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Friday, September 11, 2020

Possible 'Crawler Humanoid' Alarms Berks County, Pennsylvania Neighborhood

A young man, who lives near Reading, Pennsylvania, recalls strange eerie voices and noises emanating from the woods around his house and neighborhood.

During the early years of our Pennsylvania upright canine investigations (around 2014), the following account was included with a report I received:

"I live in Pennsylvania just outside the city of Reading (Berks County). There's a lot of forests around here in this suburb where I am. Farther out it's highways and farmland. I live right up at the edge of a small community at the very top of a hill. The forest is literally across the street from me.

Anyway, somewhere around a year ago my dad and I were outside having a personal chat about some recent tough events going on in my house when suddenly we heard a weird sound in the forest across the road. We both stopped and looked over.

"I didn't think deer came out this late," I think I said. My dad just stared and looked kind of confused. Then suddenly we heard someone yell something like "Help! I'm bleeding!"

We both sat there stunned, staring into the woods where the sounds came from. My dad stood up and said to get inside. We both rushed in and I watched him run upstairs to grab his handgun. My dad's a rough kind of guy and always heads for his gun if he thinks something's going down.

I opened our back door again to our deck (it was a glass door) and peeked back out towards the forest to see if anyone would come sprinting out or something. Keep in mind we're at the edge of the suburbs and not exactly used to hearing people scream bloody murder in the middle of the night.

Then I heard it.

This loud, weird screech. It was like a cat or a woman but it definitely wasn't human. It was weird, like it was high pitched but not, and filled the entire neighborhood for a full ten seconds before it suddenly went silent. I slammed the glass door shut and ran to the stairs just in time to see my dad stomping down in boots with his pistol.

"Did you hear that?" I remember asking him. He just nodded and we both head out the front. By now a bunch of our neighbors were coming outside too.

The scream was really loud but I didn't even expect all these people to come out this late. It was almost midnight. My dad went down to the street and looked up at the forest. Another guy came up to my dad and he had handgun too. I watched them start chatting for a bit until suddenly another one of those screams pierced the air again. It was horrible and made me feel sick to my stomach. It went on for something like another ten seconds and just suddenly cut off.

My dad and this neighbor guy decide to point their guns towards the forest and head in. I couldn't believe it. I mean my dad is a hunter and he's been doing it since he was a kid but I'd be damned if I'd do something like that.

They must have been in the forest for a good twenty minutes together searching the darkness for god knows what. I sat outside with a bunch of neighbors that entire time, staring into the forest and waiting

Eventually they came back just fine. They stuck together the entire time according to my dad and thought they saw something like a tall guy in the forest at some point. When they tried to see if he was the one screaming apparently he got on all fours and hauled ass into the forest.

We all were pretty shaken up but parted ways and head back to our houses. That was pretty f*cking weird and no police or anything ever checked it out but eventually we all moved past it.

A long while after that there was a separate incident that I didn't exactly connect to the first.

Later that year I was sitting outside with my friend on my back porch. We were talking when I saw my cat pawing at my glass window.

"What a stupid cat," my friend said. I agreed with him and played with the cat, putting my finger on the window while he pawed at my finger wherever it went.

That's not what's weird though.

Later that night I was in my room playing a game with my window open. My cat was somewhere in the house (along with all our dogs) so I know he was fine. It's important to note that my neighborhood has a real problem with stray cats though.

Anyway, I was sitting there playing some games with my window open when I heard what sounded like a cat meowing outside. I paused my game, wondering if my cat had gotten outside, and went to my window to listen. I heard that meow again but it was a long, deep one, that kind you hear from a cat when they're pissed and backed in a corner with their claws out. I recognized it wasn't my cat but it was still coming from the woods behind my house so I stared and tried to see where the stray was and why it was making that sound.

The cat did that deep, long, angry mewing again and it sounded sort of close to my yard. I heard some shuffling in the woods and then something weird happened. I thought I could hear someone talking. Except it wasn't like a normal person's voice. It was like some mentally unstable person trying to mimic someone else really badly.

It was something like a drawn out "stuuupid caaat." Immediately I got creeped out but, seeing as how my window was on the second floor, I felt fairly safe to keep listening. Then I realized the voice was changing.

"Stuuupid caaat." It clicked. It sounded like something trying to sound like my friend but doing it really badly. Then there was a serious scuffle. I heard twigs breaking and the cat just going ape sh*t. I mean it was really screeching and mewing like it was fighting for life or death. Then there was this loud thumping sound. It was like something big and heavy smacking against something else solid.

After that the cat sounds stopped completely and whatever was out there went dead silent. I was pretty creeped out by this point and I shut my window and had real trouble sleeping that night.

Nothing's really happened since aside from one incident where I was getting a drink late one night and thought I saw someone crouching really super low on my back porch and looking into my glass door. Like I saw light reflect off it's eyes like when you see an animal at night or something. The door was locked and it really freaked me out and made me sprint to my room and wake up my dad. But he didn't find anyone or anything." RE

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