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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Possible Methods of UFO Propulsion Examined - Part IV

Possible Methods of UFO Propulsion Examined - Part IV

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus

Cosmic Ray's Excellent Venus Adventure

This UFO was photographed by James Lucci, 17, on 8 August 1965, at around 11:30 p.m., in the skies over Beaver County, Pennsylvania.  James had gone out with his older brother, John, 23, to the outskirts of Beaver Falls to get away from the city lights to photograph a full moon, when they chanced upon this unusual object that appeared to be taking off.  According to the Cosmic Ray, the glow surrounding the UFO is a clear demonstration of the Searl effect, where the atoms in atmospheric molecules are being ionized by the energized power coils of an interplanetary scout craft.

Application of John R. R. Searl’s Theory

In the 1 June 1968 issue of the Searl National Space Research Consortium Newsletter (Mortimer, Berkshire, United Kingdom), the application of John Roy Robert Searl’s ring generator is detailed by Consortium member, P. L. Barrett, B. Sc., an electrician who worked closely with Searl on his levity disks and probably understood their operational characteristics more than most.  

According to Barrett, in its application, the ultra-high potential produced by the Searl ring generator is much greater than the ionization potential of the air.  Acting as a positive electrode, this causes the ionic breakdown of the air at some feet from the craft’s skin.  The negative side of the generator is connected to the periphery of the saucer and is isolated from the skin; while the field at the negative terminal is, therefore, very much greater with the air ionized at a greater distance from the rim.  In this process, the air at the positive terminal loses electrons.  The resulting ions are repelled away from the terminal with a high acceleration.  The electrons, in turn, pass through the generator, constituting the current in the generator and providing the charge at the negative terminal to produce the negative ions in the air near the rim.  The craft, therefore, is enveloped in a vacuum.  

Comparisons Made

Barrett explained that in ordinary high voltage generators, the maximum potential is limited by the ionized breakdown of the air.  Flashover occurs and the accumulated energy is lost.  The geometry and arrangement of the field coils in the Searl generator, however, is such that the flashover is eliminated.  And once the craft is enveloped in a vacuum, any occurrence of a flashover is rendered impossible.

Levity Process Explained

Here, in his own words, are the comments of Searl’s apprentice as he understood the application of his mentor’s theory:

“Energy is required to build up the potential and initially has to be supplied from an external source.  As the vacuum layer increases about the craft, less energy is required to maintain the potential.  The generator soon reaches a potential when the Searl effect takes place and the device produces its own energy along with the levity phenomenon.  On the basis of the theory, at this potential the stress on the space fabric cannot be equalized by flowing magnetism (current flow) through the air and craft as a circuit.  The space fabric breaks down to provide the magnetism to relieve the stress; but the energy by-product is absorbed by the generator which reinforces the field.

“The generator then must set up an ether flux along the lines of the electric field.  The direction of ether flow is, however, in at the positive and out at the negative.  This is deduced from the aether force theory of the German physicist Karl Schappeller.  The generator and craft therefore reproduce its own gravitation- type field.  The net effect of the craft field plus the Earth’s gravitation field gives rise to a condition where the ether density below the craft is higher than that above it.

“The craft, therefore, is strongly repelled away from the planet; and to stop it from shooting off into space, the field of the craft must be intentionally perturbed.  In the drive condition, where the field is aptly reconfigured, the craft is shot out of the Earth’s field like a wet orange pip from between the fingers.

“The acceleration is enormous; but since all matter associated with the craft is linked with the field, no distortion of any part, including passengers, if any, occurs.  The limit to the speed is unknown; but since the craft has no inertia, there is possibly no limit.  It would be safe to say, however, that the limit is below the speed of light.  Above this speed, too much is unknown to take the risk; but since the craft carries its own space with it, the theory of relativity is inapplicable.  In fact, the craft does not travel through space, but past it.”

German aether physicist Karl Schappeller (1875-1947) and diagram for his Schappeller device, an advanced generator that included:  

A.  Steel outer casing.

B.  Special ceramic lining in which tubes are imbedded.

C.  Hollow center filled by glowing magnetism when in operation.

D.  Tubes, circuit and grounding. 

In attempting to understand the basis of aether physics, keep in mind that the universe can be considered as an infinite “sea of energy,” forming a background of energy everywhere simultaneously.  Aether is, therefore, an energy source emanating from everywhere at once.  Therefore, it would be extremely difficult to make any independent measurements of this energy source.  Also, the aether is always in motion; and like any form of energy, it is radiant.  In accordance with aether theory, the aether would encompass both electromagnetic radiation and gravity radiation.  While Newton described the effects of gravity, he never told us what it was. In aether theory, gravity is really a push, not a pull.  Gravity is acceleration and is caused by the aether field.  And since all energy is radiant, its fundamental basis is aether radiation.  

With aether radiation as the underlying cause of gravity, then one can logically assume that it, like any other radiation, can be converted to mass or under certain circumstances, reradiated or converted to other forms of energy.  Hence, no unified field theory is necessary as the aether field is the unified field.  And there would be no need to look for a separate anti-gravity, at least insofar as gravity is a push, then it is all anti-gravity.  All one needs do to construct a flying saucer, then, is to find this particular frequency of gravity and find a way to generate it.  

It is clear from the work of Schappeller and Searl that these two scientists had come to grasp this important fact about the aether force.  Most in the scientific community have been led to focus on Albert Einstein and his theories of relativity, and several generations of physicists have literally spent their lifetimes on trying to prove Einstein correct.  However, this misguided thinking has apparently led to these scientists in painting themselves into the proverbial corner, so to speak.  One merely has to look at the many “free energy” devices which have arisen over the past century, in spite of accepted scientific theory, to see that this statement is true.  Going back to the time of Schappeller in Nazi Germany, we see that the German scientists labored under no such illusions about Einstein’s theories.  In fact, they never abandoned aether physics for the physics of relativism, as it has been traditionally taught in schools.  The aether physics, the more esoteric type, was utilized secretly by the Nazis in developing the prototype flying saucer described in Part I of this series, and subsequently in the fabrication of TOP SECRET space vehicles and weaponry, by the extant military powers of the Earth.  

For further information, see https://www.aetherforce.energy/the-karl-schappeller-device/.  

Barrett provided a detailed gravity field diagram in the aforementioned 1 June 1968 newsletter, wherein neutral zones appear below the craft and the ring above, during those times when the levity drive was activated.  If matter became located in that zone, then it would be held there.  Consequently, the Searl craft as constructed up through the time that Barrett published his report, had left their mark in the countryside in the form of large, neat holes after the saucers had taken off, i.e. every time a saucer was launched, a chunk of earth was taken up with it.  

The gravity field within the body of the craft is such that the center is up and the rim is down.  Therefore, if the generator is allowed to run up in those instances where the polarity is opposite to that of the Schappeller device, the field is expansive and pulls the craft apart.  Prior to this, glowing magnetism could tart, characterized by an orange yellow glow, but could not become self-sustaining, being in an expansive state.  The Searl generator runs at low speeds is, therefore, unlikely to fly apart by centrifugal force.  Part from this side effect, electromagnetic forces help to keep it together.  As with other gravity fields, the flux favors passage through matter.  As such, the field within the craft may be tailored by appropriately distributing the mass within the craft.  This will prove particularly convenient in manned craft where crew comfort can be significantly improved where the cabin field is about ½ g.  

When travelling in free space, Barrett reports that the external field would resemble that of the combined Earth and the craft insofar as it would be moving relative to a stationary field.

According to Barrett, “Collision between the craft and large objects in space is very unlikely except in a direct line of flight when such could be seen and the craft rapidly turned.  The field is such that the objects are diverted past the craft, or it (the field) past the object.  If the object qualifies as a planet or moon having its own gravity due to a glowing core, then the craft oriented by the interaction of fields is strongly repelled away unless measures are taken to alter the field of the craft.  Small objects such as meteorites are pushed out by the combined electric and dyno-magnetic fields.  An object entering such a powerful statis field is at first attracted, then ionized and then strongly repelled.  The dyno-magnetic field induces an ordinary magnetic field in objects which will interact with the craft’s ordinary magnetic field at considerable distances (miles), and repel it.”

It is important to keep in mind that only a very small amount of space fabric actually passes through the craft; and even a smaller amount is converted for energy.  However, as Barrett pointed out earlier, small changes in the ether will lead to large, physical changes.

“Even in deep space,” Garrett postulated, “the craft has an electromagnetic flow through the generator which is continuous along the electric field outside the craft.  Electrons are picked up and some leave the rim at relativistic velocities.  These do not contribute to the drive.  Ergo, the craft carries its own negative space charge.  In an atmosphere, the electronic flow is much greater and the generator current much higher.  The craft, therefore, functions a lot better and has greater flexibility in space.  In air, the recombination of ions in the air can give rise to condensation.  This effect, coupled with the output of electrical energy, could well precipitate thunderstorms.”

Minor Deficiencies

Barrett insists that the only hazard that he had observed was that when the craft hovered for too long close to the ground, the soil became burnt.  This was due to the electric currents in the craft, which built up heat.  Also, the apprentice to Searl noticed that the nervous systems of animals were interfered with by the ionizing discharge of the object, if they got too near it.  Birds in flight had been really hurt by these discharges as well, losing their sense of internal guidance and flying uncontrollably into stationary objects.  


John Roy Robert Searl, photographed in 2014.

Unanswered Questions

Of course, J. R. R. Searl and his levity disk generator have served to “generate,” pardon the pun, an amazing amount of controversy over the years, especially in the UFO community.  If some extraterrestrial civilization has found a way to get around the all-pervasive force of gravity, that would certainly go a long way in explaining the presence of so many UFOs in our skies.  And in emulating these UFOs, i.e. in trying to build such interplanetary vehicles, the ability to unhook ourselves from Earth’s firm grasp would be the first, if not the most important step, in this process.  But is Searl’s version of such a flying saucer the way to go?  

As Dana Custer of the Electric Spacecraft Journal, previously referenced, has pointed out, there are some difficulties here: “For a variety of reasons, Searl seems unable or unwilling to give out clarifying information.  He has said that he has flown a number of these discs, and that some rose up, hovered, and then disappeared, going straight up into space.  But where are the eyewitness accounts?  The Barrett report stated that there were indeed eyewitnesses, but they remain unidentified.

“Searl is considered pretentious by most of the scientific community; and his work, therefore, is thought to be suspect.  He is a self-taught scholar; and his explanations may elude the more formally trained.  The concepts involved are intriguing- electricity, magnetism, the glowing corona.  The explanations are complicated; but they sound convincing.”

Naturally, we would all like to see the realization of the anti-gravity devices and resulting benefits that Searl’s explanations suggest.  Custer admits that we all want this so much that we are, “willing to investigate even the most obscure references.”  But it would be tremendous, at this point, to be able to interview some verifiable eye-witnesses.  Or even better, how about being an eyewitness to the proper application of a Searl Generator, actually noting the reproduced effects?

Editor’s Note:  Keep checking this website for Part V of Raymond Keller’s Possible Methods of UFO Propulsion Examined, where the doctor allows us to take a peek at substantial research into emerging anti-gravity theory that was taking place behind the “Ivy Curtain” of  American universities between the years 1949 and 1953, which in turn, would spark of plethora of government-backed corporate investigations and applications in this exciting new area.

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