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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Unknown Creature Worries Residents in Southeastern Minnesota

A couple hears strange mournful sounds outside a kitchen window at night. Deep tracks and other evidence are eventually found. Now the entire family wants to know what the creature is.

The following account was forwarded to me by a reader in southeastern Minnesota. The reader told me that this was a local incident. But beyond that, I have no other information:

"I had a very scary experience with something that might have been a weird creature/cryptid thing. This happened very recently, I believe about 3 days ago on the 1st of August 2020. So I was at my girlfriend's house for the weekend, which I'm at her house pretty much every weekend Friday-Sunday, so that in and of itself wasn't out of the usual. We both recently started college, so she still currently lives with both her mom and dad, and 2 younger brothers. It was between 3:40 am and 4:15 am, when the actual creepy stuff began. Everyone else in the house was asleep except for my girlfriend and I, since we always tend to stay up late playing video games or watching movies.

We had just finished watching a movie and we were getting ready to go to sleep. I was getting changed into shorts and a T-shirt to sleep in, and my girlfriend went to the kitchen to get us both a glass of water, since her room can get extremely hot and stuffy during the summer. So after getting changed I was just chilling on the bean bag in her room, waiting for her to get back. At this point I should explain the basic layout of where she lives or this next part could get confusing. So her house is about 8 minutes out of city limits, and she has a long driveway that goes from the road up a hill that leads to her house.

Her house is surrounded by trees and fairly dense forest, and her nearest neighbors are a good couple minutes away. At the end of her driveway is a motion sensor, that when activated by movement, then makes 3 loud beeps inside the house. Her dad is a fairly high ranking military man, so he definitely takes precautions and safety measures to ensure his family's safety. So like I said before, she was in the kitchen alone between 3 and 4 am, and I was still in her bedroom. Her kitchen is down the hallway and through the living room from where her bedroom is, so she should have been back within just a minute or two.

She was taking at least triple the usual amount of time, and right before I was going to head to the kitchen to check on her, she walked around the hallway corner with a worried look on her face. She can be spooked pretty easily, so I wasn't that alarmed at first. She handed me the water and then started to quickly explain why she had taken so long. She pretty much said that while she was at the kitchen sink filling up water, she heard a whining sound from outside the 2 windows next to the sink. She figured it was one of her 2 dogs, and decided to go to the garage to check on them. They were both curled up in their kennel when she opened the door, asleep, and had only just been woken up by her turning the light on to check on them.

She told me at that point she was pretty confused, and slightly uneasy. She walked back into the kitchen and heard this really deep, weird bark, coming again from somewhere outside the kitchen windows. And please note that it was 3 or 4 am, so it's nearly pitch black outside, especially since the dense trees around their house block out a lot of moonlight. She told me she couldn't see anything, and she hurried back to the room to tell me. I was slightly skeptical at first, since I assumed it was in fact just the dogs and that my girlfriend was just really tired and tripping out.

So I agree to follow her back to the kitchen. At first I heard nothing for a good 2 minutes. So I decided to try and recreate what she had done. I walk in, turn on the sink, and wait. After another 2 minutes go by, I hear the same freaky whining sound coming from outside the windows. It sounded so much like a wounded animal. I had her turn the lights on in the garage again, which slightly lit up the area outside the windows. But again, no sign of any animals or anything. She turns off the light, and we hear the whining sound getting farther away, almost as if the creature had fled up the hill near the kitchen and towards the forest.

That was when we realized that it was scared, or sensitive to the lights. So we left the kitchen, and went back to her room. At this point I was pretty spooked, and I wanted to make sure that whatever it was, had been scared off for good. So we go back into the kitchen after a few minutes, both armed with decently sized knives that my girlfriend has in her room for protection. 5 minutes go by in the kitchen, and it's just silent. But then the whining starts up again. And then a weird sad barking sound, like something imitating an injured animal was maybe 10 feet outside the kitchen windows.

And in that moment I realized something. There's no reason some creature would try to imitate injured animal sounds unless it wanted to lure us out and cause us harm. So I get slightly pissed off at it, and I start yelling at it to go away. It goes silent, and I hear very slight movement outside the windows, and then a weird sound, almost as if something was moving alongside the wall right under the window. Then whatever it was lets out this really disturbing and unnatural sound, almost like a loud groaning / growl hybrid? And let me tell you, my girlfriend and I looked at each other and just sprinted out of the kitchen without a single word. We hid in her room until we passed out at some point around 5 or 6 am.

We had talked it over, listened to a ton of animal noises, and not a single one got anywhere close to that final unnatural sound. I wouldn't even be able to accurately mimic the sound. It was so eerie and haunting and I can still hear it in my head. So we did some research the next day, and there are a few known possibilities that we came up with. Werewolf, Skinwalker, or some type of Shapeshifter perhaps? We looked around outside in the morning, and there was no blood and no tracks, so definitely not an injured animal. However on the hill about 10 feet in front of the kitchen windows, we saw 2 heavy indents in the ground, and then flattened grass leading up.

We decided to tell one of my girlfriend's brothers about our experience, so that he could help test something. We had one person go inside to the kitchen sink near the windows, and the others walk around in various different places near the windows making sounds, to try and triangulate where the creature had been standing. We concluded it was at one point no more than 5 feet from the windows, and then at another point had fled up the hill, which matched with the trampled grass and indents leading up the hill. Farther up the hill there's a path that branches, and one part of the path is fairly abandoned and overgrown.

Nobody had walked there in at least 2 years. And I followed it to the end, and kept going a little farther, looking for tracks. I did manage to find something interesting, 3 foot tall ferns and brambles almost completely flattened, and a few twigs snapped perfectly in half, as if something decently large had walked through that area in a hurry, and it seemed very recent. We then decided to tell my girlfriend's parents about it, and her dad seemed especially interested. He told us that the wood panels on their pump house had been torn off within the last couple days. He then took one of their dogs into the woods, and we assume he went to check for any signs.

He came back, and about 2 days later he installed a camera right next to the kitchen windows where we heard those sounds. And again he is a pretty high ranking military man, and he 100% believed that something was there that night. So if anyone has any input, thoughts, or explanations that would be really helpful!" EL


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