water, sprinkled it in my yard and burned white sage outside & inside. Praying to GOD for protection! I don't need nothing else bad coming my way. I just got my transmission fixed, and since I saw this large winged monster, my engine light is on!

Well, that's my story. If you know what this large winged thing is, please email me back. Thanks. I'm scared crazy!" CE

I then received a follow up email after I answered some of the witness' question:

"The first time I saw the dark flying humanoid was at night after 10 pm, between 2012 - 2017 on my roof. I didn't see its face. I only saw the huge wings, and it wearing a long black coat. 

I began seeing a smaller dark winged thing flying around my property. It looked like a large dragonfly. It would show up right after sunset, or dusk. It would fly at high speeds around my porch where I would be sitting. It would fly around for only seconds, and disappeared.

I had not seen it for a while, nor did I tell anyone, or Google it until I saw it Sunday 10-11-2020.

I did experience bad things after I first saw it. I had financial problems and personal relationships ended. Water pipes burst inside the house, my 3 cars broke down. I even lost my job.

When visitors would come by the house, we would get into arguments. Visitors would act strange, like they had an affliction. It would flare up when they got around me, or at my home.

So, I got tired. I sprinkled sulphur and holy water all around my property! Burned white sage into a small burning pit I made. Prayed out loud each day for weeks, months that this thing would, "Get out. Go!"

I have not seen, or sensed this thing for about 9 months. I was feeling better, situations getting lighter. Finances improving. Relationships improving. Fixed my transmissions in my cars. Fixed everything in house that broke! 

Saturday October 10, 2020, around 9:30 p.m, I see it near my vehicle while I'm sitting in a drive thru at Wendy's! 

So, that's my story. My question to you, from all of the stories you have received from people over the years, what have you come up with? Have you seen the humanoid? Have you experienced anything negative? Do you have a forum that people can discuss or chat about this thing?" CE

NOTE: Interesting circumstances. Is the witness really experiencing bad luck as the result of the sightings. I had a forum for readers several years ago. Your thoughts? Lon

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