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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Possible Skinwalker Encounter on Navajo Nation Reservation, Arizona

A strange encounter, at a residence on the Navajo Nation reservation in Arizona, seems to be related to a Skinwalker. It had taken the form of a disheveled young white woman who entered the dwelling.

I recently found the following account is one of my old Jc Johnson databases:

"This story happened to my friend’s (we’ll call her Kat) mom. Kat was just a kid, and had an older brother and a younger brother. They all lived on the rez of the Navajo Nation with their parents in your standard Navajo trailer. Kat’s dad was a police officer for the Navajo Nation so he was out a lot and there were many nights spent with just their mom. No worries though, because Kat’s mom was independent, strong and not afraid of the vast endless desert around her or the wildlife.

One night, it's business as usual. Dad is out working a long graveyard shift, kids are being total pains and won’t go to bed. Kat’s mom is trying to coax them to bed with watching movies in the bedroom and they start whining for a snack. She leaves them with the movie, and goes into the kitchen and gets out six slices of bread, three pieces of bologna and cheese and mayo. As she is about to put the sandwiches together she hears a sound and turns to look at the front door.

The front door is wide open and there’s a woman in the doorway. She’s short, thin, and white, with blond hair. She was dressed for summer apparently with shorts and a t-shirt on and flip flops and she had a pixie haircut. And she was dirty and raggedy, which is not uncommon if you’ve ever been around the rez land. White people on the rez are kind of a joke, depending on where they go it can be really dangerous for them, so they’re not seen as much of a threat. Apparently Kat’s mom was of the attitude of “what the f*ck are you doing in my house?” She asked the woman several things, like, what are you doing here, do you need help, etc. The woman didn’t reply and seemed to be in a weird state of mind.

Being a cop’s wife her first impression was that this was some white moron who’d tried a little too much peyote and got lost from her moron friends in the desert. So she was being pretty harsh to the girl and was kind of pissed that she’d gotten into the house with no words at all in the first place. Kat’s mom got annoyed when the girl wouldn’t answer her and just stood there kind of giggling and shrugging her shoulders. So she put her hands on the girl’s shoulders and literally pushed her outside onto the porch steps of the trailer and the woman just stood there, looking at the ground and giggling and kind of shivering. Kat’s mom was like “You need to get out of here. Go on. Get.”

And this was when she realized something was off. She had first thought the girl was on drugs or something, but she was looking at her like a cop sizes up a perp. The girl had zero track marks or anything, no bruises either, no nothing except covered in dirt like she’d wallowed in it. She smelled bad too, like a wild animal. So Kat’s mom stood there slowly realizing that maybe she wasn’t taking this seriously enough. And the woman on the porch steps really started to jitter then, kind of like she was cold, but more unnatural. This was in summer in the Arizona desert so there should have been no need for that. Kat’s mom slammed the door, which had one of those diamond windows on it that trailers have, and she could see the woman violently spasming through the glass. She looked away for seconds, just to lock and deadbolt the door and when she looked back, the woman was gone.

Kat’s mom said her first thought was to go to the kids, so she did. They were in their room and the baby was crying. Kat and her older brother were scared. They hadn’t seen the woman but heard their mom talking to someone and could tell that their mom was scared, too. So she decided to stay in the bedroom with them. Apparently this was the safe part of the trailer, since they blessed it with cedar smoke often (for the kids) and there were eagle feathers hanging up on the walls and doorways.

So, she laid there and watched movies with the kids and eventually they fell asleep. Kat’s mom said she heard some things moving around outside, but this is the desert on the rez, so that’s kind of an every night thing and something she’s used to. Apparently she was more afraid to go into the kitchen, and couldn’t shake the feeling of why. She just had this feeling of dread. This was before the days of cell phones so she had no way of getting in touch with anyone.

A few hours passed and things had been quiet but she couldn’t sleep, so she decided to call her husband. The phone was in the living room, which meant she would have to go near the kitchen, but not into it. She snuck out of the kids’ room and grabbed the phone, called the station, and they got confirmation that her husband was okay and out on patrol. They asked if she would like an officer sent to her area to make sure things were okay, and Kat’s mom agreed. She went back to the bedroom to wait for the knock on the door. She was a good half hour from anywhere, driving distance, but pretty soon the officer came.

He was a coworker of her husband's, so they knew each other, and he was obviously Navajo as well. Kat’s mom said that he seemed nervous and jumpy while standing on her porch. He took a statement from her of what had happened but he said he’d seen no one on the roads, definitely nobody fitting that description. They set up a patrol to search the area for the night just in case, and they discussed maybe burning some sage or cedar since the air seemed bad...in a creepy, off way, not a smelly way. She thanked him and went into the kitchen. Seeing the officer and having a conversation had calmed her down enough that she didn’t feel the need to barricade in the bedroom anymore. So she went over to the kitchen (burning cedar and sage is usually done on the stovetop) and it was then that she noticed the counter and Kat said her mother was the most terrified she’d ever been in her life.

The bread, bologna, and cheese were gone. Completely gone, though they’d been there hours earlier and she for a fact had not moved them, and had also for a fact deadbolted the door. Kat’s mom’s theory is that the “woman” had come back into the trailer while everyone was in the bedroom and had taken the food, and that’s why she (the mom) had instinctively been afraid to come back in that area.

As far as I know that’s the one incident where something got into their home. She’s never told me of anything else." Alex

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