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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Possible Methods of UFO Propulsion Examined - Part VI

Possible Methods of UFO Propulsion Examined - Part VI

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus

Cosmic Ray's Excellent Venus Adventure

David B. Wittry, Ph.D., Materials Science and Electrical Engineering
(1929-2007), early pioneer in anti-gravity research; for a thorough biography see http://www.davidwittry.com/.

Gravitational Screening

Back in 1949, when David B. Wittry was studying for a bachelor of science degree in applied math and mechanics at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the burgeoning young scientist was already thinking outside the box, especially when it came to challenging and reconceptualizing our then widely held, but erroneous concepts, about the unfeasibility of building anti-gravitation devices.  In his award-winning essay submitted to Roger W. Babson’s Gravity Research Foundation (GRF) of New Boston, New Hampshire, in that year, on the “Possibility of Discovering an Absorber, Insulator or Reflector for Gravity Waves,” Wittry took note that, “Serious scientists are not supposed to concern themselves with freedom from gravity.  Such ideas make exciting material for pulp magazines; but anyone who seriously considers screens for gravity is immediately set off as a potential crackpot.”

Wittry did not believe that this was fair.  Scientific exploration should not be restrained as there are no limits in the acquisition of knowledge.  “The method of science has always been one of careful observation, generalization and mathematical expression, and then deduction and prediction,” the young scientist asserted.  He added that, “A theory to be valid must be found true in subsequent experimentation and observation.  But the theory must be careful not to indicate anything which is known to be absent.”

Young Wittry felt that the then extant tendency in developing theories on gravity that ignored the one effect that could not be adequately explained, gravitational screening, was quite unfortunate.  Of this phenomenon, he pointed out that, “Gravitational screening is the one effect crucial in all theories of gravitation.  The absence of any gravitational screening would make gravitation almost unique among physical phenomena; while the existence of it would be contrary to the myriad daily observations made consciously or unconsciously by everyone.”

Wittry saw Newton’s law as a convenient starting point in looking at the subject of gravity, especially since it has stood up over the centuries in which other physical concepts were constantly changing.  The university student was concerned about the overall implications of Newton’s law, especially if they can still hold up under the light of new observations.  The way that Wittry saw it, Newton’s Law of Gravitation implied that gravity was independent of the following:
1. The physical condition of the mass, i.e. solid, liquid or gaseous, amorphous or crystalline.
2. The chemical composition of the masses.
3. The temperature of the masses or of the intervening medium.
4. The directional effects.
5. The nature of the intervening medium and that it acts as if were concentrated at the centroid of the masses for large distances.

Any new theory on the mechanism of gravity must take into account even the slight existence of gravitational permeability.  According to Wittry, “All the theories advanced in the two centuries from Newton to Einstein have failed because they indicated gravitational permeability, and because no such effect is definitely known to exist.”

Promising areas of research were foreseen by Wittry back in 1949, however, and these included particle theories and other theories that might help to explain gravity in terms of electromagnetic fields.  As Wittry saw it, particle theories made gravitation a push due to greater pressure on the far sides of two bodies than between them.  Unless the matter possessed some way to stop the particles in the form of waves or rays, there could be no gravitation between them.  And as to electromagnetic field theories, the presence of a screen effect is also implied insofar as it is impossible to imagine any combination of electric and magnetic fields in which one or both elements are not subject varying permeability in matter.  Interestingly, these lines of research corresponded nicely with the investigations then being conducted in the British Isles by John R. R. Searl, which we covered in previous articles.  

It is clear that the work being done at the GRF from the period of 1949-1953 was both keeping the subject of anti-gravity in the public’s attention as well as laying the groundwork which was pushing the subject into the realms of respectability in the scientific community.  By 1954, we will start to see more involvement in this subject on the part of the United States government, with lucrative contracts being awarded to universities and corporations for the development of actual anti-gravity technology and the construction of aerospace platforms that mimicked the speeds and maneuverability of the UFOs then being sighted in ever-increasing numbers the world over.  

Buck dreams of an anti-gravity rocket from the Buck Rogers 2429 A.D. comic strip by Philip Nolan and Richard Calkins.  The “Tiger Men of Mars” arc appeared in the Evening Gazette of Worcester, Massachusetts in the winter of 1929. 


A further exploration of gravity will be followed up in Part VII on this website, where we will examine the possibilities inherent in new gravitational effects, as outlined by the GRF in dispensing its annual award for 1950.


Greensburg, Pennsylvania Woman Travels Through Space and Time

An incredible new book, Lady Columba Venus Revelations (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2020), by Dr. Raymond Keller, a UFO consultant for the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Paranormal Search group, details how Annabell Krebs, a Greensburg, Pennsylvania native born in 1902, traveled through space and time with a group of extraterrestrials and a Soviet cosmonaut back in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  Dr. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” in the course of researching his many Venus books, obtained Annabell’s original notes describing her experiences and original artwork illustrating her fantastic adventures.   The doctor organized all of this material, updating and footnoting everything in the process, to produce this unique account of her extraterrestrial encounters that took place between 1957 and 1961.
In 1954, Annabell read a book by Truman Bethurum, a gentleman from Redondo Beach, California, about his contacts with space aliens from a secret base called Clarion on the far side of the Moon.  It was titled Aboard a Flying Saucer (Los Angeles, California:  DeVorss and Company, 1954), and Annabell could not put it down.  Becoming obsessed with the volume, she packed her bags and left her Pennsylvania home to move out to California, where she rented a house on the outskirts of Joshua Tree National Park, just to be close to Bethurum and other contactees (those claiming to have experienced close encounters with UFO occupants) and to assist them in their important work of disseminating the messages of peace and a better way of life for all of us on planet Earth, as proffered by our brothers and sisters from outer space.  

Every year the contactees in Southern California would gather at the nearby town of Landers for the famous Interplanetary Spacecraft Conventions that were held out at the Giant Rock Airport, about 17 miles northeast of Yucca Valley.   These were the first of the flying saucer conventions and were run by an airplane mechanic and good friend of Howard Hughes, George Van Tassel, who was also numbered among the contactees, having his first encounter in the Mojave desert with a Venusian named Solganda who instructed him in how to build a type of rejuvenation chamber and time machine that he called an “integratron.” 

Over the next three years, Annabell became well acquainted with most of these contactees; and many of them would come to visit her out at her desert home.  Being so inspired by Truman Bethurum and some of the others, she turned the inside of her home into a literal cosmic shrine, filling it with symbolic paintings of high spiritual meaning with fluorescent colors that glowed under ultraviolet lighting on deep purple walls and the ceiling.  Annabell likened this to “falling asleep amidst the twinkling tars and twirling galaxies.”  Of all the contactees, Annabell noted that, “I strongly believed Truman Bethurum’s account of meeting some extraterrestrials out on the Mormon Mesa in Nevada, and dearly hoped that one day I might share in a similar encounter.”

Her first experience began on the night of 16 January 1957, when a Venusian Observation Ranger by the name of Vorton beamed her up into a mothership.  For the next four and one-half-years, Annabell stayed with Vorton and the crew of the mothership exploring cloaked bases on floating islands out over the oceans, other bases in vast underground caverns, undersea bases, or even on the far side of the Moon or other planets in the solar system.  All along the way, Annabell was making many new extraterrestrial friends while working with them on daring missions involving time travel and traversing interdimensional rifts.  She also befriends a Russian cosmonaut working with a secret Soviet space program, and ends up assisting him in some unusual and unforeseen ways.  

When Annabell finished her apprenticeship with the crew of the mothership, she was renamed Lady Columba and given a prestigious position with the Angel Force of the Confederation of Planets, an intergalactic organization that encompasses 601 worlds from 51 solar systems.  She and the Russian returned to Earth, landing on the outskirts of a small central Ohio town in late 1961, where, with the help of a member of a Cleveland UFO club, they made their way north to Cleveland for yet further adventures.  All of this is fully documented and footnoted in the book.

To explore the vast and wondrous regions of time and space with Lady Columba and her Russian friend Alexander, be sure and check out Lady Columba Venus Adventures on Amazon.com or headlinebooks.com, while supplies last. The book is illustrated throughout. 

Interested individuals can meet Dr. Keller at the Wednesday, 13 January 2021 meeting of the Paranormal SEARCH of Pennsylvania group, located at 425 Prince St, Harrisburg, PA 17109 (Lower Paxton Township Municipal Center meeting room) - provided the virus has abated. 


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