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Friday, September 04, 2020

Strange Activity & Encounters at Old Northeast Iowa Farmhouse

A young woman living in an old farmhouse in northeast Iowa describes the paranormal activity experienced by her deceased mother and herself over the years. This includes an encounter with a skinny grey humanoid.

The following information was forwarded to me in 2016:

"I am going to write this on behalf of my mother, who passed away 4 years ago and saw and heard many things that the average person wouldn't believe. To start, I live on a farm, in a house that was built in the early 1900s. I'm located near Decorah, Iowa in northeast part of the state.

To date, four people have passed away in the house or near the house. My great great grandma died in a rocking chair. My great great grandpa was riding in a wagon down our driveway when his team of horses got spooked and he flew off and broke his neck. A hired man's wife fell down our stairs while she was pregnant and hemorrhaged and died, and my aunt died in my old bedroom at age 2. Over the years, my mother and brother have experienced many different spooky things on our property.

In the early 1980s, they both heard footsteps walking up and down our upstairs hallway in the middle of the night. My brother was alone once and he was outside doing farm chores in the dark. He was maybe 500 feet from our house. He had the urge to look over and every single light in the house was on. My mom has heard people whispering her name, she's heard creaking noises in the house, and sounds as if something had fallen (big crashes, etc.). My father has been oblivious to everything and has never heard any of it.

In 2004, my mom went outside to fill our woodstove at about 10 pm. On her way back to the house, she got the feeling that she was being watched. As she turned to look to her right, she saw this very skinny, gray being standing below our house staring over its shoulder at her. She got this intense feeling that it wanted her to see it. After a few seconds, it bolted away from the house. She was so freaked out that she sprinted into our house, locked the doors and collapsed on the floor in hysterics.

For years, she'd never tell anyone the story. This was a particularly interesting experience, as in the late 1960s our neighbor just over the hill had gray aliens walk into his barn and actually talk to him. It was investigated by some big shot UFO investigator out of Chicago too. I personally had never heard or seen anything in our house until recently.

Over the years, friends have come over and saw shadow people in our house, or hear the pitter patter of small dog feet on the floor upstairs. As I said earlier, my mother passed away 4 years ago and we have her urn sitting on a table downstairs, just below my bedroom. For about three months, every night I was in the home alone (my dad is a truck driver so he's gone for a week at a time with a five day break in between) I would hear this pounding noise every 30 seconds coming from somewhere in the walls as I tried to fall asleep. I've heard crashing noises and my dog has perked his ears up because of them. A lot of people are too freaked out to stay overnight at my house without my Dad being there, and I'm starting to get that way too." KM

NOTE: The witness is a young woman, who I contacted after receiving the email. I worked with her remotely in order to help alleviate some of the activity. The other information of the account is private. I was allowed to disclose what I have written. Lon

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