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Possible Methods of UFO Propulsion Examined - Part II

Possible Methods of UFO Propulsion Examined - Part II

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus

Cosmic Ray's Excellent Venus Adventure

In 1968, British electronics wizard John R. R. Searl, now 88 years-old in 2020, designed, built and remotely flew over 20 different flying saucers, which he referred to as “levity disks.”   Here in the photograph, Searl is seen with his prototype disk, with a diameter of slightly over 30 feet, hovering in the background.  The design came from ideas he had first conceived back in 1949, while working as an electronic and electrical fitter for the Midlands Electricity Board in Worcester, United Kingdom.

Searl Effect Generator (SEG)

The heart of his design is the powerful Searl Effect Generator (SEG), which can allegedly run cold and perpetually.  The details concerning the SEG are provided in this article.  On 15 January 2008, Searl joined the faculty of the Institute of Infinity Sciences in the United Kingdom, where he was awarded an honorary doctoral degree in Space Science Research.  The Infinity Sciences website maintains that Prof. Searl has supervised the construction of 30 more flying saucers since 1968.  

Searl actually held no formal education, outside of his job at the Electricity Board, in the subject of physics.  In some ways this was good, at least insofar as he remained unencumbered by conventional ideas of what was possible or not possible with electric motors and generators.  While working with this type of equipment, however, the young Searl noticed that there was a small electromagnetic field effect that was produced by the spinning metal parts, i.e. the negative lines of force moving towards the outside and the positive towards the rotational axis. In 1950, the burgeoning scientist experimented with rotating slip rings, the inclusion which resulted in the measurement of a small electromagnetic field on a conventional meter.  He also took note that when the rings were spinning freely and no current was taken, that his hair bristled.  From these experiments and observations, he concluded that the free electrons in the metal must have been spun out by the centrifugal force, a centripetal force being produced by the static field in the metal.  Therefore, Searl decided to build a generator based on this very same principle.  His generator would be quite unique.  It was to have a segmented disc rotor that passed through electromagnets at its periphery.  These, in turn, would be energized from the rotor and serve to boost the electromagnetic force even more.  

By 1952, Searl had built his generator along the lines he envisioned.  It was only about three feet in diameter; but it was a start.  He and a friend tested it out in the open.  Its armature was set in motion by a small engine.  The device produced the expected electrical power, but at an unexpectedly high potential.  At the relatively low armature speeds, an actual potential on the order of 10⁵ volts was produced.  This was indicted by the static effects on nearby objects, along with the characteristic crackling and smell of ozone.   But then something unexpected occurred.  The generator actually lifted while still speeding up, breaking the union between itself and the engine, while rising to a height of some 50 feet.  It actually stayed aloft for the time it kept accelerating, and was surrounded by a pink halo.  

What this indicated to Searl was that the air around the generator was ionized due to the reduced pressure at 10₋₃ Hg.  Moreover, this created a side effect in that local radio receivers were involuntarily turned on throughout the Worcester area.  The young scientist assumed that this was caused by the ionizing discharge or the electromagnetic induction.  Finally, and thankfully, the entire generator sped up at a fantastic rate and is believe to have just “shot off into space.”  

Since that day, Searl and others associated with his investigations and work have created some 50 flying vehicles, some of which had become similarly lost, at least until a control mechanism was developed and installed.  As refinements were added, some of the craft were constructed of larger sizes, 12 and 30 feet in diameter, respectively.  

Under the Radar

Searl began his research just two years after the age of the flying saucers began with the civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of nine disc-shaped objects flying in formation over Mt. Rainier in Washington State at an estimated speed of 1,200 miles per hour on the afternoon of 24 June 1947.  The demonstrated capability of Searl’s generator and subsequent levity disks gave rise to a lot of speculation in the British Isles with regards to any connection between the local scientists’ creations and the appearance of flying saucers over the British Isles.  And if the flying saucers were not created by Searl or any other human being, was it reasonable to assume that Searl had hit upon the motive force of these strange objects and that we, of Earth, could now produce flying saucers of our own, following Searl’s designs?

From 1949 through the present day, it is clear that government authorities in the United Kingdom and elsewhere have been keeping a close eye on those investigating the application of Searl’s generator to aircraft design.  There have been some who have attempted to steal the details of his inventions, or to improve upon them.  Those not willing to temporarily lay aside their preconceived notions of electromagnetic theory or the established “laws of science,” so-called, have prematurely concluded that Searl is either a crank or imposter.  And as British science writer P. L. Barret opined back in 1968 in his self-published Barret Report, “There are some who are prejudiced by the attitude that new ideas are the prerogative of the hierarchy of intellectuals.”  

Interest in the UFO Community

Barret was disappointed that Searl’s findings were being ignored in his home country of the United Kingdom.  He felt that Searl and his associates were keeping their investigations and work “close to their vests,” so to speak, largely because the research bore such close connections in explaining the possible reality and power source of the enigmatic flying saucers.  The public in the United Kingdom had largely been indoctrinated to scoff at the very subject of UFOs anytime it would come up for discussion.  Overcoming this barrier of ridicule was just too formidable a task for most people back in the first 35 years of UFO investigations.  Therefore, when Searl or others were asked about this phenomenon, they would always declare “no comment,” and leave it at that.  Upsetting the uncertain structure of the existing scientific theory and the establishment that proffered it, would most likely bring nothing but derision and scorn upon the heads of any parties expressing an interest in UFOs or any other “esoteric” subject, such dowsing, ESP or alternative forms of healing, to name a few.  Searl knew this, as well did any subject in the United Kingdom who happened to sight a UFO at any time during their life.  

One has to wonder just how many of the bigger secrets of the universe have been unlocked by Searl or others investigating various methods of UFO propulsion.  In this age of near continuing UFO revelations, the conventionalists better get ready to start reimagining a future where the Searl Effect is married to existing theory, lest they suffer the alternative fate of seeing the complete breakdown and subsequent revision of all physical theories from those of Ampere, Galvani, Volta, etc.  

Editor’s Note:  Keep checking this website for Part III of Raymond Keller’s Possible Methods of UFO Propulsion Examined, where the doctor takes a closer look at John R. R. Searl’s theory and its effects in aerospace vehicles, definitively linking them to the propulsion systems of the flying saucers that traverse our skies.   

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